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B Grade M.95 Steyr Mannlicher Carbine, 8X50R


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14 in stock


B Grade M.95 Steyr Mannlicher Carbine Cal. 8x50R

The M.95 rifles are in fair condition. These B Grade carbines will have some wood cracks such as at the wrist or near the toe of the stock, possibly some missing rear sight components, etc. but the bolts are functional. All of these carbines use the 8x50R ammunition. May be a small metal part such as a missing stacking rod, extractor, sling swivel and/or screw.

Please note the photo shown above is of an excellent condition carbine. The remaining carbines are in fair condition and will be in the condition described above.

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia and are in fair to good condition. We do have Budapest and Steyr arsenals available. A specific manufacturer can be chosen by the customer. If there is no preference, the option does not have to be selected and a carbine will be picked for the standard price. The remaining carbines we have left are in fair to good condition, and will have more surface finish wear as well as wear on the stocks. The stocks might have some minor dents or small cracks.

Bores range from poor to good. Please remember that these guns are 100+ years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available.

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3 reviews for B Grade M.95 Steyr Mannlicher Carbine, 8X50R

  1. Austin

    I got a Budapest Carbine today, stock has zero cracks, bore is dark but has good rifling. It has a faint AOI stamp. It’s missing the magazine follower screw but that’s an easy fix. I will buy more

  2. Chris

    Recieved a long rifle that had been cut down into a short rifle. Stock had been cut down, big ugly repair to the toe of the stock. Had pressed in chrome tacs on both sides. Bore is real bad. Underslung with no side swivels. Rear sight missing parts. No finish remaining.

  3. callmesparky4l

    I received my rifle last week , it is a Budapest that has barely legible markings on the receiver, from the pitting and likely wire wheeling I’d assume. It certainly has a lot of pitting on the barrel receiver and bolt. I think I got one of the bad ones, thought I understand it is a very cheap rifle. Stock if fair I would say with only a couple small cracks , stock cleaned up nicely. Bore is very poor I would say not much rifling left. Do not have high expectations with these, I still believe it is safe to shoot and is not missing any parts at all. The fun is in the cleanup

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