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Vetterli Model 1870/87 Rifle Caliber 10.4x47mmR complete without rear sight!


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51 in stock

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We just received a small quantity of original Italian Vetterli Model 1870/87 rifles. All rifles are chambered in the 10.4x47mmR cartridge. This batch of rifles has the rear sight and base missing. This modification was probably done by cavalry units in Ethiopia.

The condition is astonishingly fair to good overall condition. These rifles have been in storage in Ethiopia for a century. The rifles are 100% functional. They will have some minor surface corrosion, wear on the metal and dings, dents, scratches, etc. in the wood. These rifles may have some small cracks in the stock and minor pitting. Hand select rifles are generally more towards good overall condition, but please keep in mind these rifles are over 130 years old. We will pick the best out of what is available.

These rifles are considered Antique and therefore do not require any Licenses. A government Photo ID like Drivers License or passport will be required to purchase these rifles. Thanks for your business!


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2 reviews for Vetterli Model 1870/87 Rifle Caliber 10.4x47mmR complete without rear sight!

  1. FranklinTompkins (verified owner)

    Received mine today (10/23/23), and can’t be happier. Shipped fast, well packaged, and Fed Ex was quick on the dely. Rifle was better than expected. I knew the rear sight was gone, but the rifle looks like it will clean up nicely. The rifling looks pretty good, and I even got a cleaning rod!

    This is the 11th rifle I have bought and glad to say that I have been pleased with them all. Lots of “quality time” ahead of me this Winter getting them spriced up. Now we just need a good source for spare parts (hint, hint).

  2. FranklinTompkins (verified owner)

    Second one delivered today (10/30/23), almost as good as the first one I rec’d a week ago. No cleaning rod this time : (

    Still very ice piece of history. Get yours while you can!

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