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30 in stock

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M.95 Steyr Mannlicher Carbine Cal. 8x50R  – Now Includes 1 Free Surplus Steyr M95 Clip!

FFL or C&R only, no antiques available.

The M.95 Carbines are in good condition. The bolts will be complete and functional. All are original and use the 8x50R ammunition.  May have some very small wood cracks in stock or handguard but stocks are generally in good shape.  Stock will have handling wear, small dents, dings, etc as most are over 100 years old and have had an extensive service life. Most are WWI dated. These carbine are complete and functional compared to the B grades which are incomplete.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the Austrian/Hungarian WW1 Infantry rifle. Carbines include the rear sight slider unlike B grade! Please note the photos above are of a very good condition carbine. 

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia and are in good condition. We do have Budapest and Steyr arsenals available. A specific manufacturer can be chosen by the customer. If there is no preference, the option does not have to be selected and a rifle will be picked for the standard price.

The stocks might have some minor dents or very small cracks. These guns are true authentic pieces of history and should not be missing in any WW1 and Austro-Hungarian firearms collection. Bores range from poor to good. Please remember that these guns are 130 years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available, however we will pick the best out of what is available at the time. Thank you for your understanding.

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12 reviews for M.95 STEYR MANNLICHER CARBINE 8X50 with 1 FREE clip

  1. Ben

    Overall good experience. Requested hand select with AOI stamp and good bore. Rifle arrived as requested and is complete and all matching, just dirty and very worn on the outside. Action feels nice and should shoot fine. Took several weeks to ship. Had a small billing mix-up but RTI fixed it quickly.

  2. Blake Keniston

    RTI sent me a m.95 long rifle instead of a carbine. I’m actually happy because the long rifle is more expensive and I needed one for my collection. In this case the error was made in my favor but that may not always be the case.

  3. Anonymous

    I just want to say I am VERY impressed and Happy with the 2 rifles I received. An Italian Carcano and Steyr M95.
    Great packing, fast shipping and really awesome guns.
    Thank You guys so much.
    I will definitely purchase from you guys again!
    Thank You

  4. Dan M

    Im honestly very happy with this rifle. I was happy to get a budapest cuz the ones i have were all steyrs which are more common. Everything works and was only missing the rear sight slider but im able to buy a replacement. Of all the stuff ive bought from them this was the only one missing a part. Bore was actually really good. NO rust and even very clean! Has a beautiful stock. Magazine works very well. I will buy again. Wish i could post pics.

  5. Shane

    Received a Budapest M95. Carbine is in amazing condition. Stock looked great, nothing missing and bore is definitely above average. Very happy with the purchase.

  6. Kenneth Falls

    Received quickly,cleaned up nicely,very happy with condition!!

  7. Charlene

    I ordered a pair of these, and received one OEWG Steyr and one FEG Budapest, which was a nice touch. They both cleaned up well, had all matching parts, perfect function, and only the usual dings/dents on the stock, with some fine cracks on handguards. I knocked one star off for the bores, both only have a memory of rifling. I was kinda hoping one had some left. However, I can just use them for fire-forming store bought 7.62x54r for making casings. An 8mm bullet, 1 inch long, does hella damage when it hits something sideways so defense is even an option. For 200, there’s really no argument here.

  8. Randall

    Amazing carbine. Very very pleased with this. Missing sight ladder but has matching numbers including the stock. Barrel is in great shape- visible rifling from chamber to bore and I haven’t even cleaned it yet. Almost no finish left- all silver with freckled rust and a few corrosion spots that should clean up well. THANK YOU RTI

  9. Eric Reno

    8x50r, comfortable shooting Rifle. action was Smoother than my Shimbt 96/11, and so faster. 30% faster than my Mauser M98. The Mannlicher loading system is faster than magazines or stripper clips. one of the fastest shooting manual action rifles. I ordered hand select for a good bore. And that’s what I got. Rifling is half worn but bore and groves were shinny. The stock was strong and there was an 8 inch crack in the fore-end. Also the side fixed swivel was broken off entirely. This missing part will have to be replaced. So don’t think you can avoid cracked stock or missing parts by buying hand select. Blueing under stock line was very good, above stock line was nearly gone. Despite all this I was so impressed that I had a numbers matching bolt, I ordered the long rifle as well. People always talk about m95’s being clunky and difficult. Not these M95’s these are smooth with their original bolts. Totally worth the money, would buy more if I could afford it.

  10. Gordo

    The one I got was in overall good condition. The stock was solid with no cracks, the rifling is pretty worn but still there and the bore was bright. Most of the finish was gone on the metal as well. The rifle was very, very dirty. When I took it all apart I got a pile of dirt out of the stock. It did clean up very nicely it just took a lot of work to get it all clean.
    The only real issue with it is the ladder sight won’t lock to different ranges, it just falls to the bottom. I probably won’t replace it however in order to keep it as original as possible and I won’t be shooting at any distance that would need it.

    All in all a good piece. It looked dirty and rough at first glance but cleaned up nicely.

  11. Matt

    Carbine looks great all parts are present. Bore is wore out, but not all is lost for $250 and a way to fire form brass I can’t complain.

  12. Justin W

    A very good addition! Thanks RTI!

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