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120rnd Bandoleer of US .30 Carbine Ammunition


3 in stock

3 in stock


New to RTI!

We now have original US .30 Carbine ammunition now available! This ammunition is Korean War vintage and has been in storage until now. Each bandoleer of .30 Carbine ammunition contains 120 rounds of Korean War era ammunition. Each bandoleer has 12 loaded 10 round clips used to load M1 Carbine magazines. The ammunition is in good condition, bandoleers are generally good but may have small rips or tears, handling wear and or light dust & dirt from storage. The stripper clips may have light surface rust but most do not. Don’t miss this chance to get an original bandoleer of US .30 Carbine ammo!

Photo I.D. required for purchase, please email a photo I.D. along with your order number to Thank you for your business!

No ammunition sales to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Washington D.C., and New Jersey

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5 reviews for 120rnd Bandoleer of US .30 Carbine Ammunition


    Because if you do there’s less time for me to save coin to buy whats left. Not kidding.

  2. polydeuces64

    Not sure anyone got my point in the previous review – want to do these guys right.
    Buy this, as much as you can afford. NOW!
    I purchased several batches.
    The previous batch head-stamp LC (Lake City),
    This one head-stamp NWM – (Nederlansche Wapen en Munitie “Dutch Weapon and Ammo”; For those needing explaining this is A+ quality ammo.
    And bar none the best (ONLY!!!) deal you can find. And when gone, its gone.
    (Remember when 5.56/223 ammo was stupid cheap? if yer old enough to … Well, this is like that.)
    I got mine. You best get yours before its gone gone gone.
    One day you will look at this and go ” I wish I would’ve’…..

  3. L J Antoinede Deaux (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Should have bought more.

  4. DavidSwider (verified owner)

    Not one m is fire ammo worked great should have bought more

  5. Robert Miller (verified owner)

    Just as shown,Looks good

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