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No 5 Mk 1 Enfield “Jungle Carbine” .303 British B Grade


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Only a small quantity available!

Enfield No5 MK1 “Jungle Carbines” in B Grade Condition Now Available!

We have a small batch of Jungle Carbines available. These carbines are in fair condition. Bores range from poor to fair.

These rifles are in functional condition and can be shot after a proper cleaning and inspection. The carbines may have cracks in the stock or hand guard and/or some minor pitting. The finish is worn on the remaining rifles we have, usually about 10-50% of the blueing is left. One of the sling swivels might be missing, rubber buttpad will also be worn due to it’s age and use. May have a crack in the front sight ear. May have a No 4 MK 1 buttstock instead of the No 5 MK 1 stock. These are the very last of what we have left! These rifles are great candidates for restoration or can be used as is. Don’t miss this chance to get a Jungle Carbine!

Please note: the rifle shown above is in very good condition, the remaining rifles are in fair condition.

This Carbine is extremely rare – only a limited supply left!

A Brief History on the No. 5 Mk 1 “Jungle

The Rifle No. 5 Mk I, was a derivative of the British Lee–Enfield
No. 4 Mk I, designed in response to a requirement for a shorter, lighter rifle
for airborne forces in Europe. However its operational use was in post-war
jungle campaigns such as the Malayan emergency, where it gained its common
nickname of the “Jungle Carbine.”

Production began in March 1944, and finished in December

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9 reviews for No 5 Mk 1 Enfield “Jungle Carbine” .303 British B Grade

  1. rob tedder

    great rifle mine only had # on reciever bolt was clean no # stock did not match barrel good its not all orignal let down for me as collecter but still great rifle do not order matching reciever was only # i lost a100 dollaers still great pieace of history love old rifles

  2. Fonz

    Purchase 2 rifles. I paid the extra money for a good boar was probably worth the money. The first rifle I got was very clean condition with a shiny bore I mean this bore looked real good. Now the second rifle was a bit dirty but strong rifling. Very happy with both rifles. Thank you RTI.

  3. Frank Griffiths

    Picked up my B Grade No 5 today.
    And I was Very Happy with what I received. The stock was in very good shape. The barrel and the receiver were in the white but in excellent shape. Without cleaning the barrel yet, it’s looking like it has very crisp rifling.
    With the condition of these rifle being described as fair to good, I was pleasantly surprised with what I received.
    Thanks RTI looking forward to my next purchase.

  4. Seth

    Upon picking this up at the gun store, the staff commented how bad the gun was making their store smell. A joy to receive with all parts and fully functional. Barrel has rust near the tip and so did the magazine. Bluing was about 50% there. Bore is really nice as hoped for since $100 extra was paid for it. Happy with a 1945 date and BSA manufacturer. Visible Great Britain ownership/acceptance mark. Bolt, receiver and barrel are all matching numbers. Gunsmith inspected it and verified that it is safe to shoot and likely had not been used in battle due to the great condition of the original barrel. Stock is very dirty and chipped in a few places but not cracked. Second gun I have purchased from RTI. Highly recommended. Just have to do something about the foul odor!

  5. Justin

    Purchased one to round out my Enfield rifle collection. First rifle they sent me looked good except I noticed a small bulge in the barrel after cleaning. Filed for an exchange. Took about a month for them to ship another pick. The second rifle they sent me was in great shape. 85% blueing, mirror bore with good rifling present, no cracks in the wood at all. Only issue is a very small spot of rust on the edge of the chamber. Otherwise a great shooter that sports the worn look. Have not been disappointed with RTI yet.

  6. Alex M

    Ordered with a few other guns; this one was in poor condition. Metal was heavily worn 0% finish. Bore was dark and rusted. Wood had loose fit and butt stock wobbles. Rubber butt pad was worn to nearly nothing. I was not expecting a lot from these B-grade rifles, but the one I got should have been C-Grade. I contacted RTI, and they immediately gave me a call tag and exchanged the firer arm for me. I am very happy customer especially for the $599.99. I think I got a good deal.

  7. Steve

    The rifle I received was in very good but dirty condition with small dings in the stock (steamable) and the black finish at 50%. The bore was good to excellent and the overall gun condition was perfect for my restoration to a cerakote black finish. The only issue was a non-standard jungle carbine bolt (no lightening hole in the handle) which was in poor/rusted condition. A return was initiated after verification of my bolt and a very good bolt was sent to me. I am very satisfied with this transaction and will do again.

  8. Paul

    Rifle was extremely dirty as expected. Cleaned up nicely. Exposed metal parts had no finish left on the, but in good shape. Bore was clogged with dirt and grim but after a lot of cleaning decent rifling was exposed. Happy with my purchase.

  9. AaronEwell (verified owner)

    Just received my Jungle Carbine today looks great especially for a B grade only thing is it doesn’t have the milled out bolt handle .I have purchased several guns from RTI without any issues but I think I will contact the to see about obtaining the correct bolt they have been awesome in the past I’m hoping they will help me out .

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