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B Grade 1891 Carcano Rifle 6.5×52


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5 in stock

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Just arrived from Africa. original Carcano M. 1891 rifles. The rifles are in fair condition. All of them are original and were left in Ethiopia when the Italian forces were kicked out of the country in the early 1940s. Please see detailed pictures. These rifles have not been on the US market for decades. A true find of history!

These B Grade Carcanos are in fair condition overall. The Carcano are functional however they may have some missing small parts such as a sling swivel or broken magazine spring. The guns have seen extensive combat. Stocks have dents, dings, scratches, gouges, and show signs of handling and storage. May have some small cracks in the stock which can be repaired. These are beautiful collector rifles and shooters. These rifles are used and show their history. These are military rifles which
have served in WW1, Italy and finally in Ethiopia. You can expect some battle
scars and wear.

The rifles have varies degrees of finish. Some guns have
excessive wear, some have up to 40% of original finish.

We do offer a hand select in which we will pick the best of
10 from any particular group. There is a hand-select fee involved. Hand select rifles will be the better ones avilable from the batch, however please note they may have some of the issues listed above as they are B Grade.

Some stocks may possibly have trench art (field carvings).
Others may have some silver thumb tags resembling a cross. Remember that
Ethiopia’s population is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim.

As a Parts of our pre delivery inspection we cycle the bolt
and the trigger is pulled to check for dry fire function. I have no doubt that
all of these rifles will function properly. However, as with all surplus
firearms, it is important to follow all safety protocols before firing.

Important Safety Warning – Please note, as with any surplus
firearm we advise that you have the rifle inspected by a competent gunsmith
before firing. In addition, all cosmoline needs to be thoroughly cleaned from
the rifle… especially from the bore, the gas system, trigger group and the
bolt group and special care needs to be taken to ensure that the firing pin
moves freely within the lower bolt.

The positive about of the Carcano Rifles …

These are C & R Eligible

You will receive a true piece of history which has seen
extensive service on varies theaters.

They are historically significant and make a fine addition
to any collection…..


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8 reviews for B Grade 1891 Carcano Rifle 6.5×52

  1. Douglas Dillon

    Excellent purchase, best buy for the money. The M91 that I received was as good if not better than the pictures on the site and had no missing parts. The stock was in great shape, intact with no cracks and no rust on the metal above or below the stock. Cleaned up easy.

  2. Dean Alexander

    Very pleased with the rifle i got bore was also good

  3. Al

    Update: I can’t really be too disappointed as I knew I was gambling for $200

    Expectedly filthy, the bolt is slightly bent back, crown is dented, fairly large tang crack, sewerpipe bore, few small cracks and very worn wood, upper butt plate screw was ground into oblivion, high spot on the barrel under the nose cap (surrounding metal is very worn leaving the original thickness under the cap?), buttstock has a crack and small chunk missing, nosecap is loose.

  4. Fife

    Overall good condition with the exception of the bore which is completely gun. Bullet is completely swallowed but overall gun will clean up (very dirty). About what you can expect for a $200 B grade rifle.

  5. Taylor Black

    I ordered a ” B Grade” M1891 Carcano with low but reasonable expectations. I fully expected missing parts, cracked stock, rust/putting, etc., for only $199, I was more than willing to except what I got. Let me tell you, I was blown away!!!! The rifle I received well exceeded my expectations. I have a rather large collection of antique and C&R firearms, and this piece will fit in my collection quite nicely. I wholeheartedly endorse Royal Tiger Imports. This company will most certainly receive more of my money very soon. 5/5 stars!!!

  6. Sean Baker

    You can’t beat this deal! These rifles are rough but that is part of the history! They will need a little work to shoot. You cannot get this much history for under 200 dollars anywhere else. You will have to do a lot of cleaning but when you are finished you end up with a rifle that was certainly used by Ethiopian/ Abyssinian forces and in the condition they were used in. Well worn! This country did not have the latest and greatest of military equipment. They used what they could and made do with what they had. If you are a collector don’t pass up this historically significant firearm. It’s a steal for the price.

  7. Tyler

    Ordered two of these. Happy with both of them. 1916 and 1918 Brescia manufactured rifles. Both have solid bores. One did have a broken follower spring but was easy to order replacement. Both will make decent shooters and are great additions to my collection. Thanks again RTI

  8. Neb. E

    For those unsure or scared to take the plunge-this is very much a crapshoot on what you get. That’s not on RTI, the guns just have no consistency in what you get.

    That being said, when you get a good one, you get a good one. Mine is in pretty good condition for a B-grade: no major damage of note, bore seems fine, everything functions alright (besides needing a cleanup), I even got a cleaning rod with mine. Def worth the price, just don’t bother with the select condition imo.

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