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Russian Berdan II Rifle caliber 10.75×58 mmR in stock


2 in stock

2 in stock

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We just received another Rare Treasure from Ethiopia! This will the last import of Berdan rifles. All rifles are in fair to good condition. All are shootable as well. This small batch is probably your last chance to be able to purchase the imperial Russian legend at a reasonable price.
We do offer a $100.00 hand select fee. Please call us for details. About the condition. The rifles are in fair to good condition. They might have some minor crack or imperfections in the stock. Some maybe missing the rear sight. To sum up these rifles are the last survivors of the imperial Russian legend.



The Model 1870 Berdan, commonly known as the “Berdan II”, is a single shot, bolt action rifle chambered in the 10.75mmx58R cartridge. These rifles were manufactured in large numbers by the Tula, Izhevsk, and Sestroretsk arms factories. These rifles were used by the Russian military as well as guard units and other miscellaneous groups within the military. This particular batch of rifles was sent by Russia for military aid sometime between the late 1880’s to the early 1890’s before the First Italo-Ethiopian War, which they subsequently saw service in.

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13 reviews for Russian Berdan II Rifle caliber 10.75×58 mmR in stock

  1. Paul

    Surprisingly good/complete mechanical condition and even an ok bore.
    Excellent price for a Berdan II.
    Metal finish is very decent considering this particular example was nearly 140 years old and was stored in a barn.

    The stock came with a pair of long, deep cracks.
    Cleaning rod missing (although this is common for old surplus and it wasn’t actually advertised as having one).

    Overall I’m quite happy for the price. Stocks can be repaired. Even if I were to employ a professional to do the repair (rather than doing it myself) I would still have paid a lot less over all than for what Berdan II’s typically go for.

  2. Steve

    Out of the box I was impressed. It is worn and well used but stock is solid with no cracks. Metal is in decent shape, no surprises under the wood. Metal under the wood better than outside the wood. Bore is bright with strong rifling. Rear sight came off during shipment but is an easy repair. Bolt and trigger function properly. Looks to be very similar to rifle in the photos.

  3. Ddily

    I recieved mine and it was missing the cleaning rod but the bore and stock were in wonderful condtion. I ended up getting a dragoon model which I was very excitrd for. It also had some really cool markings on it, and had an inscription on the barrel in ethipoian said for the government.

  4. Mike

    I received a Russian Berdan II dragoon model rifle, the box it was sent in was very heavy cardboard so when it arrived it was in great shape with no damage, the Rifle was the slightly shorted dragoon model , so I was very pleased with that. The stock is sound and has numerous brass tacks, or inlays in it but no problems with that, cleaning rod present, gun is complete and functioning, there were two holes drilled in the stock for a makeshift sling, and the normal sling swivels were missing. and middle barrel band is welded together, where the screw and sling swivel should be, about the only problems, bore is dark but good rifling is present so gun will be able to shoot, also Ethiopian markings are stamped in the barrel, another plus very happy with this purchase.

  5. Jacob

    I received my hand select Berdan rifle yesterday. The rifle was in good shape, with only dings and dents in the stock no cracks. It had holes drilled in it for a sling. The bore was nice with strong rifling. Now the bad, it was cut down in ethiopia and had the front sight brazed back on at a 45 degree angle. And the stock has been cut and shortened as well. I believe they we’re making them into cavalry carbines. Over all not bad, and the aight is fixable. I was not happy with the fact that they hand selected a cut down rifle over a full length as shown in their photos.

  6. Chris P

    I missed when RTI had these at first. I jumped on the second wave and was expecting a less than stellar rifle. I was amazed at how good my rifle is. Its dated 1879 with markings clear and readable. There is no Ethiopian markings and the bolt doesn’t match. The stock has no cracks, no bad dings or gouges only two holes for a sling. The metal is all in the white and is missing sling swivels and cleaning rod. Also missing is the adjustment for the sight. The rifling is very good and in great shape. Even with the missing parts I’m very pleased with my rifle.

  7. BK

    I did not opt for Hand Select. Do not see any Ethiopian markings on it. No major rust, just lots of dirt. Dated 1876. It actually came with a cleaning rod, which I wasn’t expecting. I understand those are hard to come by. No major ding or cracks in the stock. No metal sling swivels, only the holes drilled into the stock for a dog collar-style sling attachment. The buttstock has some sort of shiny, metal decorations on it, seven pieces roughly the sizes of nail heads with holes punched in the middle. Bore looks good. Only issue would be that the wings on the rear sight have been been bent inwards so I can’t raise or adjust the sights at all, but that should be fixable.

  8. dan heimmermann

    Rifle was in excellent and complete condition. The bore was nice too.
    Thanks RTI

  9. Chasegi

    Rifle was in nice condition with a good bore and complete other than cleaning rod. Actually received a Dragoon model with a Dragoon bolt with the slot on the left side. Had rack marks and Ethiopian markings. No major defects other than normal wear…cleaned up nicely. I was a little nervous since there were only 3 left when I purchased but I’m so glad I pulled these trigger on this one.

  10. Cairan B

    The first rifle I ever bought from RTI. Was nervous to buy from them after seeing some reviews but so glad I decided to anyways. Rifle came pretty dirty but wasn’t too bad a clean up. Stock has a small hole drilled through it for a string sling but that was done in Ethiopia and is part of the guns history. A little pricey but Berdans are pretty hard to come by so I understand. Glad to say I have one in my collection though and am still very pleased with the condition overall.

  11. Mike

    This was my first purchase from RTI and I’m very pleased. It is in far better condition than what I would expect from a rifle that’s over 130 years old. Only thing that I see missing is the front sling swivel and the ladder on the rear sight is loose. Otherwise, can’t believe the condition of this rifle. Bore looks almost brand new. Comes with all the tactical dead spiders and sand, so get ready for an extended cleaning period. But cleaning it is part of the charm of getting a milsurp. Availability, price, condition, all amazing. Well done RTI.

  12. Frank H

    Overall good condition bore is fully Shootable. Wood is good no cracks Nice tiger wood Pattern Came with the cleaning rod. Missing rear sight. Overall good value

  13. Jacob Hall

    Received my rifle today and automatically noticed a few things. The rear sight base and assembly are missing, sling swivels are gone and the cleaning rod is broke in half and stuck inside the stock. But, the stock is in great shape with some minor dings and gouges. The metal had some slight rust and grime but cleaned up very nicely with the markings intact and no pitting or bulges. After a very thorough cleaning and inspecting the bolt I decided to test fire and it actually worked with no incidents! Overall I’m satisfied with my purchase and have it currently hanging over my reloading bench.

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