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ENFIELD NO 4 MK I RIFLE Caliber .303 Original Condition with free sling and clip!


20 in stock

20 in stock

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This particular lot of Enfields we imported straight out of Africa. The Original Condition rifles are in good turn in condition. The Enfield No4 MK1 was one of the most prominent battle rifles ever produced. These rifles have not been available in original condition for decades.
About the rifles. Rifles are in fair to good Original condition and ready to fire. They are surplus so expect dents, dings, scratches, possible gouges, bluing wear etc… but again we consider them quite nice by Enfield standards and certainly a solid NRA surplus good on the grading scale. No cracks nor broken wood. Original metal finish is between 40-80% depending on each firearm. We offer a hand select fee for a good bore. We also have Long Branch (Canadian made) and Savage (U.S made.) guns available. These Enfield rifles were given to Ethiopia after WW2. Actually some of the rifles were factory refurbished and have post war refurbishment markings and dates stamped on them.

There is a variety of No 4 pattern rifles in this batch, including but not limited to the No 4 Mk 1, No 4 Mk 1*, No 4 Mk 2, No 4 Mk 1/2, No 4 Mk 1/3 and more. If you would like to guarantee a specific model, we offer a hand select fee to guarantee a specific variation. Please call us and we can place the order over the phone and/or check the availability of a certain variation.

We are amazed that these guns were simply turned in and forgotten for decades. After years of negotiations we were finally able to get the contract for these surplus firearms. Hurry these Enfield’s will not last long. We appreciate our business and please fee free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Grade A: These rifles are in NRA fair to good condition. There might
be minor dents or dings in the stocks. No pitting, no corrosion, no damaged stocks.
All guns were tested for functionality which means they were dry fired with a
cleaning rod and the safety was tested. These rifles make a fantastic shooter.
With a bit of elbow grease you will be able to turn them into cherished


Savage or Long Branch Manufactured Rifles: We have Savage or Long Branch manufactured rifles in a variety of conditions. This selection guarantees either a Savage or Long Branch manufactured rifle. These rifles are in the same condition as the Original Condition Enfield rifles. If you would like to purchase a Savage or Long Branch rifle with a Hand Select bore, please call us at (321) 212-7801 to place your order over the phone.

Hurry this chance in history will not be there forever! Limited supply left.


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32 reviews for ENFIELD NO 4 MK I RIFLE Caliber .303 Original Condition with free sling and clip!

  1. Douglas

    I bought the Hand select Longbranch, while not numbers matching it was 95% Longbranch! I’ve taken it apart and am in the process of taking years of grime off of it. Great product.

  2. Matthew

    Ordered just the ordinary grade, no hand select or special manufacturer.

    Received a ’48 FTR’d through Fazakerley. Not all numbers matching, which I expected. Stock has dings and scratches of hard use, just like the pics show, but isn’t dried out or warped as far as I can tell. Ishapore screw, these rifles likely came through Pakistan or India at some point. Action seems to fit tight as it should.

    No hint of rust that I can find, the metal parts all have a coating of very old grease. MkI with the nice machined sights. My rifle missing a stacking swivel and is otherwise complete.

    I watched the video and looked at the pictures from RTI and can say that what I got is exactly what I expected when ordering. They aren’t playing games with their descriptions like other C&R shops (you know the one). Shipping a bit slow, but the world is ending, so you gotta cut them some slack on that.

  3. Earnest Charter

    Absolutely pleased!!! I was Leary due to some reviews about some guns people had received but I was absolutely shocked when I got mine! Mint bore! Excellent condition rifle!!! Checked the headspace and it was perfect!!! Even came with a sling. They did a great job at selecting a great gun for me out of the batch. You’ve made a returning customer out of me!

  4. Matt

    Savage made No4 repatriated to MA, where it was manufactured 77 years ago. From the European theater of WW2 to whatever conflicts it saw in Africa, this old rifle is in immaculate shape for its age and history. The two groove bore is PERFECT. The wood is all beautiful, intact American walnut. It even has a well worn but still serviceable leather and canvas sling. I suspect that this will be an amazing shooter once I can find some ammo for it.

  5. Nate

    I did the memorial day collector grade special. This rifle has a mint bore, functionally excellent and the Stock is perfect and in battle used condition but not too used. zero cracks in wood, nice sling with interesting markings on it. I could not have asked for a better rifle from you. Thank You!

  6. Andy

    I purchased the “collector grade” on 11 June. I received a Savage-Stevens on 22 June.
    Shipping times were fine. The metal was in pretty good shape. The only rust on the rifle was on the butt stock sling swivel. The barrel was free from rust, however there was a small amount of pitting on the barrel near the muzzle. I believe the rifle will clean up nicely and make a good shooter, not a collector.

    The stock had some two minor cracks on the top hand guard near the receiver. The stock had some carvings in it and other minor field wear. I feel like I received a rifle that falls a bit short of collector grade, but I’m not dissatisfied.

  7. 36 IDRedleg

    I purchased the Hand Select 100 option. Time from order to receipt was 2 weeks. I got a No 4 Mk 1/2. It is a WW II mfr. that has been refurbished at ROF Fazakerley with all the updated features of a Mk2. All serial numbers match. The barrel appears to be a replacement with very little wear on the rifling. The rifle did come equipped with much sand from the Ethiopian desert but will clean up nicely. My only gripe was that the butt swivel and stacking swivels were missing. For this hand select option I would have expected all parts to be complete. But considering it sat for five decades in a warehouse and is not rusted, I’m amazed. I am pleased with this purchase. I will return with a range report later

  8. 36 IDRedleg

    After cleaning this Fazakerley Enfield No 4 Mk 1/2, I discovered this matching serials rifle had a virtually new barrel. Although heavily fouled. It did clean up to reveal strong rifling and measured very minor muzzle wear. Range Report: I ran 20 rounds of Prvi Partisan 174 gn FMJBT through it. This ammo is the equivalent of the British MK VII Cartridge. With the micrometer sights, all rounds were in the black and showed 3 MOA accuracy. The sights were dead on and needed no adjustment at 100 yards. With match grade ammo I should be able to improve upon this. This rifle is the equivalent of a CMP Service Grade and of good quality. I also wanted to complement the customer service I received. All inquiries were answered within minutes and to satisfaction. Shipping occurred within 10 days from order. RTI has provided a quality purchase experience and I hope all will do as well as I did.

  9. Joshua

    I was very happy to have the opportunity to purchase this rifle for such a low price. My rifle needed quite a bit of work to get clean and a few parts replaced, bolt head, bolt head release clip and extractor spring. Once I replace these part and get the head space checked this will be a great and fun shooter.

  10. james

    I bought a collector grade No4 MK1. What I got was a 1945 Maltby rifle in good shape. The muzzle doesn’t swallow a bullet. The finishing on the metal is good. The stock was dry and is in great shape. Very accurate with PPU FMJ. Herters 150gr soft point, not so much.

    The negative is how RTI package rifles. My rifle was throw in to a cardboard box with no packing materials. My No4’s rear sight was broken in shipping. If I paid for collectors grade, you would think I’d get some bubble wrap. Broken sight really doesn’t scream collector grade anymore.

    RTI hasn’t really offered up any solutions, just excuses.

  11. William

    I bought a hand select rifle and received a No4 Mk2 post war production rifle, PF prefix. Light rust on the receiver but rather heavy rust in the magazine. Overall it is a good rifle with all matching numbers except for the magazine. The rifle should make a good shooter but I am disappointed that it is not a war time production as I was lead to believe from the description.

  12. Ian

    I received a very dirty Savage Enfield rifle, non-numbers matching bolt. The entire gun itself isn’t in terrible condition. It cleaned up nicely and the bore is in great shape, however I was led to believe the gun would be numbers matching, which it was not. Overall, not a bad gun, but if I would have known it was not numbers matching I would not have purchased the Savage/Long Branch option.

  13. Pat

    Ordered Lee-Enfield no. 4 Mk 1 on Oct. 15. Paid for collector grade Savage or Long Branch. Received a Savage with shot out barrel, lightly cracked rear hand guard and nasty nick on a refinished crown. Contacted customer service. “A” was very nice and even gave me a paid tag from FedEx to send the rifle back. I called customer service several times and every time “A” would go back and check on my order personally. Her customer service was excellent. Second rifle arrived week of Thanksgiving. It is a 43 Savage. Barrel is lightly pitted, but serviceable. This rifle is a mix master with parts from several countries. Finish is worn, but markings are strong. This is not what they promised me, as hand select is listed as “nice” finish. Rifle shipped with a broken extractor and broken magazine spring and follower. I would put this rifle on par with the low end of CMP Field Grade rifle. As to RTI’s grading, it is off. I expected more with the up charge.

  14. Jacob

    I ordered a hand select Collectors grade and was happy to receive a Savage No4 Mk1*. I agree with an earlier comment that the grading is more in line with B than an A or even collectors. The rifle was filthy, which was as expected given its history. However, the A grade details no pitting and I expected even better for the Collectors option. None of the serials match, which isn’t guaranteed in the listing but I was disappointed given the Collectors cost premium. Significant wood softness on contact points with screws, and the magazine has a small dent, 90% pitted and 50% covered with rust. I’m still cleaning it, so I haven’t gotten it to the range yet, but the barrel appears ok. All the parts are there. Except for the magazine, say this could be a near A grade, but the magazine is awful and a huge disappointment.

  15. scott

    The first rifle I received was a 1943 Long Branch No4 MK1. The barrel was shot out, a 303 bullet was swallowed whole. The first 3inches of the muzzle were completely worn out. The bolt head had severe over-rotation leaving the guns headspace way off. The bolt receiver rail had a chip, not too big of a deal, but not exactly ideal. I emailed Royal Tiger about the issues and they sent me a return label within 24hr. I returned the faulty rifle and 2 weeks later I received another Long Branch NO4 MK1. The new rifle is MUCH better than the first. The barrel is good, no major rust or pitting, bolt rotation within spec, and no other significant issues. All in all I am pleased with the new rifle and the overall experience with Royal Tiger. The first rifle was a disaster, however Royal Tiger was very responsive and made it right. If you are thinking about buying one or have already bought one make sure you inspect it throughly before shooting.

  16. Bill

    Ordered it about 3 weeks ago and got it in on Saturday; first impression was a very used and dirty rifle, after cleaning and treating the wood, I have a very beautiful No4 mk1. The bore was in a great state, no rust, no hidden problems under the furniture.
    As it says in the description it definitely needs to be cleaned.

    Overall, for no special selection I received a very nice rifle.

  17. Cory

    I ordered a No4 Mk1 in Original Condition and paid extra for “collector grade”. I was expecting it to be a No4 Mk1 in its original configuration… well, I received a franken-rifle. Parts are mixed between a Mk1 and Mk2, the forestock is for a Mk2 even though the trigger is not set up for it, its fitted VERY poorly and missing the very hard to find reinforcing screw wich is kind of the deciding factor for me. The butt plate is completely corroded and the rifle is missing both pins for the front cap as well as the ejector screw. The bore is also in pretty poor condition and the wood although in “good” condition is mismatched by color as well as type. I was really expecting something closer to a “B+” grade with a decent bore for having paid extra. I feel I received a low “C” grade rifle while paying for a high “B” grade. Fortunately, their customer service department is responsive and has offered me a solution. I will follow up with this review once the issues are resolved.

  18. Seth

    Paid for hand select option. Had professional gunsmith inspect it and clean it and he was impressed by its condition for how old it is. Barrel was very dirty but after cleaning it we found the rifling in good condition. Definitely has been well used and has been factory refurbished with the year 1959 stamped under the original 1942 date. All parts and pieces are there and fully functional including the cool micrometer rear sight. Fun to shoot, and cool to look at. Thanks RTI.

  19. Jeff HUston

    Just make sure you read the description so you are clear what you are receiving. The listing says “no 4 mk 1” however in the actual description they are clear you could receive a a number of the different series of No 4’s. I choose a collector grade and received just that. A No4 Mk2 that is all matching besides the magazine which appears to be new.Wood is in decent condition, bore looks great. Overall it’ll clean up to be a nice rifle. Shipping was very fast at around a week.

    These are VERY dirty, full of sand and smell horrible. For them to be sitting in the conditions they were and come out in pretty nice shape is a miracle.Just be realistic with your expectations. Turn in rifles that sat basically in a barn with sand floors for many years. Definitely cool rifles with an interesting history.

  20. Oland

    Pleasantly surprised. Ordered a Grade A unaltered/original condition No.4 MK I and that’s what I received. Rifle cleaned up nicely. Nice stock. Good bolt. Good bore. Nice metal. Nothing missing or broken. All parts appear to be correct. These rifles will need a little cleaning and elbow grease but are worth it. Mine appears to have been put into storage and never issued by the Ethiopian military.

  21. Randall

    I wouldn’t call this an grade A rifle but happy none the less. All matching except bolt FTR 1953 Mk1/2 with nearly 0 finish left on any exposed metal and light freckled rust/pitting all around. Cleaned up well enough. Bore is about half way through its life, dark with a little corrosion towards the muzzle. These Africa guns were work horses… that’s what I got.

  22. Alex M

    Ordered with a few other rifles. The one I received was a Savage Mk1/3. Very dirty but cleaned up okay. Metal was 65% left, wood had an arsenal repair but was otherwise good. Butt plate was very worn, to the point the trap door would not open. Bore is dark, cleaned up some and may be a little better after shooting. Overall If you can get it on sale it’s worth rolling the dice.

  23. Cody Hettrick

    Ordered a savage in original condition and received a rifle somewhere in between B and A. Bore was good but stock was beat up with some cracked wood. Every single screw on the rifle was loose when I received it and and the whole thing rattled. Only thing I could not fix was the safety which needs replacing and the butt stock which I cannot seem to tighten up. I’m ok with the condition of the rifle but not for the price I paid

  24. Rob

    I am very happy with this purchase. RTI is a good company and their email communication was superb! The rifle arrived about one week after my order was submitted and came packed very well. Upon initial inspection, I noticed a hairline crack in the upper handguard, rifle was very dirty, stock was repaired, butt portion of the stock was loose (fixed it with a long flathead screw driver), action cycled perfectly, and the bore looked pretty good for a 40s rifle (I could see rifling, but it was very dirty). These rifles were workhorses and with some cleaning/polishing, it will make a great addition to my collection. You are not going to get some museum piece at this price, folks. The rifles were used (perhaps in various battles) and stored for decades in N. Africa. Cheers!

  25. Michael

    My Long Branch showed up and out of the box its not going to any beauty competitions as far as the finish and stock go but it came without any cracks in the stock, in perfect working order, & above average bore. I even got a bonus gross rag stuffed into the buttstock which was fun to fish out. Overall pleased with the rifle and how it shoots

  26. Michael Graves

    Received 2, the first then a replacement. First was a rather nice looking BSA with a bore that had seen some things. Figured it would shoot fine but soon found out the headspace was out of spec by a good amount. S this will not be a safe queen wall hanger and sold as NRA good + I contacted RTI. I was given some options and went with a replacement rifle. Received a Fazakerley that is within spec and is still a nice example. I understand that some slip through but I was more impressed at how the company handled it.

    Now that P14 I was thinking about…

  27. Richard

    Received a 1957 POF rifle. Did not pay for any options. Yet, still got a nice rifle. All parts are on it. Wood is very dark and not badly worn at all. Finish is mostly still there. Now the bad parts. Bore has pretty good rifling, but was very rusty. Chamber was rusty to the point that it would not cycle. Cleaned all that up. Unfortunately, the rifle keyholes at 25 yards about half the time. Going to try different brands of ammo, see if that helps.

  28. Justin S

    I just received a Savage Enfield No4 Mk1* and am very happy with what I received. Paid for a good bore and got a 1944 rifle with a great bore (2 lands and groves). No wire wheel on the metal – thank goodness. Wood looks really good with a small arsenal repair at the butt stock. Bolt is mismatched and doesn’t appear to be Savage (not a big deal for me because of the history). I really like the US Property marking.

    Thank you RTI for bringing these wonderful family legacy pieces from Ethiopia to the USA! I look forward to passing this down to one of my lucky kiddo’s when I get old.

    The history is amazing – keep up those videos. Also – Excellent customer service from Kiley – thanks again.

    I pray for God to richly bless you all!

  29. Emil Luebke

    I am disappointed in this rifle. It is in no where the condition that the picture shows. The stock is so dirty that the wood doesn’t even show. The chamber and bolt is quite rusty. There are hardly any grooves left in the barrel. It would take a lot of time and effort just to make it look decent. I think I paid too much for such a poor condition rifle.

  30. Ryan

    After getting this rifle home and cleaned up, I found pitting on the bolt body, cracks in the handguards, and severe damage to the buttstock that was poorly patched. The bore has severe pitting and was so full of dirt that there is no possible way they ever inspected it. I contacted Royal Tiger three times through their chat interface and sent an email about the condition of this rifle. They did not respond to any communication attempts.

  31. Jamesy362 (verified owner)

    After seeing everyone’s reviews and having been screwed over in the past by RTI especially paying for hand select which normally they don’t even look but this time I got a fantastic rifle. I got a BSA 1945 that has been Indian refurbished and it is pretty nice. The barrel looks brand new and never fired. The gun came very dirty but has been cleaned up well with a new finish on the wood and bluing. This is gonna be a rifle I pass down and for once rti has gave me a nice rifle

  32. lukekrull89 (verified owner)

    Ordered two of the original condition no4s paid for savage selection for one other was random whatever they send took a long time for savage to arrive random maker came quickly they both have beautiful bores on them but the savage I am a lil disappointed with because description says no corrosion/pitting on the firearm but there is a lot of surface corrosion/pitting on the receiver and bolt plus an extreme amount rust on barrel under the wood cleaned all the rust up but there is some sever pitting on outside of the barrel and the bolt locking screw is busted off that locks the firing pin the second rifle took very lil to clean and is good example wat I wanted would have gave 5 star if the savage was in better condition

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