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B Grade Mannlicher 1888/90 Rifle 8x50R w/ 1 Free clip


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10 in stock

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B Grade Model 1888/90 Mannlicher Rifle

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia. The Model 1888/90 rifles are in fair condition. Bores range from poor to good. The stocks will have some dings, dents or small cracks. Cracks in the stock are usually in the wrist area and/or near the buttplate and generally can be repaired/reinforced with some work. May have a missing piece of wood such as near the toe of the stock. These rifles may also have some light pitting or surface rust in some areas. The rifles often have a missing safety lever. These guns are true, authentic pieces of history and should not be missing in any WW1 and Austro-Hungarian firearms collection. Please keep in mind that these guns are 130 years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available. Many of these rifles were used by the Austro-Hungarian military and have unit markings, as well as property markings of “AOI”, Africa Orientale Italiana, when the Italians claimed these weapons and used them from 1935 to 1941.

This is a great chance to get this historical rifle for your collection!

These rifles are considered Antique and therefore do not require any FFL Licenses. A government Photo ID like Driver’s License or passport will be required to purchase these rifles. Can be shipped to a home or business address. Please email a picture of your ID to along with your order number.

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42 reviews for B Grade Mannlicher 1888/90 Rifle 8x50R w/ 1 Free clip

  1. MR B

    if you add hand select it adds 200 in the cart not 100

  2. Oland

    Nice, intact stock. No cracks. No unit or property markings anywhere though. Only ŒWG stamped on the receiver. All hardware, inc. sling swivels are present. Cleaning rod missing but that’s to be expected. Bore is dark but has strong rifling which is a bonus. Rifle fires and functions fine. I’m pleased to give this one 5 stars.

  3. Kevin

    The good: After deep cleaning, the stock was very good looking, despite a repaired crack. The action was slick.
    The bad: The sling swivels were damaged, 0 finish metal left, stacking rod damage, safety mechanism missing, rifling shot out at the muzzle, all marks worn beyond reading on metal and pitting throughout the bore even after scrubbing and polishing.


    RTI reached out. As I understand condition is luck of the draw and since I have already replaced or repaired the missing/damaged parts, I turned down the offer to return the rifle and accepted a discount instead. They made a better attempt at fixing the issue than most companies would.

  4. Jeff H

    Ordered one of these 1888/90’s during the $299 flash sale. Rifle is complete and not missing any parts other than the cleaning rod. Stock is in very nice condition for what I was expecting/ Bluing is almost in the white which is to be expected from some of these Ethiopian imports. I received an 1892 dated example. Bore is dark with strong rifling. I didn’t get lucky with an AOI stamped example but overall very happy with the example I got for my Mannlicher collection!

  5. Chris P

    I was impressed with my rifle. Everything was in working order and intact. It was absolutely filthy which is the norm with Africa import stuff. Only real negative was the mottled surface rust throughout the rifle. Nothing outrageous and a thorough cleaning will do it wonders.

  6. Michael

    I’d give more than 5 stars if I could, My rifle came completely intact with a beautiful stock and a bore that has strong rifling considering its age I’m very pleased.

  7. Shane

    I ordered one of these during the flash sale. Was very surprised with what I got. Stock was beautiful other then one crack. Had very strong marking. Bore was a little dark but very strong rifling. It was missing the safety and stacking rod. The big surprise was that I actually received a true 1890 rifle, had the heavier chamber and the 1890 sight, not the 88 sight with the 90 plates on it. I’ll have to order another and see if I get the 88/90 this time. Over a great rifle. Couldn’t be any happier.

  8. Julian T

    Bought this during the labor day sale. Rifle came complete minus the safety lever. Metal has no blueing left but is otherwise in great shape. Bore still has strong rifling. Wood is in good condition and has a faint AOI stamp which I am happy to see. Action is smooth. Barrel bands and stacking lug are loose but present. Overall I am satisfied and would recommend.

  9. Eli

    Ordered a M1888/90 during the Labor Day sale and it was better than expected. Only missing the safety (easily found a replacement), has a decent bore, the volley sight pin is intact, AND its unit marked. Mine was 1891 dated.

  10. Matthew Jacobs

    Just got the old rifle in. For context, I did pay the $100 hand select fee, so theres that. The rifle is 100% complete, and besides finish wear and dents and dings, is in pretty decent condition. I haven’t cleaned the bore yet, but I do see a good amount of rifling. This is also a very mechanically interesting design. A falling block bolt action… I’m quite satisfied with my purchase.

  11. Charlene

    I ordered one of these 88/90 rifles, with no hand select options, just asking for one with some life left. RTI did not disappoint. The rifle I received hadsolid stock, plenty of dings, no cracks, and only small lower corner bit missing by butt plate. Bore was dark as sin, but rifling present, and measured 0.323-0.324 and 0.330-0.333. Volley sight parts were there, but rear sight leaf dented. Only affects using the volley slider, so no issue there. Only mechanical issue was broken extractor, but I expected that. Overall, I’d recommend, and would buy again.

  12. Mark

    I just recently got my rifle from the recent 199$ special buys and I got a good one. The rifle shipped super fast for once less than a week and I just got it today and rifle is all complete although with some jury rigged repairs done to the sling swivels that give it character. The wood looks actually good with a large tang crack that is easily repaired although I probably won’t since I don’t plan on shooting this. The bore is actually decent with good rifling throughout although very dark. I am considering buying another if I see them come back in stock.

  13. Randall

    Once again happy with another RTI purchase. Exterior condition of this rifle is in great shape. Lots of finish remaining, complete and fully functional. Bore is interesting… great chamber and strong rifling until the last 5-6 inches where it gets rough but light rifling is still visible. No plans to shoot this but would wager it’d spin a round down range just fine. Great addition to the collection.

  14. Daniel

    This purchase was another excellent job done by RTI. With that said I can’t thank you guys enough. The rifle shipped quickly and what I received was complete. The rifle has everything from the saftey to the sling swivels. The rifle is dirty as to be expected from an item stored in Ethiopia for decades a small chip and crack in the stock that can be repaired and a barrel with visible and solid lands all the way through.. Extremely satisfied with this purchase. Keep it up RTI..

  15. Alexander

    This is my second purchase form RTI. Rifle was described very well. I was pleasantly surprised with what I got. 130 year old rifle been there done that, plus stored in the not best conditions. Missing only the safety, very small stock crack and fantastic AOI marking, bore is ruff but still there.
    You are getting a historical piece, it will need some love and cleaning put into it.
    If your willing to put some time in. You will be preserving a piece of history and have a neat piece in your collection.

  16. Kasey

    Review for 2 sperate orders but definitely happy with both. First one ordered a while back when they first were out on the site. For the age it definitely made me happy with the purchase, Rifle was only missing safety lever and a sling swivel, of course finish wasn’t really their but the condition of the stock made up for it. Second rifle that was ordered very recently made me wonder why it was a B-Grade. Not missing any parts and actually has bluing/patina left. Stock on this one also in good condition but sadly with both no stock markings. Bores on both were their but nothing special. Overall for only 200 these well worth the money.

  17. Christopher

    I was a bit surprised when my M1888/90 arrived because of two things. First of all, it has Chinese markings on the receiver. The second thing is because it is actually an M1888 because it lacks the 1890 modifications to the rear sight. Because of the Chinese markings on it, I figured the bore would not be very good and I was right. There is heavy rust in the bore, but I have it soaking in Kroil to see if it will turn out better. Chinese armies during the Republic of China and Warlords eras were not known taking care of their weapons. One must wonder how it made its way from China to Ethiopia, and whether it was used in the First Sino-Japanese War or the Boxer Rebellion. Overall, it had some moderate surface rust that cleaned up well and was missing the safety. The stock was in very nice condition though, but shows signs of being sanded (ostensibly to remove Chinese cartouches / stampings). Overall, I’m happy with this purchase.

  18. Dan

    First the good, bore is excellent as are the screws and hardware.
    Now the bad, the bore is so good because the stock was so cracked that it was probably never issued. 1st crack mid mag to rist 7″(almost broke in half unboxing), 2nd crack front of trigger guard to rist, 3rd crack trigger to rist on opposite side. It was repaired/ attempted to repair multiple times in Ethiopia. The rear sight is bent/cracked, missing safety(both expected) and the firing pin is bent with broken spring.
    Overall I’m satisfied enough and going to keep it but the site description needs updated if this is what is being shipped.

  19. clayton

    the good: has a good bore, no major rust, expected breaks, expected missing safety, decent stock
    the bad: broken firing pin, missing front sight, missing barrel band, rear sling swivel was altered.
    at this condition it should have been grade C at best!! all do business again, but this was clearly a bottom of the barrel rifle should have been offered as a parts gun

  20. James

    I’m satisfied that I received a good B Grade +130 year old rifle.
    Rifle came complete. Good wood and good metal (for being over 130 years old).
    It did have a broken firing pin, but was described as possibly having a missing or broken part.
    I give it a good cleaning, replaced the firing pin, and just now finished test firing it. Nice!
    I’m satisfied with this purchase and hope to order another in the near future.

  21. Austin

    Stocks great, bores decent. It has an AOI stamp which I was hoping for. Like every other 88-90 it’s missing it’s safety but overall I’m very happy and will most likely buy another

  22. Hunter

    Condition as described, poor. Safety is missing which was to be expected but the safety screw was broken off inside the receiver so I can’t even instal a replacement. Very sad!

  23. Phil

    Very happy with what I received. There were no missing/damaged parts and everything appears serviceable. It was very dirty, like it sat in a third world warehouse for a hundred years. Wood is very dry and there is scattered rust on the metal parts. It will take a lot to clean it up, but it will look decent once it’s done. For $230 shipped I am very happy and will do business with RTI again.

  24. Brendan

    I had bought two rifles. One was ok but had a broken bolt. The second one is super rusted dirty and was a waste of money. It was also a model 1888 not an 1888/90. I’m a bit disappointed when the ad says fireable but it’s not really. A perfect wall hanger or collection item but it’s not for anything else. I’m disappointed but I’ll have to wait to see if something really cool comes along to buy again.

  25. BB

    Mine just came in today and I’m quite happy with it. The stock is dinged and dented but it isn’t cracked anywhere or missing any chunks. The only parts missing are the safety and its mounting screw but that’s to be expected and noted in the description. Metal was rusted on hidden surfaces but doesn’t require anything more than a thorough cleanup. Overall, I’m very satisfied, it was well worth the buy.

  26. Lawrence N.

    Rifle was ass described. Complete and functional just missing safety lever. Small repaired cracks in wood. Metal Finnish mostly gone. Overall condition better than expected. I would recommend adding this rifle to your WW1 collection. Third time ordering from RTI. Pleased with all three purchases.

  27. SP

    Rifle was in great shape for the age. All parts were accounted for and fully functional. Just needs a little wood work, some good cleaning and some oil.

  28. Keith.303

    This was my first RTI purchase. I placed my order on a Monday, and received it that Friday. A lot quicker than expected! My rifle’s stock had an easily repaired wrist crack, the safety and screw were missing, and one of the magazine springs was broken. Other than that, it was just dirty! I was really hoping to get a shooter, and fortunately there is rough but visible rifling to the muzzle, and it passes the bullet test. 9hrs of cleaning, some cold blue and linseed oil, and she’s quite respectable!
    I will absolutely order from RTI again, probably a Gras next.

  29. Peter

    Got mine today, Pretty good, missing the safety as advertised but the stock had no cracks or Ethiopian markings, There is a bore but dark. I’m pretty happy.

  30. Robert

    Correct Rifle that was well packed with bubble wrap, peanuts, and cardboard. Stock had a crack in the wrist and the rifle is missing only its safety. No Ethiopian markings, but rifle is HEAVILY rusted. Rifling present until the last 3 inches of the barrel. Will take A LOT of work to clean up.

  31. Mark P Brandenburg

    Happy with rifle received. Wood is solid with a Ethiopian repair at tang that is tight.
    No Finnish left on metal but light surface rust cleaned up well.
    Best part is bore. Strong , square, sharp rifling all the way to crown. Bore cleaned up nice .
    The only negative is sight spring and adjuster arms missing, but easily replaced and missing safety that is missing because screw is broke off in receiver. Eventually I’ll drill and retap.
    It has been to the range and is a nice shooter.

  32. Justin Weaver

    Rifle cleaned up nicely and I had to do a stock repair but overall it is very nice! Thanks again RTI!

  33. Andrew M

    I had read mixed reviews on RTI products. Over time I realized it was due to the very mixed bag of condition they received their guns in. Mine was typical. Neither great nor a complete turd. My Mannlicher came with the following defects: broken rear sight, missing extractor, missing safety, and broken firing pin. Wood was better than expected aside from a chunk out of the stock near the damaged rear sight. Bore cleaned up fair. (boy was it dirty inside!). I didn’t really buy this one expecting it to be in shooting condition with such a worn bore, but the rifling was all there even if rough from breech to muzzle. Overall satisfied for the price and a rare rifle in today’s collector market.

  34. Jose R. Martinez, Jr., Esq.

    Given how the condition of the remaining rifles was described in this listing, I was expecting a wall hanger, but crossing my fingers for something shootable that I can occasionally take to the range for practice at 50-100 yards (this cartridge is expensive and hard to find). RTI delivered again. They sent me an example that while dirty, was par for the course with what I’ve gotten in the past. The surface rust cleaned off relatively easily, the bolt and trigger assembly were functional, the rear sight assembly was complete, all of the parts were there, except for the safety (which is to be expected with the 1888s), there were few, if any cracks in the stock, and best of all, the barrel of the rifle showed strong rifling. I don’t know if the muzzle is shot out and fails the muzzle test because I don’t have 8x50R on hand, but I’m pretty sure that I received a shooter, and that’s the best possible outcome with a milsurp. Thanks, RTI! I will be doing business with you guys again.

  35. Robert Parks

    It’s good.

  36. ThomasStaggs

    I got a B grade hand select about a month ago. Rifle has 80% original finish and had a very good bore and muzzle. Stock was riddled with normal dents and small gouges but no cracks or damage. Rifle was missing several small parts but I was able to source them abroad. I feel the condition of the Rifle received was well worth the hand select. A month later and its fully restored and range ready. See my restoration by 4077th in the gunboards forum! Would love to get another.

  37. CharleneOstrowski (verified owner)

    Not a 5-star rifle, but darn good shooter for B-grade. Not much finish, bolt was brown with surface rust, and stock had quite the wire wheel job on it. No cracks and prominent AOI stamping, with missing safety, and rolled over volley pin. However, it had great rifling, super slick action, and is capable of making soda can dance at 50yds. I went out with 10 rds, and after a couple to force clean the bore, and figure out point of aim, it hit the can 5/5. I ordered another, and we’ll see what comes. 🙂

  38. FranklinTompkins (verified owner)

    Got my second one of these today. Nice strong AOI marking, wood is in good shape, missing the lower barrel band, but it does have the safety. Overall very pleased with it.

  39. jertekrol (verified owner)

    I understand these rifles are very old and were stored in poor conditions for many years, but I feel like the one I got is significantly worse than the description. I ordered a B-grade with out hand select. Description says “may also have some light pitting or surface rust in some areas” – Mine has significant pitting running up both sides of the barrel, bottom of magazine, and some on the receiver, as deep as 1-2mm in some areas. Several screws rusted in place so bad that they cannot be moved. Bolt was in much better shape luckily. Still a cool piece of history, but I wish a little more effort was put into sorting/ grading these rifles.

  40. CharleneOstrowski (verified owner)

    I gave into temptation and ordered one last one of these. What I got, really would be a B or maybe C, depending how handy you are. This one still had finish, no cracks in stock, but looks to be re-stocked by someone less than pro. the action is seated at an angle, tipped up in back, and barrel bands are kinda off kilter. The through holes for the screws are also at an angle, instead of straight through. Rear sight appears to have been hit with hammer downward, but that does fix the elevation issue at shorter ranges. Bore is dark, but has rifling throughout, but had a hard smash, collision with something at the muzzle. It looks like it charged a chisel, and the deformation extended outwards, and inwards, about 1/3 inch into barrel. It would not have been shootable, thus a C, had I not done a short counterbore to clear it. I’m still pleased with it.

  41. WilliamOBrien

    To my surprise the rifle cleaned up nicely. The barrel looks to be counter bored, and it wasn’t just missing the safety but it was snapped off. Have no idea how I’m going to get the bolt out and unless I make a new screw (can’t find them)the replacement safety will have to wait. All in all great piece of history for the price.

  42. Donald WDodson (verified owner)

    Second time buying from RTI choose hand select and what I got was a rifle that looked pretty good only missing the extractor.All and all not bad,stock had no cracks just some small dings and dents the bore looked like a sewer pipe with rifling but after a good scrubbing it came out pretty good I would say the bore is in fair condition with noticeable rifling and dark bore ,thinking of buying another one.

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