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French Berthier Mle 1907/15 Rifle


2 in stock

2 in stock

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We now have original French Berthier rifles in stock! These Model 1907/15 rifles arrived from Africa and are in 100% functional and working order. We offer a variety of conditions and the option for numbers matching bolts and receivers. They are chambered for the French 8mm Lebel cartridge and use a 3 round en-bloc clip. These rifles were issued by the French military as one of their main rifles for standard infantry use throughout the First World War and even saw action later during WWII, the Spanish Civil War, and more. Most of the rifles have worn stocks with cracks.

These 1907/15 Berthiers are classified as C&R rifles. C&R rifles (guns manufactured after 1898) need to ship to an FFL or C&R licensed person/address. Please email any C&R or FFL licenses to ffl@rtifirearms.com.

Note: Please call any time 9-5 EST Monday-Friday if you would like to purchase any other Grade than Grade B Non Matching. We would be happy to place your order for a specific Grade with or without matching serial numbers. If you are unable to reach us through phone, please email either customerservice1@rtifirearms.com or customerservice2@rtifirearms.com to tell us what you would like to order. Please make sure to leave a phone number in the email so we can call you back as well. Thank you for your business!

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6 reviews for French Berthier Mle 1907/15 Rifle

  1. Kevin L

    Ordered a Grade A non-matching. Rifle is all matching except the bolt. Pleasantly surprised to get a somewhat rare Delaney Bellevue, with even rarer night sights.

  2. Mike

    Ordered my rifle in early December. It finally came in late January. The rifle was in very poor condition: broken stock (cobbled together w/tacks), bent rear sight, bolt screw stripped out, busted extractor, etc.). I understand Grade B on a 100+ year old rifle is going to be a little rough, but this thing should have been sold as a parts gun – in no way was it shootable. I ended up sending it back to RTI and they sent me another one (pretty quickly). The second one I received was a LOT better (more like what I was hoping for originally). A St. Etienne rifle w/a surprisingly nice bore. The only thing missing was it’s front sight (however, I was able to find a replacement from Liberty Tree). Took it out to the range and it actually shoots really nice (surprisingly good groups out to 100 yds – haven’t pushed it further yet). So, at the end of the day, I’m happy w/the purchase. It was a bit of a hassle to get here, but RTI eventually made things right.

  3. Michael

    I received a very nice rifle that just needed a good cleaning. Smooth action, nice bore, & also night sights. Very pleased

  4. Dan M

    Im happy to give 1 of these rare Berthiers a positive review. I was very happy with the rifle i received. I bought a grade B matching and now a grade A non matching. (havent got the grade A yet) The grade B cleaned up really nice. Bore/stock is really nice for its age and use. For a grade B its very good. Finish was a little worn but its a grade B and old (to be expected) I have posted reviews on all my items ive purchased so that i can share my experience with others. These rifles are rare. Dont miss your chance before their gone! I cant wait to get the Grade A!

  5. Aiden Gerakis

    First off i rated 4 stars instead of 5 because it took 34 days to get my rifle. I am pretty happy with the rifle i recieved the rifle was clearly wire wheeled. Though i will say the only non matching part is the rear sight, which kinda sucks because its suppost to have a night rear sight but was swapped for an original. The barrel looks pretty good

  6. christopher warren

    received my grade a matching and i am highly pleased.gave it a good cleaning and it was ready to go.was fortunate enough to get one with the more rare turned down bolt ! this is my second time ordering from rti and had a good experience each time

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