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G3/HK91 Rubberized Pouch


96 in stock

96 in stock


Rubberized canvas pouch. Good condition. Original West German Army surplus in surplus used condition. Does not include mags.

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1 review for G3/HK91 Rubberized Pouch

  1. Dan M

    Theyre in good shape. They do fit M1A mags. I cannot believe they have these pouches for so cheap. they’re practically giving them away lol. I bought a dozen of them just to see if they were at least usable. They were all not only just usable, some were in excellent condition. A couple of them had some de lamination but i can glue them or even just use em as is. Some arent even dirty. I will def buy more cuz im sure at 50 cents a piece they wont last long.

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