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Hand Select Bore Refurbished Like New MAS 49/56 Rifle, 7.5×54 French


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4 in stock

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New to RTI!

We now have beautifully restored MAS 49/56 rifles available with very good condition bores! Each one of these rifles in this listing was test fired and has a very good strong bore.

These rifles have been completely disassembled, refinished, reassembled, and function tested. All stock hardware was refinished and properly installed. These rifles have brand new stocks that are an exact copy of the original stocks that were used on these guns from when they came out of the factory. Also features a brand new charging handles made to the exact specs of the original ones. The rifles are 100% restored and function checked. Each rifle comes with one 10 round magazine. Rifles may have some very minor pitting in some small areas but are generally cosmetically fine, all wood parts are brand new. There also may be some leftover oil or grime in small areas inside the action and/or in the gas tube. We recommend doing a brief field strip and wipe down of the internal parts and bore before firing.

These rifles are historically significant and make a fine addition to any collection. These are military rifles which have served in France, across northern Africa, Ethiopia, and have finally made it to the U.S.!

These Rifles Are C&R Eligible. Please send a copy of your C&R or FFL to along with your order number attached.




CALIBER/GAUGE: 7.5×54 French

ACTION: Semi Automatic


CONDITION: Refurbished Like New


Basic Info on the Rifles:

The Mas 49/56 rifle is an improved version of the original Mas 49 French rifle. The MAS-49/56 was introduced in 1957 and incorporated lessons learned from service in Algeria, Indochina, and the Suez Crisis. The rifle was shortened and lightened to improve mobility for mechanized and airborne troops. The MAS-49 built-in rifle grenade launcher was replaced by a combination compensator/rifle grenade launcher that fired NATO-standard 22mm rifle grenades. The rifle also incorporates an integral grenade launching sight that is attached to the front sight block and a gas cutoff that prevents gas from entering the gas tube from the gas port when firing grenade launching blank ammunition. Chambered in the 7.5MM French ( 7.5 X 54 ) round. This is a very unique and collectible rifle. These have not been available for years. Don’t miss this chance to add one to your collection.


No sales to CA, CT, DE, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NY, NJ and WA due to state laws.

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