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1891 Carcano Carbine Caliber 6.5×52 Good to Very Good Condition w/ 1 Free Clip


59 in stock

59 in stock

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Act now before the good Condition Cavalry Carbines are gone! Comes with a free clip! These rifles are complete and a perfect addition to your collection. These rifles will be at $500.00 value in a few years. Analog to the Mosin Nagant 1891/30 rifles.

Original Condition Model 1891 carbine with folding bayonet. The carbines are in good to very good condition and complete. These carbines have been stored with the Italian armed forces for decades and we just imported them from Europe. Each carbines features a folding bayonet, an adjustable rear sight (up to 1500 meters), a 6 round magazine. Requires en-bloc clips which are available on our website. Rifles may have small dings, scratches, and handling wear as most of them are at least 80-100 years old. The upper handguard may have a small crack. Most upper handguards do not have a crack. Upper handguard may be slightly loose fitting, but this is uncommon. May have some surface rust in some small areas such as near the rear sight, trigger guard, etc, but overall it will clean up nicely. This is a fantastic find which will not last long. Rifles are in smooth working condition.

C&R or FFL required!

Steel Carcano Clips can be purchased here:

We do have the following Arsenals available.

-Gardone Val Trompia

We offer the following Hand Select items:
Hand select option for overall excellent condition and hand select bore for additional fee listed above
Hand Select a pre 1918 option as well for a surcharge.
Antique manufactured prior to 1898 for an additional surcharge (please add to cart for current price, sale prices do not apply to antiques due to very limited quantity).

We appreciate your business!

NRA Very Good!

Original Carcano 1891 carbine.

Important Safety Warning – Please note, as with any surplus
firearm we advise that you have the rifle inspected by a competent gunsmith
before firing. In addition, all cosmoline needs to be thoroughly cleaned from
the rifle… especially from the bore, trigger group and the
bolt group and special care needs to be taken to ensure that the firing pin
moves freely within the bolt.

These are C & R Eligible

They are historically significant and make a fine addition
to any collection…..

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33 reviews for 1891 Carcano Carbine Caliber 6.5×52 Good to Very Good Condition w/ 1 Free Clip

  1. William

    I received exactly what I expected. I was sent a rifle with a well worn dark stock with some fairly deep dents and dings. Bluing is around 60%. Surface rust but no putting. The barrel is excellent with very little wear. The bore shined up nicely with a brush and some solvent. Rifling is excellent. Service was excellent and staff members were very friendly. I ordered on a Friday and received shipment on the following Monday. Very efficient order fulfillment and shipping time.

  2. Brad

    This was my first purchase from RTI. The carbine arrived in precisely the shape I expected it. The bore is dirty, but in very good condition. There is no rust. The stock is in better shape than most milsurps I have encountered. The metal butt plate is loose, but that’s to be expected with a firearm this old. I anticipate that this carbine will clean up very nicely. Well done, RTI!

  3. Anonymous

    The carbine arrived with some dings but purely cosmetic and to be expected. Everything else was perfect there was no pitting. There was no rust, the metal cleaned up nicely. The bore was in great condition, and everything mechanical worked as it should have. It was worth the money in my opinion.
    I’m happy with my purchase with RTI and fully expect to purchase from them again

  4. Dennis

    Just received my latest purchase, and the second Carcano Carbine I’ve bought from RTI. This one came up on a weekend sale and I couldn’t resist the price, it appears to be complete and in pretty good shape for a rifle approaching 100 years old. This is basically the same experience I’ve had with the other 2 rifles I’ve purchased here, and am pleased enough with all my dealings with RTI that I am probably going to order another in the next day or two.

  5. James

    Nice rifle, cleaned up great. Good bore.

  6. Ethan Ellis

    I order one and got it and was a little worried at first due to how dirty it was. Upon further inspection I realized it wasn’t dirty it was filthy. Cleaned up nice and almost all the bluing is intact, good markings and overall a good purchase for the money. Just be prepared for a very messy clean up job.

  7. Mikolaj Z.

    I ordered 2 of those and both have slightly loose fitting handguards, one is close to described other looks like stock was refinished by sanding and high gloss lacquer applied, on top of that looks like someone used steel wool to removed surface rust and bolt is pitted.

  8. Logan L

    Very rusty and caked in cosmoline, after clean up it looks like it’ll be another fine shooter. Looking forward to gifting it to a friend. The stock is still quite filthy, and if my friend chooses to, could use a refinish.

  9. Michael P.

    I took advantage of the special on the 91 over the Memorial Day, and to my surprise,
    received a BEAUTIFUL 1935 Beretta made in excellent condition! Could not be happier, THANK you
    RTI !! A great addition to the collection, and would recommend to anyone looking for a Carcano carbine to order while still in stock!!

  10. Doug

    Just got it just shy of 4 weeks from the date I put in my order. Ended up with a 1936 Terni.

    The bore is pristine, or close enough that I can’t say otherwise. The muzzle is also about as good as anyone could ask. Checked it with a .268 diameter bullet and wasn’t disappointed.

    The wood is also in very good shape. Aside from being dirty, it really only has the expected dings and scuffs. No cracks whatsoever.

    The only issue I found was some very minor surface rust here and there under the wood, and two dime sized spots on the receiver with very light pitting. It’ll barely be an afterthought when I get things cleaned up.

    The only thing missing was the cleaning rod, but that was to be expected. Other than that, the rifle is complete. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Even at the regular price of $200, I still feel like it was well worth it.

  11. applegate064 (verified owner)

    Dirty but I had fun cleaning and learning about this rifle. Bore was good, all parts there, only rear sight button being stubborn. Was a great buy.

  12. vsp900 (verified owner)

    I had a great experience with Royal Tiger. Shipping was super fast and the rifle arrived in better than expected condition. The stock is in excellent shape and the overall condition of the rifle is definitely good to very good. The only issue was the rear elevation sight was bent. It was an easy fix. Who knows, it could have happened in battle. In my mind, the nicks, dings, scratches, and other imperfections tell a story of where the rifle has been and what’s it has done and seen in its lifetime.

  13. AlexanderCroft (verified owner)

    Getting back in the c&r collecting hobby after a few years. Rolled the dice on the M91. Very happy with my purchase. Well packaged with the box and bubble wrap. Ended up with a 1940 M91/38 and was it “dirty” (what you would expect being in storage – probably for decades). After about an hour of fun cleaning, ended up with a A+ example (good bore and barrel groves). I am will keep looking for my next purchase from RTI.

  14. Jake Waddell (verified owner)

    This was my first milsurp rifle I purchased so I was a little worried coming in. I loved the look of this rifle and couldn’t ignore the sub $200 price tag. I did pay the extra $80 for the hand selection and a little piece of mind. After only a week, I received a beautiful 1941 from Brescia. The rifle looks great, and I’m not just saying that as a first time milsurp owner! The rifle definitely needs a tear down and full cleaning but the stock looks great with minimal wear and tear. Someone even wrote “PEG” on the stock under the bolt.. don’t know what it means but I’m pretending Mussolini wrote it himself! The metal looks very clean with zero pitting and the tiniest bit of surface rust that will clean up easily. The action feels good and smooth. The bore is definitely dirty but I can still see rifling and I think it will clean up nicely after a couple pulls with the bore snake. All the screws are there and in good shape. The adjustable site is in great shape. I’m so happy, can’t wait to put rounds through it!

  15. littlebobo12 (verified owner)

    Great condition overall. Good shootable bore. Very little rust to clean up. Really fast shipping to my FFL. Very happy with this rifle. Cant wait to shoot it !

  16. petersonjared9 (verified owner)

    This was my first time using my C and R License and I decided to order from Royal Tiger Imports. I ordered 2 Carcano Cavarly Carbines and I wasn’t disappointed. I was skeptical because of reviews and normally I take things with a grain of salt. One thing to understand is these are older firearms and may require some cleaning and mine did but for me that was fun as I enjoy stripping them and learning and seeing the history as I do so. both of the carbines were in good condition and cleaned up nicely and are going to be shooters for sure the bores were great. I’m definitely going to be ordering from Royal Tiger Imports again although I think I’ll try for the full Carcano rifles as that’s next on my list. So with that being said Thank you again Royal Tiger Imports for sending me these great rifles and look forward to more rifles to add to my collection.

  17. john.p.mandel (verified owner)

    Was somewhat concerned about what I’d be getting, being that, at best, these rifles would be 80 years old. I did expect, and hopes to get honestly, a good example of a world war rifle that looks like it fought it. I was not disappointed in any regard. The production was 1941, so has some WW2 chops, enough dents and dings in the stock to know it wasn’t a wall hanger somewhere and touches of rust on the magazine, some on the top of the barrel, and just at the wood line. The bore was decent by any standard, and miraculous for surplus rifles. Having picked this up during a flash $149 sale, I was ecstatic. It cost more to buy 100 rounds of ammo. The price of decent war relics is reasonable, and they have them at Royal Tiger.

  18. RandallBrooks (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered 6 carbines form RTI now and all of them have been exceptional. Out of the 6 one had a slightly loose bayonet when locked… that’s the only issue and that was on a 1918 dated carbine. Bores are great on all 6. These wont be sub $200 forever. I

  19. Brandon Holman (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase with RTI. I am very pleased with the overall condition of the rifle I received. The only spot of rust I was able to find during a full disassembly is on the bolt of the rear sight block. The bore is in great condition-definitely a shooter. All stamps and markings were visible. Everything functions as it should. My only complaint is that the en bloc clip I received holds the rounds rather loosely. I will be a returning customer 🙂

  20. StevenDiem (verified owner)

    This is from the Italian cache. Arrived in great shape with a good bore. Pleased

  21. MinaRoughton (verified owner)

    I took advantage of the $189.99 sale on these along with the Garand sale. I was not expecting anything special but I was very surprised. I got an older 1891 Carbine with the more interesting and older latch style bayonet lock. The barrel was a bit dirty but even before cleaning I could see the rifling was very strong. The carbine had no pitting and little surface rust. I would rate the original blue to be 80% intact. There were no major cracks. This is a solid and sound carbine and I got my order shipped in less than 4 days after ordering. I am very happy. Everyone should grab a a few of these before they are gone.

  22. nelson.tyler03 (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first because I knew nothing about Carcano’s but after getting one from RTI I’m ecstatic with the results. The bore, wood, barrel, and bolt are in excellent condition with even some trench art from a soldier penciled into the wood. After speaking to some historians on the subject, the rifle date I was given was a 1928 and this rifle is believed to have been only 1 of 4000 rifles made that year from Terni. Very happy getting this for my collection and it’s a huge surprise to see what great information I was able to gather on it.

  23. anthonystant (verified owner)

    Received a 1916 Brecia. For a 108 year old rifle its in great condition. The wood didn’t even need to be cleaned up. Left it as it. There was a bit more rust than I’d of liked on the barrel. It cleaned up ok. There wad more rust on the receiver and magazine area. It all cleaned up ok with very fine steel wool with oil and scrubbing. Overall I’m happy with this for 150 dollars since I got it on sale. I’d be a little disappointed if I paid 200 for this though. Also the rifling is strong. Not sure how it’ll shoot since it hasn’t made it to the range yet though. Overall, for the 150 I paid, I think this was a really good buy. I shouldn’t be so critical over a 108 year old rifle.

  24. Jarod Locust (verified owner)

    This was my 2nd Carcano Cavalry Carbine that I ordered from RTI and my second ever order from them. Both within a month. That means, that the 1st was good enough to warrant a 2nd.
    This 2nd rifle has about 80% bluing and there was some light surface rust and a dented up, but good condition stock. Nothing that I wasn’t prepared for. 1917 Brescia. I’m very pleased, because the bore condition is very good.
    The rifle did not come with the clip, as advertised. I emailed RTI that evening and I received a reply the next morning from “Dan” apologizing and informing me that one was being sent. They sent me 2.
    I’ll definitely be ordering more from RTI. They’re providing a great selection of firearms that are already being marked up at other places, gun shows, shops, individuals, etc.
    Thank you, RTI.

  25. treypetering28 (verified owner)

    Got exactly what I wanted buying two of these. Didn’t hand select or specify manufacture and ended up with a 36 Terni and a 38 Brescia. All parts matching with decent bores and strong rifling. I was originally looking for project guns to clean up and got two good shooters. That being said they were exceptionally dirty, but didn’t have much deep pitting or rust. Each required a couple hours of deep cleaning and a full disassembly. The exterior had a lot of orange powdery rust that wiped away with a good mix of Ballistol and scrubbing. Inside had a decent bit of a cosmoline like substance and some leftover green stuff from what I can assume was tarnished bullet jacketing. Overall would recommend.

  26. lukekrull89 (verified owner)

    Ordered two of these both shipped very fast 2 days after I ordered both have awesome bores that were clean and shiny for the age of the rifles a 1944 and 1918 rti hit it outta the park with these very little to no stock dings or dents no cracks plan on ordering more so I can keep the good reviews rolling can’t wait for my enfield to ship ordered it 3 weeks ago but worth the wait if it’s in as good condition as these carcanos thank you RTI and keep it up bringing historic pieces back to the states

  27. greatwhitehunter502 (verified owner)

    My purchase from rti went pleasantly. My carcano carbine came and was in good shape just needed cleaning. Nice bore nice rifling. Stock had dings but that was as described. I would recommend. My only complaint was they forgot to add my carcano carbine en bloc clip which was offered as free but other then that good value and good description

  28. jimpersinger (verified owner)

    I got a Awesome Rifle! Like New! Blueing 100% Good! No rust,No Pitting and the stock is a 1947 FAT Refurbishment stock which id bet is why my 1936 Terni is looking so beautiful! The Bore looks great no rust no wear and has Grease still in it which leads me to believe it is right out of the Refurbishment line and it looks like a Brand new rifle! I could not ask for a better example of a 1938 Carcano.I have no complaints about what I was sent and if you order one Id bet you are goin g to get a good one too.These are not Ethiopian rifles,These are from Italy,s Military stockpile and they were stored under some very good conditions apparently.This is the Great deal And I think RTI has found a very nice stash over in Italy!

  29. hankrei (verified owner)

    this is my first gun from RTI an iam so happy with this came in yesterday , awesome will be Buying more guns from you guys thank you

  30. CharleneOstrowski (verified owner)

    I bit on a recent sale for these, and got what I was hoping for, a later round shank barrel model, from the 1940’s. These barrels, while same bore, have shallower rifling than the earlier ones. This stabilizes the more common .264 bullets better. Looks good, bore clean and bright, wood excellent with few minor dings, but I dinged off a star for broken extractor. This particular bolt had the oddball 2nd extractor that runs through a lug.

  31. JoeGurley (verified owner)

    I have bought 3 Carcanos and 1 Swiss K11 and I am very pleased with each one. Two of the Carcanos are from Italy and are in very good condition and 1 was from Etheopia it is in good condition. The Swiss K11 is in very good condition as well. I plan on purchasing more Carcanos in the very near future. Shipping was very fast. Thanks RTI.

  32. John Raybuck (verified owner)

    Received a very nice 1937 Beretta. I’d estimate 90% original finish. Rifle was complete and functions perfectly. Had a little surface rust and some dings in the stock, but cleaned up very nicely. I’d rate the bore good/very good. A little bit of wear but bright and shiny. Passed the “bullet test” with flying colors. (.264) overall very pleased!

  33. Bubblesk

    Just found time to rate my buy, $150 , no one can touch that price. Present for my Brother, great rifle almost perfect, buy them while you can, I have spent more on ammo then the rifle, thanks again RTI, I think others are peanut butter and jealous, keep the prices right, the rest will take care of itself

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