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Enfield No 1 Mk 3 Cal. 303 – B GRADE with free sling and clip!


37 in stock

37 in stock

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Enfield No 1 MK 3 B Grade Rifles, Caliber .303 British

We are pleased to offer our retail customers a selection of Enfield No 1 Mk 3 rifles. The the overall condition is fair to good, bores range from poor to good, and the rifles may have minor cracks in the hand guard, forearm, and buttstock or have had a factory stock repair. Additionally, there may be some minor pitting and/or surface corrosion, which can be removed using steel wool and oil. Please note that some rifles may be missing a small part such as a sling swivel, ejector, or safety.
These Enfields are ideal for a restoration project or can be cleaned up and used as is, making this a great opportunity to purchase an Enfield rifle for under $400. The rifles are functional but may have the issues listed above. We have rifles from 1915 to 1943 available, with most being British, but also including Ishapore and Lithgow. The majority of these rifles are Mk3* configuration without a magazine cutoff, though there are some very few Mk3 in this batch. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

A C&R or FFL Required for purchase. Please send your C&R or FFL license to, or by fax to (321) 989-0232. Please include your order number and name as well. Thank You!

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35 reviews for Enfield No 1 Mk 3 Cal. 303 – B GRADE with free sling and clip!

  1. Anonymous

    I’m thrilled with the rifle I received. It’s a 1915 BSA, filthy dirty but stock looks good, can’t wait to clean it up. Needs a couple small parts to fix safety catch and needs a stacking swivel, but I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. I did pay for bore select.

  2. Garry L

    Nice rifle no cracks or anything. Missing a couple of swivels but that’s ok. Bore is worn but sometimes they shoot ok. Anyway thanks RTI great rifle.

  3. James

    Overall the rifle is good. 1916 dates. I did not pay for bore select, and mine keyholes below fifty yards. Overall some cracks but nothing too crazy. Buying process was a bit of a pain. Still fun to shoot at close range

  4. Mike

    The rifle has seen a lot of service (as expected). Stock pretty nicked up (but no major cracks), blueing pretty much gone and the bore is pretty dark. It arrived pretty dirty (again, as expected), but cleaned up real nice. Not missing any parts (other than the stacking swivel – which always seems to be missing on old SMLE’s). Took it out to the range and was pleasantly surprised by how well it shot. Tight groups out to 100 yds – way better than I expected (haven’t taken it further than that yet). Over all – happy w/the purchase.

  5. Jim

    This is my 3rd rifle from RTI and they have never failed to impress! A SMLE has been on my wish list for a long time. I got the good bore hand select because I going to shoot the gun. This SMLE has a bullet hole through the brass butt plate that exited at an angle through the stock. How cool is that! Also I found an oiler in the butt trap. BONUS! The firing pin retention screw was missing, but I found one for a reasonable price on Apex parts. Apex has a good selection of SMLE parts and the don’t stick it to you on the price. I found a bolt tool on eBay, I need that to get the firing pin alinged. You really need to get a Sword bayonet, pattern 1907 (Mark I) to really appreciate the gun and make sense out of the nose cap. I found a Samuelson Australian 1907 on eBay for cheap. IMI makes a real nice repro, too. Super happy! Thank you, RTI!

  6. Anthony Carrasco

    I ordered one of the grade B SMLEs that RTI had to offer and I absolutely love it! I was a little worried at first as I did not what condition of rifle I would receive. But despite it being a grade B it is in great condition and I am glad I chose to do business with RTI. Not to mention, I contacted their customer service in which I was more than satisfied. I will definitely be choosing RTI for future purchases if possible, thank you!

  7. Dave B

    My second surplus rifle purchase from RTI and I am equally pleased with the condition of this 1917 L-E No1 MkIII. I paid for the good bore and that ‘s what I received. I asked for 1918 or earlier and they honored that request. She should clean up nicely and we’ll see how she shoots. If only she could tell stories of the action she’s seen… Thank you, RTI!

  8. Marc DuBois

    While it took awhile (what isn’t nowadays firearms related) but am happy with what I got. 1919 SMLE BSA #1 Mk 3. Good markings. Decent rifling and not much original patina. Maybe a bit too much clean up for my taste. Just a bit of pitting on the magazine. Be prepared to break it all down and give it a real deep clean. Just one stripped screw – had a replacement in 4 days. Many, many years of grease to clean off. Just put 10 rounds through it and for the price, age, and condition – I am very happy with my purchase. Just ordered a number 4 to add to the collection. Thanks RTI.

  9. E.K.

    My SMLE put a smile on my face. Numbers matching, 1944 Ishy. Good wood, nice bore and plenty of cleanup fun. I personally like this type military surplus, in these conditions. Breaking down your firearm piece by piece and cleaning it makes you one with the weapon. Zero complaints, I got what I paid for and I am happy. They are a small company with a lot of customers, so don’t expect anything to happen quickly, but it’s worth the wait and they’re extremely helpful when you are able to contact them.

  10. Michael Chernik

    Got my rifle to and i am very happy with it. It is from 1936 and the rifle is in great shape. I have yet to be disappointed with R T I! Thanks again for a great piece of history!

  11. Cairan B.

    Decided to buy the B-Grade because it went on sale and I am so happy I did. The rifle was really dirty when I got it and took about 3 hours to clean thoroughly (kind of the fun of getting these guns) and get all the dirty off of it but it cleaned up so well. Magazine is pretty much completely blued with the inside having no rust. The receiver has probably about 85% of its blueing left too with only the nose cap being in the white. Minor pitting on the barrel but the bore seems fine and does not swallow the bullet. Some of the screws were kind of stuck but nothing some decorossive didnt fix.
    Was kind of nervous of what I would receive seeing as it was marked B grade but I am extremely happy with the No 1 Mk III* that got and even got a WWI date marked one as I wanted. This is the 6th gun I have purchased and I will say I will definitely be a return customer.

  12. Robert

    I’ve purchased six rifles from RTI over the last 16 months. This one was on par with the others. Know that these have been sitting for decades in Africa and will be covered in grime. Once cleaned – the wood and metal were in good shape. The only issue was one of the small pieces surrounding the rear sight was broken (very common). Unfortunately I didn’t get a WWI dated rifle as requested BUT I didn’t pay extra to select one so, no harm – no foul.

  13. Fig

    Got exactly what I expected 5 out of 5 in value. Am very excited to get this one cleaned up and back in working condition.

  14. JASON P

    I got a great rifle GRI maker. 1942. Dirty but cleaned up great. Good bore. Came apart easy. Not much rust.

  15. DH

    No1Mk3 was well packed and in great condition. RTI honored my request for a WWI era rifle. This is the 4th rifle from RTI, and I have been very pleased with all of them and with RTI’s service. Thank you

  16. David

    (Amendment as of 11/23/21) While I may have been disappointed with the rifle the customer service experience was the total opposite. Once I showed Stephanie the pictures of my issues with the rifle, she sent me a return label immediately so that I could return the rifle and get a replacement. They are even hand picking one for me! I am never one to not face eating Crow so I will leave my 1st review up and say I misjudged. I am really happy with my experience and I can’t wait to see the new replacement! “I understand these are B grade and super dirty. I expect crackssome rust, , pitting and the like. But what I did NOT expect was a crushed crown, shot out bore (barrel goes totally smooth bore half way down), all the bluing gone, magazine and spring completely frozen in rust, and a missing extractor spring.(means it really isn’t safe to shoot.) This isn’t “B” grade. It’s Junk grade. Super disappointed.”

  17. Randall

    I’d give this review 6 stars if I could. Numbers matching other than bolt 1942 GRI enfield with zero rust or pitting anywhere on this rifle. Beautiful patina all around. Bore is a little under half way through its life and has strong rifling all the way to the muzzle. Not rust or corrosion in barrel at all. This was head and shoulders above what I was expecting. Very satisfied.

  18. Jay Lancaster

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with the 1939 BSA I received. It had a good bit of pitting and rust, and was filthy, but cleaned up well. I did have to replace the safety, but other than that it turned out to be a nice rifle once I refinished it. I was looking for a solid rifle that just needed a good refinishing, and that is actually exactly what I got, so no complaints!

  19. William

    Completely happy with what I received, and with customer service.

  20. Mark

    UPDATE 1
    After reading reviews i pulled the trigger and ordered one.the rifle came fast but once i checked it out found some things not so good the extractor on the bolt is missing and the safety is non functional,The butt pad was nailed and broken at one end and the other side will need grinding out these things wouldn’t bother me one bit in a B-Grade Rifle but the bore is completely shot out swallows the bullet completely and doesn’t have even fair head spacing the Ad said safe to shoot well id be willing to clean it but you’d be taking you life in your hands shooting this.
    I did contact customer service they offered a safety my counter was I would pay the difference for good bore which wasn’t available with the B grade Rifle

    Contacted Stephanie in customer service and she let me decide and of course I chose to pay for a good bore so ill update again when i get the new rifle

    Remember as a hobby we are saving history one piece at a time

  21. Steve

    Received my B grade rifle, it was missing a screw or 2 , the forearm is cracked ,the forward hand guard was missing the wings and the barrel is loose! It does have strong rifling. Not sure what to do about the loose barrel, maybe loctite will work.


  22. ryan emmons

    I bought the rifle on January 1st 2022 and didnt receive it for a couple weeks as expected. However when i did receive it had a problem with the bolt as it wouldnt lock up, had no rifling rendering the rifle unsafe to shoot. I contacted rti and we started the exchange process and i sent it back. They had my rifle for a month before they sent out a replacement. Ended up with a beautiful 1917 mk3 *. Very very pleased with my purchase even though it took 2 and 1/2 months and more money to receive a functional rifle.

  23. Justin

    Purchased two of these over the past year or so and paid for bore select on the first one. The first one was a 1916 BSA with a great bore. Non matching and I am currently in process of fitting new wood and duracoating the rifle. The second one I ordered is a all matching rifle but the bore needs to be replaced. Of course I didn’t pay for bore select and they were on sale for a good price so I lost out on the second rifle but the wood was decent with decent blueing. I plan to leave this one as is for now as a great piece. Not disappointed but if you want a shooter definitely go with the bore select.

  24. Matthew

    I purchased a B-grade rifle at random and was not disappointed with what I got. The Lee-Enfield that I got was what was expected: small crack in handguard and overall very dirty. There was still rifling in the barrel. Most of the finish was gone. My biggest gripe was the box magazine. Initially, I was clueless as to why it was stuck in the receiver. Come to find out, it was fitted with a No4 Mk1 magazine and not fully compatible with my rifle. Despite this, I was happy with what I got.

  25. Rob

    It only took 8 days from order to delivery and only $35 for shipping, best price anywhere. I purchased the “B” grade no1 mk3. I don’t quite understand RTIs grading system but what showed up is in great shape with a near mint bore and excellent stock. It’s an Ishapore but I’m not sure of the date. It has F.R. 54 under the safety but no markings on the other side of the receiver . I believe that F.R. Means factory refurbished, which is no problem at all because it’s in great shape, but I’m not sure. If it’s 54 it’s a little outside of the date ranges that they described but that’s no problem either. Its way nicer than I expected. The only thing that could have been better is if it was an Enfield made during wwi.

  26. Christopher Gruener

    Purchased these during the $299 Black Friday sale and I couldn’t be any happier. I was expecting missing parts, cracked wood, and a sewer pipe bore. What I received was a 1917 BSA, all parts present, and an excellent shiny bore! Of course the metal parts were wire wheeled in the white and the wood was ungodly dirty and beat up, but overall, excellent for the price!

  27. Tristan McInturff

    I ordered one of these during the Black Friday sale not expecting a quality rifle for the price, but I was pleasantly surprised. I asked for a pre-1919 rifle with a good bore in the description, and they delivered! It may have just been luck, but I’d like to think that they kindly granted my wish. I recieved a 1918 dated BSA with an early 50s arsenal rebuild, with markings showing that it was an Air Force used rifle. Likely Australian owned as well. The bore had some pretty thick rust, but after cleaning I got most of it out with only some light putting remaining. Highly recommend picking one of these up, as I will be in the future as well!

  28. Luke

    Rolled the dice and got a beauty! My hat is off to RTI…haven’t had a bad selection yet! My Enfield was complete and functional. Needs a really good cleaning, but a famtastic piece of history for the a great price. THANKS AGAIN RTI!

  29. Paul

    Happy with my purchase. Rifle was complete and function, with a decent bore. Required a good deal of cleaning, but that was expected.

  30. Dennis

    Received my Enfield No 1 Mk 3 a while back, and was very pleased when I unwrapped it. This is the second rifle I’ve bought from RTI, and was a little nervous ordering a “B” grade, but it appears to be complete and in pretty good shape for a rifle approaching 100 years old. I haven’t had time to completely disassemble and de-cosmoline it yet, but the bore and chamber look good and all the mechanical parts work as advertised. This is basically the same experience I’ve had with the other 2 rifles I’ve purchased here, and am pleased enough with all my dealings with RTI that I am probably going to order another in the next day or two.

  31. AJ

    Bought mine last year. Finally got the chance to clean it recently. 1916 production, all matching, bore is in great condition, 80-85% finish, bolt doesn’t close on field gauge (UK MAXIMUM, 1.88 mm (0.074 in.) ). At the range I’m getting ~1.5MOA groups. Pleasantly surprised overall.

  32. Jeff Dwyer

    I was surprised to find the rifle was completely intact with matching numbers and required moderate cleaning . Mechanically sound . The stock parts were better than expected . New gun owners should be aware that initial cleaning and disassembly of MilSurp firearms can be a nightmare if you are not familiar with them . Do your research before selecting . These guns could be in storage for decades and Im not even getting into the cosmoline issue . for me , half the fun is cleaning them up and not losing any parts .

  33. Chris

    Wood was in excellent shape. 1949 Ishapore. No finish remaining. Missing front handguard, missing sling band and swivel and screw. Bore is dark and heavily worn. Heavy pitting on the receiver.

  34. RyanJourney (verified owner)

    I received a 1943 Ishapore. No missing parts, bore is in decent shape. Lots of dings in the stock and a couple of small stock repairs. After a full take down and cleaning this one will definitely be a keeper.

  35. AustinChannell (verified owner)

    I received a rifle made in 1917 by Enfield. The bore is dark but has strong rifling and passes the muzzle test. the metal has small amounts of rust which is easily fixable. The only con is the stock has some wire wheeling done to it but not near as bad as some of the M95s I’ve gotten. Overall I’m very happy with what I got.

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