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Mauser Model 1933 Ethiopian Contract – Super Rare!


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MODEL 1933 Ethiopian Mauser

A super rare Mauser 1933 rifle made for Abyssinian Empire. This Model 1933 rifle features all markings like the Abyssinian Crest on top of the receiver and the Lion of Judah on the left side of the receiver. These rifles were never imported before to the US. Only an extremely small quantity is available. The condition is fair. The last remaining rifles have dings, dents, scratches, etc and some do have small cracks in the stocks, but all are serviceable and will turn out great once cleaned up. Please take a look at the pictures above; please note this is a very good condition rifle, the remaining rifles are in fair condition. The hand select option will get the better rifles out of the lot, however they are all in fair condition. May be missing small parts such as a rear sling swivel. The history behind these rifles is pretty amazing. Germany gave Ethiopia a grant for various military products. It is said that Hitler himself gave the order. Germany delivered 10,000 Mauser rifles to Ethiopia. These were the 1933 Mauser Model and the 1934 Standard Mauser rifles. Hurry! There is only a small quantity left. Once they are gone there will be no more ever!


The 10,000 German Mausers manufactured by Mauser Werke
and purchased in 1935 were also delivered, totaling a reported 25,000 German
Mausers delivered in 1933, 1934 and 1935.

Source: FN Mauser rifles by Anthony Vanderlinden

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  1. Anonymous

    My rifle carries a non matching bolt, but is matching otherwise. The markings are clear and beautiful. It is very clear that these lived a very hard life. The bore on my rifle is toast. This rifle is not a shooter at all. If you are interested, contact the sales department and ask for photos of the exact rifle you will receive. I found the staff to be very helpful with this when I was purchasing.

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