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B Grade Czech VZ 52 Rifle, Cal. 7.62×45


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4 in stock

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We now have VZ52 rifles back in stock! Rifles are all in used fair condition. These rifles pass a basic function test with a moving bolt and trigger assembly. These rifles are in B grade condition and have some of the issues listed below. Most rifles have a hairline crack in the stock on the left or right side of the receiver, or a crack at the wrist. The stocks may have chunks missing and/or a crack near the toe of the stock. These repairs can be fixed if needed. All of these rifles will have a missing upper handguard as they were lost in Ethiopia. May be missing small parts such as the front sight hood, a sling swivel, buttplate, muzzle nut, and/or buttplate retention spring, etc. The rifles will have the bolt, bolt carrier, rear cover, and recoil spring. The surface finish varies on these rifles, some have up to 40% of original finish, others have excessive wear with minimal finish remaining. These rifles are dirty and will need a thorough disassembly & cleaning. May have some pitting on the receiver, bayonet blade, etc. These rifles have not been on the market for decades. This may be your last chance to get an original VZ 52 for your collection!

Important Info:
 This batch of rifles will have a cracked stock on the left or right side. Maybe there will be a hairline crack on both sides, or a small crack in the wrist which can be easily repaired. The tip of the folding bayonet may be slightly bent or damaged. The rifles do not come with a magazine.

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2 reviews for B Grade Czech VZ 52 Rifle, Cal. 7.62×45

  1. William JKaiser

    What a deal a Czech VZ52 for $350, the top hand guard costs $125 and that was a Blast From the Past deal, came in dirty butt cleaned up great, my approach to Military Surplus is the more work the better, a brass bore brush to clean up the barrel and its off to the range, all the firearms I’ve ordered have all been great, thanks for another gem in the rough, I would definitely recommend to all, you will never see a deal like this, you need to allow pictures

  2. SteveStall

    Figured it was worth the gamble. The gun came way dirty, must have been on top of the pile in the chicken coup. Missing the magazine and handguard. Stock is in poor shape. I have been happy with most of my purchases through RTI, this so so. If you want 1 you’d be better to check the online auction sites.

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