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(9 customer reviews)

Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Bayonet with Scabbard (Reproduction)


76 in stock

76 in stock


New to RTI!

We now have Finnish M39 Bayonets available! These bayonets are brand new production items and are an exact reproduction of the original Finnish M39 bayonets issued by the Finnish military. These bayonets have a blued finish with real wood grips. The scabbards are also an exact copy of the original examples made of real leather with a metal end cap protector.

Complete your Finnish M39 today with this beautiful bayonet!

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9 reviews for Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Bayonet with Scabbard (Reproduction)

  1. T

    Happy to get my hands on a nice bayo for my M39, but was disappointed when it didn’t fit (opening too small for muzzle). I’m hoping I may be able to have it machined to a larger diameter.

  2. asparagustasty

    Surprisingly fit mine with no issues whatsoever. Bayonet retains well. Blade is straight. Grips are solid. Scabbard is so-so, but it’s holding well. Only real complaint is the very blackened finish on the blade.

  3. Vernon

    I received the Reproduction Bayonet, after the order was placed (8/2021). I had to make several adjustment on the bayonet to make it fit, 1.Oily than heck, had to clean off excess and redo the wooden handle, looks alot better. 2.The Alignment was off a bit, preventing the bayonet from sliding over the barrel, if I fliped it over, blade inword, it would slip down the barrel. I used emery cloth rolled onto a rod and sanded down some to get the correct fit. 3. The end did not slide into the Lug all the way, about 1/4 is all, had to file down the excess metal that was causing it to bind up. It now slides on (a bit tight, but a solid fit). There seems to be a lack of Quality Control or it could be in the the each M39 in made a bit different, so expect to do some custom fitting. And the Blade is as thick and as dull as the back side of a butter knife, not sure what kind of metal is used, so I will not try to put an edge on it.

  4. Barry

    Mine worked great. Fit was perfect.

  5. Steve

    I just received my bayonet. It is a typical reproduction, probably made in India. Quality is pretty standard for these. Metal has some imperfections, the muzzle ring exterior is out of round, the wood has imperfections, the metal has been very darkly blued. In other words, this is going to take a lot of work to look good.

    But that’s exactly what I expected. This is not a museum quality reproduction and I didn’t pay that kind of price for one.

    I’ve already sanded the majority of the bluing off and polished the wood and it looks much better. It will never fool anyone for being real but it’s not supposed to either. It fills a $1200 niche for $15o. It also gives me a fun project to do.

  6. IT-Gunner

    I decided to pick one of these up when they went on sale for $99 and have just received it. Mine fit my 1942 vkt with no modifications needed. There is a slight front to back slack, but nothing too bad.

    The handles has an overabundance of stain on them, which started to come off as I began wiping it down. I sprayed some Safari Charlie on them and wiped them vigorously with a shop rag and was able to get even more of it off, which resulted in a nice work finish, so a pro there.

    The bluing on the metal was a nice, uneven, worn looking finish, so another pro there.

    Overall, I’m very satisfied with the fit and finish of the one I received.

  7. tahakir (verified owner)

    Worth trying!
    The muzzle ring did not go through the barrel, and yes the metal has some imperfections but this is not $800 something original bayonet.
    Overall I am satisfied. A better QC might solve the small issues.

  8. jertekrol (verified owner)

    Had to pick one of these up when they went on sale for $60. Fits my 1944 Sako easily with just a little play. I dont know who makes these, they seem handmade but to a good quality. Scabbard is good quality but also seems homemade. The point of the blade is very sharp but rest is extremely dull. Right side of blade marked “SKY” at the rIcasso, left side is marked “0.Y.VELJEKSETKULMAL.AA.B”

  9. AlexFoster (verified owner)

    Ordered multiple. Nice fit and finish, slathered in oil, and overall seems to be good quality both scabbard and bayonet.

    A couple had a bit of discoloration from the oil and the wood can be a bit oversized or have slight damage between each bayonet so luck of the draw and the reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

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