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Fusil Gras MLE 1874 Rifle


8 in stock

8 in stock


Original French Gras rifles have finally arrived from Africa!


The rifles are in fair to good condition. Metal has some patina and/or minor rust pitting. The wood is all there but has some dents, dings or minor cracks. Please look at detailed pictures and the video below.

Many of these rifles and carbines have the rear sight missing. We do have several grades available. We have 4 variations available: the full length infantry rifle, cavalry carbine, Gendarmerie carbine, and artillery carbine.

Bolts are all functioning and trigger mechanism works as well. These rifles are about 130 to 140 years old. The firearms are considered an Antique and no FFL is required.

The Chassepot (pronounced “shas-poh”), officially known as Fusil modèle 1866, was a bolt action military breechloading rifle, famous as the arm of the French forces in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–1871. It replaced an assortment of Minié muzzleloading rifles many of which were converted in 1864 to breech loading (the Tabatière rifles). A great improvement to existing military rifles in 1866, the Chassepot marked the commencement of the era of modern bolt action, breech-loading military rifles. Beginning in 1874, the rifle was easily converted to fire metallic cartridges (under the name of Gras rifle), a step which would have been impossible to achieve with the Dreyse needle rifle.

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7 reviews for Fusil Gras MLE 1874 Rifle

  1. Jared

    Interesting rifle. Looks like it was shorted at some point and bayonet lug braised back on a bit offset. Bolt is not matching but works well. The sights looks to be reconfigured for the “repair/reconfiguration” for the barrel length with a new notch ground in rear sight. Stock is in remarkable good shape but all of original French marks are worn off. Bore is not bad at all. A piece of history.

  2. Neslen

    I am very happy with what I got, I was expecting to get a rusty pitted rifle that would be a wall hanger at best. I actually received a Gras that would make a good shooter(if you could find Ammo). The bore is in pretty good condition, only a bit worn with minor pitting. I got one with the original 31 inch barrel, not cut down, rear sight even though I ordered one without it, and it doesn’t have the m80 cut, these are all features I wanted. I got exactly what I what I wanted, so I would recommend it for the price, though these can vary so there is no guarantee you will get exactly what you want, I just rolled the dice and won.

  3. Ben

    Received nice rifle with a rear sight and cleaning rod without paying extra (the other rifle I ordered did not, so I got lucky). Interestingly also hasn’t received the m80 conversion. Some of the bolt matches but not all 3. The Ethiopian armorers had a interesting method of wedging these back together with leather and cotton cloth, so there is decomposed leather and fabric under the stock. Stocks humorously were also sanded so aggressively that the cleaning rod channel is exposed. These will looks good on the wall!

  4. James Oneil

    Very happy with purchase. Rifle was packaged well. Rifle was better than I expected. All matching numbers, rear sight base present, only missing slider. Dirty and greasy, but cleaned up very nice. Rifling worn with moderate pitting, but shootable. Great rifle for the price. Purchased a cavalry carbine before this one and very happy with it also.

  5. Dan M

    I was happy to receive a 100% complete early 1875 chatellerault 1874 gras rifle In very good condition. (all of my french rifles are st entienne) Even has the cleaning rod and rear sight slider and battle sight wing/leaf! Bore is in good shape. No pitting. Strong rifling. Stock is in good shape as well. two Ethiopian markings of king menelik on the knoxform and another im unsire of on the barrel which makes it more rare and interesting. I would buy again and probably will.

  6. Truman

    My rifle arrived quickly and packaged well. Lots of interesting French and Ethiopian markings on the gun, definitely had a long service life. Was expecting it to be pretty dirty considering its history but mine looks pretty good. Rear sight base and ladder are present, all that’s missing is the slider. I didn’t pay extra for the complete rear sight but I’m glad it wasn’t completely missing. What’s really cool is that it came with the cleaning rod and all of the bolt numbers are matching. Action is quite smooth functioning and bore cleaned up nicely. I’ve been meaning to add a French rifle to my collection of 19th century breechloaders and I’m glad I got to do so just in time for Christmas.

  7. johnston.robert.1319 (verified owner)

    I decided to go the extra cash for a rifle with a rear sight and that is what I got. It has what looks like the original cleaning rod, too, which it turns out came in handy.
    The first thing that I did when the rifle arrived was to look down the barrel and I was taken aback to see that something was plugging it. There was no light coming through. With a little poking with a cleaning rod particles of badly deteriorated cloth started coming out. You never know what to expect with these ancient guns. I poured some gun cleaning solvent down the barrel and let sit overnight. The next day I reversed the gun and poured more in from the action end. After a few hours I began digging at the plug with a pointed brass rod and a .30 Cal. brush. What came out was very old fossilized burlap or some other coarse cloth. Finally I drove it out with the original cleaning rod. Long ago some Ethiopean got his cleaning patch stuck in the barrel and gave up trying to get it out.

    With all the excitement of the burlap plug over with the bore cleaned up nicely. There’s a little pitting forward of the chamber but I definitely have a shooter!

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