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Enfield No 4 MK1 C-Grade


11 in stock

11 in stock


This particular lot of Enfields we imported straight out of Africa. The rifles are in poor to fair turn in condition. The Enfield No4 MK1 was one of the most prominent battle rifles ever produced. These rifles have not been available in original condition for decades.

This particular Grade C rifle lot may has cracked or broken stocks or hand guards. Original metal finish is between 10-50% depending on each firearm. The firearms have missing parts like
the safety assembly. Some have bolt parts missing like the bolt head, cocking piece and/or have a missing front sight guard, trigger spring may be broken. The receiver rails on the NO 4 Mk 1* rifles may be chipped and the bolt head may jump out of the rail.
Also firearms may have a loose barrel or have a bulge in the barrel and or chipped bolt guide rail or blocked barrel. NO MAGAZINE INCLUDED!


These firearms are not eligible for exchange or return. They are sold as is!

These rifles are perfect project guns. You may purchase the missing parts from Sarco Inc or Gun Parts Corp and complete your project to make a great rifle!

We only have a small number of these rifles in Grade C available.


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4 reviews for Enfield No 4 MK1 C-Grade

  1. JonSchultz

    I requested a Savage manufactured Enfield. I was very pleased to receive what I requested. The rifle was mostly complete minus the slide on rear sight, and the receiver rail was chipped as noted in description. Perfect for a nice wall hanger/conversation piece in the man cave.

  2. AUSTINKELLEY (verified owner)

    Received the rifle and it is in great shape, no cracks, no chip in the bolt guide, no missing parts, I am 100% amazed of the condition of this rifle. Inside of the bore has strong rifling. Whoever picked this rifle for me was having a great day. Thanks R.T.I đź‘Ť

  3. StevenDiem (verified owner)

    Ordered for spare parts/wall hanger and that’s what I got! The receiver and barrel are junk, but all furniture is present. Cleaned it up, threw a mag in, and hung it up. Looks decent!

  4. JoshuaVargovich (verified owner)

    Very impressed! Was expecting a horrible project rifle. Not the case at all. Only missing safety assembly. No cracks in the wood, barrel dirty but very good rifling, few dings in the wood but what’s a rifle without battle scars. Shipping was about 7 weeks but worth the wait I’m sure I annoyed customer service checking in the last few weeks. Will definitely order more. Great project gun to bring back to original.

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