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Ethiopian Cutdown B GRADE M.95 STEYR MANNLICHER RIFLE 8X50 with 1 Free clip


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6 in stock

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Ethiopian Cutdown M.95 Steyr Mannlicher Rifle Cal. 8x50R  – Now Includes 1 Free Surplus Steyr M95 Clip!

FFL or C&R only, no antiques available.

The M.95 rifles are in fair to good condition. These particular rifles were modified by the Ethiopians by cutting down the barrel length to roughly that of a carbine. The barrel length vary, most cut down rifles are slightly longer than  a factory carbine.  May have some small wood cracks in stock or handguard, may have a African replacement stock/handguard, missing rear sight components, etc. The bolts may be missing a safety, extractor, ejector or have a broken firing pin. All are original and use the 8x50R ammunition. May be a small metal part such as a missing stacking rod, sling swivel or screw. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get the Austrian/Hungarian WW1 Infantry rifle at a low price.

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia and are in fair to good condition. We do have Budapest and Steyr arsenals available. A specific manufacturer can be chosen by the customer. If there is no preference, the option does not have to be selected and a rifle will be picked for the standard price.

The stocks might have some minor dents or small cracks. These guns are true authentic pieces of history and should not be missing in any WW1 and Austro-Hungarian firearms collection. Bores are generally poor to fair! Please remember that these guns are 130 years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available, however we will pick the best out of what is available at the time. Thank you for your understanding.



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