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1891/28 Carcano Carbine 6.5X52 Second Model TS from Italy w/ 1 Free Clip


4 in stock

4 in stock

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Just arrived from the Italian Arsenal!

Carcano 1891/28 Carbines for Special Troops, 2nd Model. Chambered in 6.5×52 Carcano. All carbines are in very good to excellent condition and are 100% operational and shootable. These carbines came from storage in Europe and are in great shape. We offer a hand select fee of $50.00 for overall condition of these carbines. These carbines have much more bluing than the carbines that came out of Ethiopia, as shown by the photos above. The stocks are in great shape on these guns, but they may have small scratches, dings, and handling wear as they are at least 70-100 years old. Upper handguards are in great condition, but may have a very small crack in front of the rear sight. Most upper handguards do not have a crack. Upper handguard may be slightly loose fitting. Bores are generally good, but are not guaranteed at standard price. May or may not include original cleaning rod.  

These Carcano carbines require an en-bloc clip to load the magazine. We offer reproduction clips for sale here: https://www.royaltigerimports.com/product-p/carcanoclip0002.htm

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9 reviews for 1891/28 Carcano Carbine 6.5X52 Second Model TS from Italy w/ 1 Free Clip

  1. AS

    Took about 2 weeks to arrive after placing the order, it was dirty for sure, but I cleaned it before and after shooting (no problems there). Appearance wise, there were a few small dents (sight button, sling swivels, cleaning rod) and nicks in the wood (no cracks), but the bore was decent and it functionally performed well. No sling, and the slightly bent cleaning rod still works fine. Clips fell out fine when firing all 6 rounds, and fits perfectly in a case/bag for a 36in rifle. Overall a nice, light rifle to take to the range.

  2. TS

    My rifle has virtually zero bluing left and a crack in the handguard. The wood is very dark. The barrel is dirty but has strong rifling. The bolt has some external pitting. The rear sight is completely intact and functional. The crown is in decent shape. Would I have bought this off a shelf for that price? Probably not. But it’s luck of the draw and it appears it will be a decent shooter. For some reason the tag on the rifle did not match the description of the rifle I ordered. It said it was a 7.35 M38, but I got what I ordered.

  3. Richard

    The bad first. No finish on exposed metal. Follower spring had to be replaced. Not so bad stuff. Front band screw stripped out. Had to work on extractor to get the rounds to feed. The good stuff. Bore is absolutely perfect. Very shiny. No pitting. Wood is rough, but no cracks or major defects. I would rate it as a very low end rack grade. But all the parts were there. And it shoots perfectly. Overall, very happy. PS I did not pay for any options, got a 1929 Terni.

  4. EdS

    Received my 91/28 carcano and very happy with it. Got a 1938 Beretta in fantastic shape with a cleaning rod. Nothing like the Ethiopian rifles this one is in excellent shape. Had some Cosmo in the action and bore but that’s an easy clean up. Shipped in a double box and wrapped in bubble wrap, well protected. Thanks RTI for a very nice carcano variant for my collection!

  5. William

    I paid for hand select and I wasn’t disappointed. I received a rifle that does t appear to have been issued after being refurbished. The stock/forend match with no dents/dings. Bluing is near 100%. The bore is bright/shiny with excellent rifling. I’d look for a long time to find one any nicer.

    I ordered on a Friday and received the shipment on Monday. Mega fast service.

    The ladies on the phone were very helpful and friendly. My first experience was a great one.

  6. Andy C

    I didn’t pay for the $50 hand select. That being said the rifle I received was entirely intact and complete, it even has a cleaning rod. Of course it was as dirty as one would hope for, obviously cleaning these things up is most of the fun of collecting. Finishes and bore are exactly what you’d expect for good surplus condition. This is my first time ordering from Royal Tiger and I will definitely be back. I had to call in for help ordering and getting it shipped to my FFL. The women who helped me was extremely friendly and understanding of my technological inadequacy.

  7. CharleneOstrowski (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these, no special options. The rifle I recieved, was a 1917 Brescia, likely a 1st model TS, refurbed into a 2nd model, then never issued again. Gun is complete, clean, has cleaning rod, bore like new, and runs smooth. The only nit I could pick, was not getting the free clip with either gun in this order, but, I also know those don’t work very well, and have my own. 🙂 Well done, and awesome deal here

  8. Matthew Paluch (verified owner)

    I paid the extra $50 for hand-selected and boy am I glad I did now. I received it today and there is almost zero nicks or scratches on ANy of the wood. no cracks. serial on barrel and stock match. Brescia 1933 Model 28 T.S. Its in better shape than (wood wise) than some of the recent rifles we own after a move. I expected it to be blue’d but its gorgeous. Impossible to believe it is literally 90 years old. I cant wait to slowly clean this, will savor it. Packaging was perfect. I came back to drop $70 on a bayonet because a) this company *delivers* and b) the condition is so beyond my expectations, this has gone from a novelty to something I want to clean up and complete. I had no idea you could buy 90 year old rifles for $200 in this condition!

  9. Jamesy362 (verified owner)

    The rifle I got looks great from a distance but after taking a closer look at it I can definitely tell this was not a hand select. There is a massive crack in the upper handguard and a fair amount of rust of the metal parts with plenty of dings and gouges in the wood but at least the wood is very clean. I’d be less disappointed if I didn’t pay for hand select.

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