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B Grade M38 Carcano Short Rifle, Cal. 7.35×51 w/ 1 Free Clip


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3 in stock

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Just Arrived from Africa!

We now have original Carcano M.38 Short Rifles. These rifles are used and show their history. These are military rifles which have served in Europe, northern Africa and finally in Ethiopia. The Carcano rifles are complete and functional. The guns have seen extensive combat. The stocks have dents, dings, scratches, gouges, small cracks and show signs of handling and storage. Further concerning the stocks, most stocks are solid but some may have a small cracks and/or chips in the stock where the end of the receiver is.  You can expect a piece of history which has a tremendous historical and collector value. Bores range from poor to good. You can expect some battle scars and wear. The rifles have varies degrees of finish. Some guns have excessive wear, some have up to 30% of original bluing. Some stocks may possibly have trench art (field carvings). Others may have some silver thumb tacks applied in the shape of a cross. Remember that Ethiopia’s population is 50% Christian and 50% Muslim. As a part of our pre shipment inspection we cycle the bolt and the trigger is pulled to check for dry fire function and an unobstructed bore.

C&R or FFL required, please send a copy of your C&R or FFL to along with your order number

Important Safety Warning – Please note, as with any surplus
firearm we advise that you have the rifle inspected by a competent gunsmith
before firing. In addition, all dirt and cosmoline needs to be thoroughly cleaned from
the rifle… especially from the bore, trigger group and the
bolt group and special care needs to be taken to ensure that the firing pin
moves freely within the lower bolt.

These are C & R Eligible

You will receive a true piece of history which has seen
extensive service on varies theaters.

They are historically significant and make a fine addition
to any collection…..

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