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(28 customer reviews)

Enfield No 4 Mk 1 B Grade with free sling and clip!


30 in stock

30 in stock

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Enfield No 4 MK 1 B Grade Rifles, Caliber .303 British

We have selected for our retail customers Enfield rifles which are might have minor cracks in the hand guard, forearm, and buttstock or a factory stock repair. The rifles are in overall fair to good condition. Rifles also might have some minor pitting and/or surface corrosion which can be removed using steel wool and oil. The bores range from poor to good. May be missing a small part such as a sling swivel, ejector or safety. These Enfields are great for a restoration project or can be cleaned up at used as is. This is your opportunity to get an Enfield rifle for under $400 dollars!

There are a variety of No 4 pattern rifles in this batch, including but not limited to the No 4 Mk 1, No 4 Mk 2, No 4 Mk 1/2, No 4 Mk 1/3 and more. If you prefer to receive a specific model over another, please put a note in the order comments and we may be able to accommodate this request. We also have a variety of manufacturers such as BSA, Fazakerley, Savage, Long Branch, etc. and guns overhauled by Ishapore.

C&R or FFL required. Please e-mail your license to along with your order number

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28 reviews for Enfield No 4 Mk 1 B Grade with free sling and clip!

  1. Tom

    Arrived extremely dirty but otherwise in good shape and had a good bore as well.

  2. Randy

    My hand picked B grade was dirty , that’s
    About it . Bore is good and I got a great
    Ladder sight . I wound up with a great
    Piece of history.!!

  3. Jeff

    I was surprised to receive a 1952 No 4 MK 2 instead of a MK 1. It arrived as filthy as I expected. The bolt release was completely seized up with grime but a good cleaning freed it up. Very little finish remaining above the wood but the bore is shiny with strong rifling. Wood is surprisingly good. The tattered Ethiopian rope sling was a interesting bonus.

  4. Robert

    Rifle was filthy but otherwise in great shape. Good bore with strong rifling. Got a ladder sight!

  5. Garrett

    Wow! – The rifle was dirty, really dirty… But, it has a couple dings and everything else is sound! Awesome piece of history!

  6. Seth Gettys

    Got mine all cleaned up today, going out tomorrow to the range to try it out. Only problem I have is mine has the wrong magazine so it won’t latch in place or feed properly unfortunately. I’m going to have to search around for the proper magazine for it and fit that I’m place.

  7. Logan

    took about a month after they came back from their break, but in all it was worth the wait since i received a savage rifle with a near perfect bore. couldn’t ask for a much better rifle except for a front sight since i was missing but that is a cheap fix. pretty glad with what i got and cant wait to shoot it

  8. Mike

    By far this was the dirtiest rifle I have ever received, not cosmoline or grease but red dirt. Wrong mag (No 1 MK 3) came with. Cleaned up nicely. Dark bore with strong rifling. The rifle is a 1945 No4 MK1/2. Came with a hand made sling, hand sewed fabric. Interesting Ethiopian string necklace amulet of some kind in the butt stock. I buried it because I am superstitious. After I find a mag I am off to the range.

  9. Jeffrey

    This is by far my favorite. It’s a beautiful rifle, mine has a few more dings in the stick then I expected and it was very very dirty, nice bore. That said it’s cleaned and go to go. I was planning to put a scope on it but I can’t bring myself to take off the ladder sight. It’s just so cool. I’m even thinking of buy another.

  10. Nicholas

    pretty happy with my first Enfield, I got a Savage made, No4 Mk* it was filthy with its share of dings and scratches, has a good bore, only issues were the front band being riveted on instead of screwed and the firing pin was broken, but that’s not RTI’s fault, Parts are still pretty widely available, very happy with a Savage rifle and can’t wait to get it cleaned up and ready to fire! would buy another in a heartbeat.

  11. Clayton P.

    Pros: Solid wood, strong rifling, intact sights, fast shipping.
    Cons: pitting in the barrel, magazine body dented and impeding the follower, NO protection of the rifle in the package.

    Overall: Be prepared to replace the magazine or other small parts. Otherwise, a decent rifle. RTI, PLEASE do a better job of packaging your rifles. It’s not that hard to wrap something in bubble wrap. It’s just laziness at this point.

  12. Bob K.

    This rifle arrived as advertised. I ponied up for the good bore option, and boy did I luck out. My particular rifle is a ROF Fazakerly mk1 that was rearsenaled at least once. Prior to be shipped to Ethiopia as aid a new barrel was installed. The recipients handheld this rifle a lot, but didn’t shoot it much. An interesting sling was installed, and promptly removed upon my acceptance of the rifle. In all the bones of this rifle are good, and with proper maintenence it’ll be a good shooter. Keep in mind that factory new these rifles only had to shoot 4 moa. As I recieved mine it was probably a 8 moa rifle. I’ll do the maintenance, and it’ll be a sub 4moa rifle again. DO THE MAINTENENCE! Old rifles are like old houses, one fix reveals another problem. See it through to the end and you’ll have a heirloom to be proud of.

  13. Randy R

    I ordered one of these about a month ago and the one I received had virtually no rifling left in the barrel and a loose buttstock… After talking to someone about my concerns I was promptly sent a pre-paid return label so back it went…
    About a week later I received a text message with the new tracking number for the replacement rifle which was delivered yesterday and I am very happy with this one…
    The wood is in surprisingly good condition and the bore is much better than I expected for a “B” grade rifle… Nice and shiny with strong sharp rifling and very little muzzle erosion…
    I ordered this during the last sale when they were priced at $299.00 so I am very happy with what I got for that price.

  14. Colin

    I picked up my No. 4 Mk. 1 and I was honestly shcoked in the condition of the wood. I see no cracks thus far and after a through cleaning of the wood it should turn out amazing. The finish has been warn pretty well, and a lot of the markings are pretty much fadded away. It took my FFL a solid 10 minuets to find the Seral number on the side of the receiver. However ,the biggest concern people have about these firearms are the boars and barrels. I was nervous, I ‘ve seen the reviews online. But, it is pristine and perfect, tight and excellent. Like brand new post war barrel. The gun is filthy, but that was a known, I am extremely happy with this purchase.

  15. Lance M

    Came filthy, covered in cosmoline. The action had been oiled and covered parts of the bubble wrap. No missing parts, action is smooth and works well. The wood is in amazingly good shape, no cracks and cleaning up very nicely. There is only about 10-20% of original finish on the metal. Marking are very worn but still legible. I did select the hand select with good bore option and the bore is exceptional, tight and bright. Maltby 1944 and was rearsenaled in 1948. Ordered Dec 18th and received on Jan 13th. Very happy with my purchase.

  16. Chat H.

    I received a 1943 rifle made in Fazakerley. It has the simple flip sight and alloy butt plate. The bore is really good, it was just really dirty, but after a good cleaning it has tight rifling. There is not really any finish remaining except in the areas that were covered. It did have some surface rust inside the receiver, but some steel wool and clp had it cleaned up quickly. Overall I’m happy with the condition. It didn’t have any pitting, but there was a small and hardly noticeable crack in the rear hand guard. Usually I don’t take risks on sight unseen purchases, but I’ve been wanting an Enfield for a while now and with the price being pretty low I thought the risk was worth it. It’s crazy how expensive they are on other gun sites, especially for rifles in the condition mine was that are going for $550 plus!

  17. ScoutCR

    I am not an Enfield collector but have always been interested in them. I purchased a MK #3 and #4 B grade. They did not disappoint. The MK #3 is 1916 with a good bore and the #4 is a 1944 with a good bore. The only thing to take issue with is thta the metal parts look sanded or scrubbed and that makes the markings hard to read. All of my purchases to date from Royal Tiger Imports are better than expected.

  18. Robert S.

    Enfield I received was in really good condition. I did have to replace the front barrel band screw and barrel band as it was rusted together. Other than that the rifle was great with a good bore. Overall very pleased!

  19. Steven Barron

    Got a rather rare post war no4 mk1 BSA 1946! . cleaned up very nice. Bore is very sharp! Super happy with my purchase

  20. Justin

    I have purchased two of these over the past two years. I paid for the good bore option on both as I only buy shooters. Both arrived in good condition. Bores were very good with good rifling but dark. Both were non matching numbers but both checked out and were safe. The wood on one was salvageable and has a good worn look. The other I had to replace the wood with all new beech pieces. While I was at it I went ahead and duracoated it. It looks brand new and both are great shooters.

  21. David

    Stock was solid, bore is very good. Almost no finish left on the metal, but surface is good. No rust or putting. Cleaned up nicely. Solid shooter.

  22. Caleb S.

    Excellent Long Branch No4 Mk 1* in what I’d consider better than good condition. No missing parts, and only a couple of dings in the stock. Action locked up tight and barrel looks good, but dirty. Haven’t fired it yet but I am completely satisfied regardless. First time buyer and would not hesitate to purchase again. Thanks, RTI!

  23. mark

    I bought on a Black Friday sale at 299$. I asked for a good bore at checkout and they seemed to have actually tried as I got a decent looking rifle with a good two groove barrel. The muzzle is blown out but all but one rifle I have bought from them are but most still shoot good enough without keyholing key word most. The rifle was kissing ejector screw in the receiver and the extractor spring. The bolt head is also way out of spec but is only a size 0 so I should be able to procure a size 1. The safety also doesn’t work so that will need attention. I think it’s a decent buy at 299$ but not at current price. As always buy at your own risk.

  24. Justin

    Purchased a hand select rifle during their Thanksgiving sale. Asked for a Savage made rifle and good bore if possible. Just wanted a U.S. Property marked Enfield for the collection. Pleased is a bit of an understatement for the rifle they sent me. The rifle was a near complete Savage with just a couple parts refurbished sometime in its past (refurbished parts being the trigger guard (longbranch) and milled rear sight (Fazakerley)). The bolt didn’t match the receiver but was indeed a Savage bolt. The bolt rail was worn but still very much intact so that was a relief. The wood was all original as it had the original front S marked handguards, front sight protector, original Zink alloy buttplate, and no ishy screw in the forestock. It even had a fantastic 2- groove barrel with although dark. No cracks or damage to the wood. Extremely pleased with the rifle. Ty RTI. I plan to clean it up and cherish it.

  25. Riley

    Ordered one over the black Friday sale was a little worried but decided to roll the dice. Got my gun and opened the box and was very satisfied to have received a 1942 Fazakerley with great wood and a whiny bore. The finish was also nice with some spots of wear. I expect this gun to be a very good shooter. For the money it was well worth it.

  26. Spencer

    I am extremely happy with the no4mk1 i ordered, i requested Savage make and no4mk1 extremely is an understatement for $299. I got a like new savage wear was minimal to blue bolt track in awesome shape wood like new the inly issue was the rear stock had been fitted with a no1 mk 3 stock at somepoint in its life but thats no big deal i ordered one for $40 last night. I called a few times to check on the order status and my call was answered everytime by very polite and professional people. Ive heard alot of horror stories and was concerned about what i might receive knowing it was b grade the bore is ok but muzzle isnt shot out and rifleing is deep a few shots and it should clean up nicely. I would recommend anyone to order from them i have already place an order on a carcano after getting this beautiful enfield at an amazing price. Thank you RTI if the rest of your products are as good as this you have made a life long customer!

  27. Austin

    The rifle I received was covered in dirt and light surface rust on some parts of the rifle. After hours of cleaning, it presented no pitting on any parts, and the bore has strong rifling. My only complaint would be issues with light primer strikes. But the parts are coming in. I was looking for a shooter and it does infact shoot 👍

  28. jairushamilton2 (verified owner)

    The rifle showed up today and arrived very fast, like 4 days. Overall, first impressions were good, nothing was broken or missing just the standard grime and surface rust on the exposed metal like i expected. I get to taking the rifle apart and the barrel looks amazing inside and out, it had very good rifling and under the wood it still had most of the finish. Only thing i wasn’t %100 happy with was i had asked for a no4 mk 1 but instead got a mk1 star but that’s just nit picking at this point. for a $400 shooter, you can’t beat it just expect a lot of cleaning. good job with this one rti, im very happy with this rifle.

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