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Steyr 1889 Gewehr 88 Carbine, 8mm Mauser, Serial Number 1453


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1 in stock

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We have for sale 1 Gewehr 88 Carbine in original condition made by Steyr in 1889. The rifle is in fair condition and functional. The stock on this example does have a crack near the wrist at the back of the receiver. The rear sight is missing on this example. All of the markings are visible but worn (please see photos above). The rifle has many matching parts such as the front barrel band, trigger guard, barrel jacket but has a mismatched bolt. This particular gun is not “S” marked for the spitzer cartridge (modern 8×57 Mauser), it remains in the original 8×57 round nose cartridge chambering. This rifle unfortunately has a poor bore. It does not have Ethiopian Amharic markings on the receiver. There is some surface finish wear/patina on the rifle.

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No C&R or FFL required, only a photo I.D. for proof of age.
You can send a copy of the I.D. to ffl@rtifirearms.com or
by fax (321) 989-0232.
No refunds or returns/exchanges, all sales are final.

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