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Enfield No 4 MK1 C-Grade


7 in stock

7 in stock


This particular lot of Enfields we imported straight out of
Africa. The rifles are in fair turn in condition. The Enfield No4 MK1 was one
of the most prominent battle rifles ever produced. These rifles have not been
available in original condition for decades.

This particular Grade C rifle lot may has cracked or broken stocks or hand guards. Original metal finish is
between 30-60% depending on each firearm. The firearms have missing parts like
the safety assembly. Some have bolt parts missing like the bolt head, cocking piece and/or have a missing front sight guard, trigger spring may be broken.
Also firearms have a loose barrel or have a bulge in the barrel and or chipped bolt guide rail or blocked barrel. NO MAGAZINE INCLUDED!

These firearms are not eligible for exchange or return. They
are sold as is!

These rifles are perfect project guns. You may purchase the
missing parts from Sarco Inc or Gun Parts Corp and complete your project to make a great rifle!

We only have a small number of these rifles in Grade C available.


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12 reviews for Enfield No 4 MK1 C-Grade

  1. Ben

    This is what I was not expecting a really nice rifle with all matching parts even the magazine. The wood was also very nice, all in all except for the missing safety parts and the sight protector it was in excellent condition.

  2. Austin

    I bought one of these expecting a badly cracked stock and missing parts, but for $250 I figured it was worth the gamble. Instead I got a rifle with all parts and a tiny crack in the hand guard. The rifle is absolutely filthy, like actual spider webs inside the bore filthy. But with a little TLC this gun will clean up very nicely. Very good buy for $250!

  3. Jason

    I have to admit, I was pretty leery of ordering one of these. The one I received was a 2 groove Savage that appears to have been to Iraq at some point or rather the buttstock was at least judging by the brass stock disc. Mine was missing the extractor, extractor spring, firing pin, firing pin spring, and cocking piece. It was very dirty, and I was at first concerned about the bore. However, using a bore cleaner (Big 45 Frontier Metal Cleaner), the bore cleaned up nicely and revealed a nicely rifled bore with a minor amount of rust. There was also some minor pitting on the barrel, but nothing to be concerned about. All in all, definitely worth $250.

  4. chris bragan

    I just got these rifles and was very happy. Nice wood, Bores Cleaned up well and overall very happy. Sure they were missing a few things but what do you expect for 249.00, thanks again royal tiger.

  5. Alexander

    The tag on the gun said “Missing safety”, which it was, but it also had a missing ejector screw, extractor spring, and a snapped cocking piece. I wasn’t sure what to specifically expect when buying, but I was looking for a project gun I could convert to 7.62×39 and not be destroying a museum-level gun. Just know that you might need to buy additional parts. And technically the one I got is a “Model 4, Mk 1/2”, meaning the stock was patched and reworked after the war.

  6. craig Simpkins

    I ordered the Grade C expecting some issues but nothing I could not handle. I was right. A missing front sight, a new extractor spring and a new cocking piece. Thank You SARCO and Ebay! Wood is perfect after cleaning and all metal boiled up nice in Evergreen and water. The barrel was dirty! But cleaned up nice. My new favorite gun.

  7. GG

    I received a grade c enfield made by ROF. Completely mismatched rifle, with a cracked handguard and buttstock. The firing pin is broken, and the bolt head is missing the extractor spring. The finish is about 20 percent with some pitting on the receiver. The rifle has a pristine 2 groove barrel. Overall I am satisfied for the price

  8. Rich

    I got luck of the draw this time. The bore is good, should be a nice shooter. Only a few small parts missing and cleaned up nice. Had a cracked rear hand guard and 30 lbs of ethiopia on it. Needed firing pin, extractor spring and ejector screw otherwise complete. Was FTR at Fazerkerly and maltby and was made in shirley in 1943! Not a matching numbers gun but rich in history.

  9. Trent

    Gun looked decent out of the box, caked in whatever storage grease they used. Aside from few dings/scratches on the stock and what looked like someone taking a wire wheel to all of the exposed metal, I thought I had received a decent gun that was only missing the cocking piece, extractor spring, and had a firing pin with worn threads. When I inspected the gun, it would not close on a “GO” gauge. Fully stripped it and realized that at some point the bolt must have gone missing, because someone tried to substitute a no1mk3 bolt body in place of the no4 bolt body, and had ground down the threads on the no4 bolt in order to screw into the no1mk3 bolt body. Gun is currently unsafe to use and am waiting fro the replacement bolt I ordered to come in.

  10. Mark Zuniga

    So I ordered another enfield this time a c grade. What I got was a good condition 1943 rifle with no missing pieces but a dead trigger that ended up being a broken trigger sear spring…a 3$ fix so really happy there. Bore is in decent shape just needs a small counter bore to get it shooting perfect. Much better than my B grade rifle I ordered last year. that one while physically nice had a terrible bore. Still don’t like that they scrub negative reviews but at least this time I didn’t get screwed.

  11. Micah

    Ordered one expecting kind of a major project but it honestly just looks dirty but mainly complete it says in the description bulged or loose barrel but from my inspection everything looks to be in order some rust but not terrible and I was pleasantly surprised it had matching numbers on the bolt a receiver overall very happy with my purchase.

  12. BC

    Ordered a “C” grade No.4 and judging by the description I was anticipating the worst. I have to say so far I am very pleased…as another reviewer also stated..I was expecting a loose or burst barrel and received nothing of the sort. In fact, I received a Mk2 instead of a Mk1 with a 1949 date which just seems to need a very good cleaning and maybe a safety spring.

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