C Grade French 1886 M93 Lebel Rifle


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Just in from Africa! We now have original Model 1886 Lebel rifles in stock! These rifles were the first standard issue smokeless powder rifle ever issued to a large scale military and served the French military from the late 1800’s and during the First World War. This specific listing is for C Grade Lebels which need serious work and are ideal for projects and/or parts guns.

Please note: the photos shown above are of an “A Grade” condition Lebel rifle. The C Grade Lebels for the reduced price may have one of the following condition issues listed below.

These particular Lebels are in “C Grade” condition. They will have pitting and rust on the metal parts such as the receiver, bolt, barrel. etc. The wood furniture will have large cracks and missing sections of wood on the handguard and stock. The handguard or stock may be an Ethiopian replacement piece. The rifles are not guaranteed functional and may need some work to operate the bolt properly  (ex: bolt stuck in place, non-functional cartridge lifter, etc). The bores range from poor and heavily worn to good, we do not offer hand select bores on these C grade rifles.  May have broken or missing small parts such as an ejector, stacking rod, extractor, and/or sling swivel. May be missing the magazine spring and follower. The rear sight may be damaged or missing on these rifles. These are the last of what we have!

Only a limited quantity available!

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