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Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” Pistol Holster/Stock Rig with Cleaning Rod (Reproduction)


18 in stock

18 in stock


New to RTI!

We now have beautiful reproduction C96 pistol holster rigs available! These wood holsters with leather rig and cleaning rod are an exact reproduction of the setup that would have been used with the C96 pistols when they were first introduced. The shoulder holster latch has been test fitted on a C96 we have access to and it does fit, however, this stock may require some slight modification to fit your C96. The leather rig is made of genuine leather and the holster/stock is made of walnut. Wood grain may vary slightly from the photo. The metal components are made of steel and have a blued finish. Get this set to complete your C96 today!


Leather Belt Rig

Walnut Pistol Holster/Stock

Cleaning Rod

Please note: Pistol shown as reference only

Please note: if you affix this shoulder stock to another model of pistol other than an original vintage C96 pistol, you may be violating NFA SBR laws. Please review local, state, and federal laws before affixing this shoulder stock onto any firearm.

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4 reviews for Mauser C96 “Broomhandle” Pistol Holster/Stock Rig with Cleaning Rod (Reproduction)

  1. Standman

    I just received my C96 stock and holster. I am extremely pleased with the quality and fit. I have two C96 Broomhandle and the stock fits both snugly and both fit inside the stock equally well. Leather is also very well made. I highly recommend this reproduction item.

  2. Mark

    I am very pleased with the quality, fit and finish of my C96 stock and holster rig. The stock fits the grip of my C96 perfectly and the C96 stores perfectly in the stock and leather holster. I highly recommend this accessory to anyone who owns a C96.

  3. David

    I just received the C96 Holster Rig, but it has some issues.

    The reproduction is a good attempt, I took pictures comparing this reproduction stock to an original stock side by side and the contours are very close to the original. The finish has a much lighter appearance than the one in the pictures seen on the website, which is good.

    However, the stock attaching metal is undersized, resulting in a sloppy fit out of the box with a lot of side to side movement, but it was able to click into place in the grip. I would recommend to whoever makes these stocks to increase the wide of the attaching area to allow fitting to individual guns as opposed to making it undersized.

    My stock came with a grey paint blemish spot right out of the box, very disappointed about that.

    Upon closer inspection in the sun, the interior milling of the stock was not great and there was a a very very thin section of wood left over from the milling that I was able to see the light pass through this area.

  4. JonathanNall (verified owner)

    I’m severely disappointed, straight out of the box all the screws are boogered up noticably bad and the inside of the holster leaves a lot to be desired, like a final sanding, and the leather half covers the button to release the top of the holster. It did fit my 1911 c96 well however. It does have some wobble side to side but none vertically. Took about two weeks to arrive but rti was decent about keeping me updated on it. Overall the wood has great color and grain and the wobble was expected on 110 year old gun but the screws are absolutely horrible and distract from the good points of the rig.

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