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C Grade Bodeo M1889, 10.35mm


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18 in stock

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New to RTI!

We now have Italian M1889 Bodeo revolvers available in C grade condition. The pistols in this batch were manufactured from 1899 to 1935. These pistols came out of Ethiopia in our most recent batch of surplus. The pistols are in poor to fair overall condition with finish wear, the grips do have some wear, marks and scratches from handling use and may have cracks, pieces missing etc. Might have some pitting in some areas. May be missing some small parts such as screws, possibly some internal springs, pins, etc. The major components of the revolver will be present such as the barrel, cylinder, hammer, etc, however they may be missing some of the parts mentioned previously or any other similar small components. The revolvers in this particular C grade batch are not 100% functional, these guns could be a good restoration project, display piece as is, or a parts gun to use when restoring another Bodeo. The hammer block is not installed. We provide a reproduction hammer block with each revolver. The hammer block may be installed by the customer or a qualified gun smith (may require minor fitting). Chambered in 10.35mm. Please note, the revolver pictured above is an example of a good condition revolver, it is not the exact revolver you will receive. All Bodeos have an import mark on the right side of the frame below the cylinder required by law.

C&R or FFL REQUIRED! Please send your C&R or FFL to along with your order number. Thank you for your business!

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6 reviews for C Grade Bodeo M1889, 10.35mm

  1. MichaelTurner (verified owner)

    I ordered three of these C Grades to see what would happen. I received all three and checked them over.

    The Good :The #1 issue, common with all three, was the ejector rod was missing, swapped out, or bent. While it is near impossible to find an original replacement it is trivial to make one. Its a rod with a capture notch on one end. easy enough. The actions where gummed up with preservative. I have dissembled one and found nothing missing from the internal parts except the hammer block, which I got supplied for each revolver. My test one seems to have some play in the Cylinder before disassembly but will most likely improve once cleaned. Cleared and cleaned one barrel to find the rifling strong and sharp and the barrel shiny. Unexpected on what is a black powder charged firearm for part of its life. The import stamp is tiny and well done and does not detract. Grips on all three where intact though HEAVILY worn.

    The bad : Someone went after the outside of all three with a HEAVY duty wire wheel and it made a LOT of marks in the metal. Its hard to determine what finish these guns should have. I see some possible bluing on the cylinders but the frames look like they may have never been blued in the 1920’s refurbs. None had the external safety very early models had, and then had removed so if that was done then, they should be blued. Ammo runs $2 a round from the one or two places with it.

    Neutral : You can make the ammo fairly easily. It would be another project, but it can be done with common 44 special brass so not hard.

    Overall the descriptions where accurate. While non-functional they are repairable. Good value for money if your luck holds the same.

  2. bmfsteve24 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
    The c grade Bodeo revolver was in good shape with only the single action function not working, but the double action works just fine.

  3. Bubblesk (verified owner)

    What can I say, another fine firearm from RTI , picked up today , cleaned it up, only thing missing is the shell ejector rod, I’ll find one no problem, the ammo is another story, that will come in time as well, $150 for this pistol is a steal, thanks again to all involved, if you are patient the deals are out there for military surplus firearms

  4. andrew.shields02 (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE that these are affordable, as previous to this importation, they were extremely uncommon pistols. If you have any interest in picking on up I definitely suggest you do so immediately!

  5. Bubblesk (verified owner)

    Update : report from the range, shoots great, Buffalo 🐃 Arms CO. , 10.4 Italian Ordnance 179 grain black powder, very happy, thanks to all involved , RTI has always done me right

  6. FredBaldino (verified owner)

    Not bad for a grade C pistol, everything was there except the ejector rod, it needed a little work to get it fully functional, I did basically a full refurb on it and it came out really nice, I wish I could post a pic. I’m happy with this purchase.

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