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Ethiopian Cut Down Russian Berdan Rifles


4 in stock

4 in stock

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We now have Russian Berdan II rifles available. These rifles are incredibly rare early Russian rifles and are a must-have for any serious collector of Russian firearms!

This particular batch of Berdans were cut down by the Ethiopian forces during their use. The barrels are usually shortened about 5-12 inches. The modification from a rifle to a carbine length is a process seen throughout a variety of firearms used in Ethiopia, such as with the French Lebel rifles shortened about 6-10 inches, Berthier 1907-15 rifles shortened to a carbine length, and the same process done to 1891 Carcano rifles, FN Mausers, and more. The actions remain completely unmodified besides the shortened barrel and stock. These rifles are an interesting look into a little known practice with Ethiopian rifles. Don’t miss this chance to get a unique rifle!

All rifles are in fair to good condition. Some of thee rifles may have a missing rear sight slider or missing rear sight leaf. This will the last import of Berdan rifles. All are shootable as well after proper inspection and cleaning. This small batch is probably your last chance to be able to purchase the imperial Russian legend at a reasonable price.

We do offer a $100.00 hand select fee for overall condition & rear sight condition. Please call us for details about the condition. The rifles are in fair to good condition. They might have some minor crack or imperfections in the stock and most will require proper disassembly and cleaning.

These rifles are ANTIQUES, NO FFL REQUIRED. Photo of Driver’s License required. These rifles can be shipped directly to a business or home address.

After you place your order, please email a photo of your driver’s license with your order number to ffl@rtifirearms.com. Thank you for your business!


The Model 1870 Berdan, commonly known as the “Berdan II”, is a single shot, bolt action rifle chambered in the 10.75mmx58R cartridge. These rifles were manufactured in large numbers by the Tula, Izhevsk, and Sestroretsk arms factories. These rifles were used by the Russian military as well as guard units and other miscellaneous groups within the military. This particular batch of rifles was sent by Russia for military aid sometime between the late 1880’s to the early 1890’s before the First Italo-Ethiopian War, which they subsequently saw service in.

Check out the Forgotten Weapons video below to see a similar rifle to carbine conversion with the Ethiopian Lebels!

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4 reviews for Ethiopian Cut Down Russian Berdan Rifles

  1. Oland

    Good stock with no cracks. All hardware was present. The barrel had only been shortened 8 inches which was good (but beyond control of RTI of course). Good clear markings including Ethiopian script stamped on it. Dark but good rifling still present. I was pleasantly surprised. Not everything I buy from RTI gets 5 stars.

  2. Jeff

    I ordered one of these just so I can at least say I own some type of an example of a Berdan II. Overall very faded bluing which was to be expected. I received a 1878r (unknown factory as there is no visible Russian Cyrillic on the barrel). Crest is on the top of the receiver unaltered. Lots of ethiopian writing on the barrel. Definitely a dirty rifle but looks like it will clean up well.

  3. Dan M

    I was really happy with this Berdan i received. Its an 1876 so it couldve been used in the russo-ottoman war, Russo Jap, and some even made it to the front in ww1. This one is in very good condition and is 100% complete minus the sling swivels as expected. some do have them even tho theyre cut down. It even has the cleaning rod and rear sight slider! Bore is excellent! It might be all matching but the stock isnt serialized. The barrel cut looks very straight. No cracks or anything in the stock and even has a nice tiger stripe pattern. Only shortened 6 inches which is what i wanted. Long stock doesnt look sporterized. Wish i could show pics.

  4. Rob

    The rifle was only cut down less than three inches. It was missing the ladder slide on the sights and the cleaning rod. It did have the two holes added as sling mounts. Other than that, which was advertised, the rifle is in beautiful condition. The stock is in excellent condition. The bore is also excellent. I couldn’t ask for more.

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