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(7 customer reviews)

Carcano En Bloc Clips for 6.5 & 7.35 Carcano (Steel with all markings)


377 in stock

377 in stock


We just imported new/unissued En Bloc clips available for
the Italian Vetterli, Carcano rifles and carbines!

These En Bloc clips work with both calibers, 6.5×52 &
These clips work in all Vetterli Model 1870/87/15 and Carcano rifles & carbines used by the Italian armed forces during WW1 and WW2. These clips are stamped
“SMI 39” with a star as shown in the photos. The clips are in new
condition with a blued finish and made of steel hardened to the specifications
of the original clips. Perfect for any Carcano collector and shooter!

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7 reviews for Carcano En Bloc Clips for 6.5 & 7.35 Carcano (Steel with all markings)

  1. Nathaniel Jones

    Great repros, a little dingy under use, but better than fighting worn out brass clips

  2. allen

    I received my carbine and am very satisfied with it. I took it apart and it cleaned up nice. Now I cant fine ammo for it. I asked RTI and no one has gotten back to me. Other then that I LOVE it.

  3. Gabriel

    So they work. They’re probably the cheapest ones on the web right now. The only issue is that they will not hold six rounds. When you put in six rounds two rounds fall off the side.

    They work fairly well with five rounds even then it’s kind of loose. If you have nothing else and can’t find them anywhere else this is a good value. Just be aware that I don’t think you can put six rounds in these ones.

  4. Charlene

    These look good, but the prior “glossy” batch was closer to correct specs. These duller ones with smaller print stamping, have rim retaining ridges that are too short in length, and too wide in width. The metal latch catch on the rear side, is too short in height, and they come off the magazine retaining catch, on the last two rounds. Feed lips are also not quite rolled enough. They will work enough to test something, or display, but no mag dumps or mad minutes with these.

  5. Michael Urban

    I have not had the chance ot pick up my rifle……Huge family ,very busy and its a hike and a herd to get to the shop. Blue State woe’s hehe The clips look great ,but since i havent been able ot even look over the rifle and pick it up yet, i havnt used them? The only difference i could find between the Repro’s and Orginal’s is color?

  6. Kevin

    Short and sweet… These are new made and nicely finished. None of mine have had any issues with rust or corrosion. Holds well to cartridges and locks securely into my various Carcanos. Feeding is very stiff, but that is typical of steel Carcano en bloc clips. I prefer the brass ones, but these are fine.

  7. Chris

    These clips look nice and are a better spring steel than the other soft bendable clips out there ,but the lips aren’t stamped enough to keep the rounds from going nose up. Because they are now stronger they are very difficult to bend to fix. As-is they are basically useless.

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