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M1913 Luger Wood Holster/Stock with Cleaning Rod & Tool (Reproduction)


23 in stock

23 in stock


New to RTI!

We now have beautiful reproductions of the rare M1913 Artillery Luger pistol wood holster/shoulder stock available!

These holsters/stocks, cleaning rods, and tools are an exact reproduction of the extremely rare setup that would have been used with the Luger pistols when the stock lugs were added to the pistols in 1913. The original stocks are extremely rare as they only manufactured a small batch for prototypes, most likely about 50 or less. Shortly after their introduction they stopped production of these due to production time required to make these stocks. The shoulder holster latch has been test fitted on a Luger and it does fit, however, this stock may require some slight modification to fit your Luger. The holster/stock is made of real walnut. Wood grain may vary slightly from the photo. The metal components are made of steel and have a blued finish. Please note that some of the internal metal parts may be in the white. The cleaning rod and loading tool are housed inside the stock in their own separate compartments (please see photos above for more detail). Get this set to complete your Luger today!

Includes a free loading tool! Perfect for loading magazines and disassembling the gun with ease. The tool can be purchased separately here:


M1913 Luger Walnut Stock

Cleaning Rod

Includes a free loading tool!

Please note: if you affix this shoulder stock to another model of pistol other than an original vintage Luger pistol, you may be violating NFA SBR laws. Please review local, state, and federal laws before affixing this shoulder stock onto any firearm.

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3 reviews for M1913 Luger Wood Holster/Stock with Cleaning Rod & Tool (Reproduction)

  1. william joseph sturm

    beyond a doubt i am very happy with this stock fits extremely well with my ROYAL TIGER p08s if you have a Luger buy one before they are gone

  2. Michael Moller

    Absolutely the best wood holster and stock that i’ve come across well built with extras

  3. paxton62 (verified owner)

    Awesome! Buy one if you can!

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