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1891/28 Carcano Carbine 6.5X52 Second Model TS from Ethiopia w/ 1 Free Clip


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4 in stock

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Just arrived from Ethiopia!

Carcano 1891/28 Carbines for Special Troops, 2nd Model. Chambered in 6.5×52 Carcano. All carbines are in fair condition and are 100% operational. These carbines came from storage in Ethiopia, we also have 2nd Model TS Carbines available from Italy here. These carbines have worn finish as shown by the photos above. The stocks are in fair to good condition on these guns, but they may have small cracks, scratches, dings, and handling wear as they are at least 70-100 years old. Upper handguards are in fair condition but there may be cracks. Upper handguard may be loose fitting. Bores vary from poor to good. May or may not include original cleaning rod. 

These Carcano carbines require an en-bloc clip to load the magazine. We offer reproduction clips for sale here:

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4 reviews for 1891/28 Carcano Carbine 6.5X52 Second Model TS from Ethiopia w/ 1 Free Clip

  1. CharleneOstrowski (verified owner)

    I actually bought this, expecting a parts gun, and it is exactly that, but a nice one. It fits the descrption to the letter. Dings, tiny crack, fully functional, worn finish, some rust, etc. Bore is worn enough to free-drop a bullet through, but the parts yield was even better than expected, which will keep my other one, going a long time. 1929 Terni

  2. William JKaiser (verified owner)

    My 4th rifle from RTI, all came in as advertised, wood was nor cracked , metal some bluing needed, it’s hard right now to find the cleaning rod, $200 for a CARCANO TS, what a deal, the bore was very dirty butt the brass bore brush did its maject, they for got the enblock clip, a very quick response a new one in the mail, customer service is great, thanks for another diamon in the rough

  3. AustinChannell (verified owner)

    I got two of these while they were on sale and I’m very happy with both. Both pass the muzzle test and both have solid rifling. Both have minor cracks in the tang, that is the only flaw but it’s not an issue for me.

  4. CurtisDeierling (verified owner)

    rti has great opportunities. This is great for 200 bucks….. just clean it, oil, stained the stock shots great………

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