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Vetterli Model 1870/87 Rifle Caliber 10.4x47mmR


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13 in stock

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We just received a small quantity of original Italian Vetterli Model 1870/87 rifles. All rifles are chambered in the 10.4x47mmR cartridge.

The condition is in fair overall condition. These rifles have been in storage in Ethiopia for a century. The rifles are 100% functional. They will have surface wear on the metal and dings, dents, scratches, etc in the wood. These rifles may have some cracks in the wrist, behind the receiver, and/or on the sides of the receiver area, minor pitting or minor surface rust. Hand select rifles are generally more towards good overall condition, but please keep in mind these rifles are over 120 years old. We will pick the best out of what is available.

We offer a hand select option available for these rifles.

These rifles are considered Antique and therefore do not require any Licenses. A government Photo ID like Drivers License or passport will be required to purchase these rifles. Thanks for your business!


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2 reviews for Vetterli Model 1870/87 Rifle Caliber 10.4x47mmR

  1. Harvey Hanna (verified owner)

    This is the second rifle I have purchased from RTI, and I have to say that although I was very pleased with the first, a Gras carbine, I was even morr impressed with the second, an Vetterli M1870/87 rifle dated 1875. I will give you my assessment of this rifle, both the good and the bad, starting with the bad.
    I have to say that this was the absolutely dirtiest firearm I have ever seen, it appeared to have a good percentage of the soil of Ethiopia clinging to it. That is the bad.
    The good is that after disassembly, with no problems with any screws, which are all perfect, and a good cleaning, I found a complete rifle in perfect working order and a perfect bore, shiny with no pits and an intact crown, and at least 60 or 70% of the blueing intact. Other than removing dirt, I am doing nothing to the complete stock, I like the colour, and also want to keep as much of the rifles history as possible.
    I will be shooting this rifle as soon as the brass comes in, and expect to see very good accuracy.
    I will buy from RTI again, they have done me right.

  2. johnston.robert.1319 (verified owner)

    The Vetterli represents the fourth vintage black powder rifle that I have purchased from Royal Tiger. I’m a collector of vintage black powder cartridge rifles and this rifle represents the best bore that I have yet seen from Royal Tiger. It’s virtually in mint condition. I see very little if any wear on the lands and only a tiny amount of pitting barely visible near the muzzle. I can say that all four of the rifles that I bought were fairly represented by Royal Tiger. I have three with shootable bores and one with a fair bore, as described in the listing. I plan to acquire cases and make the Vetterli my first shooter of the bunch. The stock is stamped AOI for (translated) Italian East Africa, indicating that the rifle was issued to the Ethiopean militia loyal to Italy. That perhaps explains why good care was taken of it.

    I must be a satisfied customer because I have two more antiques on order from Royal Tiger.

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