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Enfield No 1 Mk 3 Cal. 303 – C GRADE with free original magazine!


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Enfield No 1 MK 3 C Grade Rifles, Caliber .303 British

We just received a new shipment of No 1 Mk 3 rifles from Ethiopia in C Grade Condition. The overall condition is generally poor to fair, bores range from poor to good. The rifles may have cracks in the hand guard, forearm, and may have cracks in the buttstock and/or a factory stock repair. May have a missing front and/or rear handguard. At this time, the remaining C Grades are not guaranteed to have a functional bolt. The bolt may be stuck in place due to grime, surface rust, etc and needs to be cleaned before it is functional. The bolt may have a missing extractor, extractor spring, and/or firing pin captive screw. Additionally, there may be some light pitting and/or surface corrosion, most can be removed using steel wool and oil. Please note that the rifles may be missing a small parts such as a sling swivel, ejector, safety lever, etc. At this time we do not offer any hand select options on C Grade rifles, they are sold as is.

No Magazine included unless otherwise specified during a sale, etc.

These Enfields are ideal for a restoration project, making this a great opportunity to purchase an Enfield rifle for a much lower price than standard. We have rifles from WW1 to WW2 available, with most being British, but also including Ishapore and Lithgow. The majority of these rifles are Mk3* configuration without a magazine cutoff, though there are some Mk3 in this batch. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

C&R or FFL required for purchase. Please send your C&R or FFL license to ffl@rtifirearms.com, or by fax to (321) 989-0232. Please include your order number and name as well. Thank You!

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20 reviews for Enfield No 1 Mk 3 Cal. 303 – C GRADE with free original magazine!

  1. Bill

    Got a few of these and they are as described. Lots of rust, none with a full set of stock wood, plenty of small parts missing. Unlike the Indian drill rifles making the rounds though, these do seem salvageable, albeit with plenty of work. I do these types of restoration projects for fun and these are perfect for that. SMLEs are unusually complex bolt rifles with a lot of parts and critical fitment, though – these are not for someone just getting into the hobby and they are far too rough and incomplete to make display guns. I am satisfied with what I got because I tempered expectations – you do get what you pay for here and it’s a starting point or a decent parts lot.

    TL;DR If Backyard Ballistics is among your favorite YouTube channels and you’re looking for a similarly involved challenge, look no further. There’s no dice rolling here, you are going to get a serious project.

  2. Steve Stall

    I was not expecting much for a $200 rifle, I was pleasantly surprised. My rifle came fairly complete only missing the butplate and part of the upper hand guard. Riffling is there but bore like the rest of the gun is dirty, dirty like the guns was stacked like cord wood in a chicken coop in Africa. But if your afraid of dirt you should not be collecting mil-surp.

  3. Chris

    Wood was in excellent shape. 1949 Ishapore. No finish remaining. Missing front handguard, missing sling band and swivel and screw. Bore is dark and heavily worn. Heavy pitting on the receiver.

  4. Steve

    The c grade was better than expected. Most of the finish was present with little rust. Missing rear hand guard and magazine as expected. The rats had eaten the but stock through to the stock bolt hole, also a good part of the fron hand guard was eaten. The rear sight elevator is frozen in place. The bore is a rusty mess with some visible rifling visible. A real project.

  5. Jeffrey H

    As always with any project or lower grade rifles it can be scary ordering and not knowing what you’re going to get. For $219 I couldn’t say no, ended up with a 1952 Ishapore with a frosted but good barrel, all parts present minus the magazine and a broken handguard. I am not going to complain about that! I ended up ordering 2 more to roll the dice at $199 each and am already excited for them.

  6. Sam G

    I received a 1913 Iraqi Marked B.S.A with a brand new barrel on it. I ordered expecting a parts rifle but ended up getting extremely lucky with an amazing shooter, although it is missing the magazine and a small cosmetic chunk out of the stock.

  7. Kasey

    Ordered 2 when they were first put up. First is a 1917 Enfield manufacture, Extremely dirty but the bore is alright. Second is I think a BSA 1917 with mag cutoff which is cool. This one had alot of very bad pitting and not light like the description said. On both the stocks were Extremely chewed up and aren’t salvageable. One of the bolts was Extremely pitted but should still be able to be used. Overall you will probaly have to put a good amount of money into parts but as usual it’s luck of draw especially since their C grades.

  8. Shawn Andrew

    I ordered a grade C, rolled the dice and it is a good rifle for the money. The back piece of the front handguard is missing as well as stock disc. It doesnt match. No mag came with it but that’s advertised and I have one that can be used with it. Finish is, at best, 75 percent. Light surface rust here and there. No pitting anywhere. Wood is dirty but solid.
    I recommend buying one at the 199 price point. This one cleaned up and I will try to buy a complete used front top piece as well as a sling.

  9. Micah

    Received a 1916 date which I added in the comments if possible very happy with my purchase everything cleaned up nicely the bore was actually in decent shape it is really only missing the spring and cap screw for the front sight wood was in alright shape some missing wood but nothing major I was impressed so I had to roll the dice on another one.

  10. John

    Was as described. ‘45 Isapore with missing handguard. All matching except bolt. Would not fire when received. Discovered the cocking piece seer surface was ever so slightly wrong (slightly bent). Also the main spring was in two pieces but seemed to work. Cocking piece was about $10 to source, spring $3, front wood $45, repro mag for anbout $30 and for fun I bought one of the brass medallions for about another $6. So after diagnosis of problems about $95 to get it complete and working and relatively clean. I also splurged and bought one of the 1907 quillion bayonets for $75 and happy with the result. I bought an older (1918) B grade a few years back so this one will be my shooter. Excited to have it in the collection.

  11. David D Brooks

    I received what looks like a 1918 Ishapore , the wood is ruff but can be brought back , only thing missing was the rear sight button , I have wanted a Pre independence early Ishy now I have filled a hole in the collection , I am very Happy for the Price

  12. Drew

    Received a 1917 BSA. They said it could take 4 weeks I got it in 5 days!

    The good:
    Bluing on barrel is decent
    Metal all around is in good shape
    Barrel is floating where it should
    Bolt locks to receiver nicely
    Sight is not touching the fore stop
    The sling swivels are in great shape
    Very tight good fitting on all the wood
    All screws accounted for (minus 1 see bad)
    The sight post sits between the gaurd without touching

    light crack on the upper hand gaurd
    The firing pin screw is missing
    Safety lever has a sheered shaft
    (all as described)
    Barrel is about 30% life left
    The lower stock was dropped on the mag well so hard it dented the trigger gaurd and left a hole about 3 inches long by 1 inch wide through the stock. Real shame because the stock was in relatively good condition besides that.
    I’ll have to order parts so bummer. Over all I got a no1 mk3 mostly as described and I may just clean my BSA 1917 while I’m watching 1917

  13. BennieSmith

    A nice project rifle , makes for a learner if you pursue reconditioning relic fire arms. Thanks for great service and friendly conversations.

  14. NickB (verified owner)

    Very nice customer service, and the rifle was in better shape than expected. I got a 1944 Ishapore. Cleaned up nicely and will make a great shooter. The markings on this rifle are so interesting, official stamps, soldier art, combat wear, if only this rifle could talk!

  15. RichardGrantham (verified owner)

    As advertised. Covered with dirt and rust. Some light pitting on barrel. Broken upper hand guard. Rear sight frozen. No swivels BUT: Stock disc in place, brass butt plate, Bolt, trigger, nose cap, front sight–no problems. Counter-bored barrel. Think it says 1909 BSA, pitting on wrist. But the best part—It was not wire wheeled. After thorough cleaning, its a very handsome rifle. As long as you don’t have high expectation and don’t mind the work, its a really nice project. And unlike the DP rifles being sold, these have the potential to be shooters.

  16. LanceMiller (verified owner)

    Rifle was complete, no missing parts. Upper handguard had a small piece missing and the barrel has some rust but has good bore. Was supposed to be a C grade but looks more like a regular rifle. Not as dirty as the rest of the rifles I’ve purchased.
    Its a shooter for sure will clean up nicely.

  17. shawndenman1 (verified owner)

    I ordered two grade C rifles, two weeks apart. Both are 1936 Iraqi contract BSA rifles. The first was very filthy and greasy and had a missing rear handguard (as expected) and the second was dirty, but not missing anything and cleaned up easily. Both rifles took a lot of effort to clean out the barrels but with patience and perseverance, they both came out well. If you are willing to put the time in effort into these rifles, you will end up with a nice rifle. The price for these is more than fair to me. These are rifles that defended an empire and most were likely used in combat in austere locations. The fact they still exist is amazing.

  18. Jamesy362 (verified owner)

    I’m happy I got a Indian manufacturer like I requested but I pretty much got what a paid for with the bore worn out and damaged wood but im sure I can do something with it

  19. RobertStone (verified owner)

    Wasn’t expecting a whole lot for a C grade. Bought it more for the parts but when I unboxed it I received a Iraqi marked 1936 BSA. Receiver shows some signs of being wired wheeled slightly but other than that the finish has a more natural worn off finish. Barrel was in good shape with a lot of life left in it. Only missing parts was the magazine(listed) , what was left of the front handguard and the firing pin retaining screw was missing. Looks like it will make a fine project.

  20. Steven H.Case (verified owner)

    About what you would expect for a C grade, missing rear hand guard, fore stock broken with big piece of wood missing from the right side, garbage barrel and ordered on Feb 10 and received March 15!

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