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M24/47 Yugo Mauser Rifle 8mm Fair to Good Condition


11 in stock

11 in stock

Now Available at RTI – M24/47 Mauser Rifles
These rifles were made by Zastava in Yugoslavia. These 24/47 Yugo Mausers are in fair to good overall condition. The rifles are 100% functional and have been checked for a functioning firing pin. These rifles will have dings, dent, scratches, etc. typical of a rifle with a long service life. May have a crack in the upper handguard or a very small crack on the stock, but generally the stocks are in good shape and will clean up beautifully. Overall metal finish ranges from 10-60%. Cleaning rod may be included but is not guaranteed. Please note the rifle pictured above is in like new condition, the remaining rifles we have are in fair to good condition. We do offer a hand select for a better overall condition.

Please note: some of these rifles have a bent bolt handle instead of a straight bolt handle pictured above

Important – As noted above these are arsenal turn in rifles and while we have done a dry function test here before shipping, the rifles have not had the bores cleaned nor have they been checked by a gunsmith. As with all surplus firearms the rifle should be thoroughly cleaned before firing. Also, please be sure that the bore is clear and unobstructed. Finally, a good rule of thumb with any surplus is to have your local gunsmith do a safety check before attempting to fire.

C&R or FFL Required, please send a copy of the FFL or C&R along with your order number to or by fax to (321) 989-0232. Thanks for your business!

A Brief History of the 24/47 Rifles:
After World War II, many existing M24s were rebuilt with new 23.4-inch barrels and stocks of walnut, teak, or other available hardwood. Since the project kicked off in 1947, the rebuilds were dubbed M24/47s. A lot of these rifles were churned out of the Kragujevac Arsenal—now renamed “Zastava”—continuing into the early ’50s. However, as the newer standard-issue Mauser M48 became readily available, most of the reconfigured M24/47 battle rifles saw little use.
As a result, M24/47s are typically in outstanding condition but have little sentimental value or historic panache. They are ideal shooters.
The bulk of M24/47 importation to the United States occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and many are in prime condition. It’s worth noting that the Yugoslavian arsenals, prepping the rifles for a half-century of storage, applied Cosmoline with shocking generosity. Removing it all effectively can be a monumental task.
Yugoslavia’s M24/47 features an intermediate-length Mauser-type action, a five-round staggered box magazine, a straight bolt handle, dual opposing locking lugs, and a full-length rotating claw-type extractor. A rather large hinged pull-catch at the left rear of the action allows bolt removal.
The safety is a three-position flag type. Rotated to the far right, it locks the bolt and blocks the firing pin. In the center position, the bolt may be opened to clear the chamber and unload the rifle, but the firing pin is still blocked. Like many battle rifles of yesteryear, when in this vertical center position, the wing-type safety also blocks the line of sight, serving as an instant reminder should the user forget to disengage the safety before trying to fire the rifle. Far left, of course, is the “Fire” position.
Yugoslavian M24/47 Mauser-Pattern Rifle
Like all others of its ilk, the M24/47 features a stripper clip guide and thumb cutout to facilitate rapid reloads. A cleaning rod resides beneath the barrel, and the three-quarter-length stock is fitted with a heat-guard upper half.
The sights are robust and effective for rapid work up close. Their somewhat coarse nature enables them to function in low light, but they don’t favor accuracy. A good rifleman with excellent vision may milk best-possible groups out of an M24/47, but as one friend pointed out, most M24/47s shoot better than their owner can using the issued sights.
* About the Grading -The rifles have dents, dings, scrapes, gouges, discoloration and possible small cracks in the stocks. You can also expect anywhere from minimal bluing wear to a lot of bluing wear, and we have even seen some surface rust on a few. We have not seen any rust that would not clean up well. We do offer a hand select for cosmetics that will offer you one of the nicer looking ones if that is your desire but please know that even a hand select is not going to be gorgeous…. just one of the better ones in the group.
We do not warranty for cosmetic’s as we have tried to be as honest as possible in describing these rifles. As such, if the possibility of receiving a rifle that is less than a beauty queen is a deal breaker, then don’t order one. However, we do warranty them for function and we think that they are a tremendous value as they are as close to military turn-in’s as we have ever seen for long stored Mauser’s.
Don’t let my overly honest description of the rifles fool you. We always try to allow for the lower end in the bunch when describing our surplus because let’s face it, someone is going to get the ugliest one there. Having said that, these rifles have not been as readily available in the U.S. marketplace for several years now and we are proud to be able to offer them at what we think is a fantastic price. Get yours today.
No Mauser collection is complete without the addition of one of these rifles. C & R Eligible

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1 review for M24/47 Yugo Mauser Rifle 8mm Fair to Good Condition

  1. JacobHyde (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with my rifle. RTI had great customer service also. I had an unexpected issue with my M24/47 and RTI exchanged it for another with no hesitation. The guns are what they are listed as. I am very happy with my rifle for what it is. I will definitely be buying from RTI for a long time. Great company. A+

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