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Browning M2 HMG Parts Kit with Barrel Cal .50 BMG


1 in stock

1 in stock


New to RTI! USGI Browning M2 “Ma Deuce” Parts Kits!

We now have Original WWII & post war era Browning M2 “Ma Deuce” Parts Kits available! These Kits came from Ethiopia and were used by U.S. forces during WWII and subsequent conflicts. These kits are chambered in .50 BMG. Includes the original fire control group, bolt, grip, etc. and includes an original military surplus .50 BMG barrel. These kits are complete except for the right side plate (legally considered the receiver). The left side plate is complete and still attached as seen in the photos above. The original cut up right side plate receiver is not included. We viewed the sideplates before they were demilled and most of these guns were manufactured by General Motors. Metal condition ranges from good to very good. May have minor surface corrosion and will have oil and grease to clean off. May have a new production replacement charging handle or rear sight assembly, all made to exact military specs by a US Government Defense Contractor. Does not include rear sight mounting screws. These kits will need a thorough cleaning but will turn out beautiful!

Please note: All remaining kits have a new production spade grip assembly w/ black plastic grips made to exact military specs by a US Government Defense Contractor. The kits are complete except for recoil springs which we will send as soon as we receive replacement springs.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get an original USGI Browning M2 “Ma Deuce” Parts Kit! Starting at $10,999.99. Standard Price kits include all parts except the tripod, pintle, and T&E Mechanism.

We also have tripods with the pintle and T&E mechanism available for sale with these kits! M2 Parts Kit with Tripod, Pintle, and T&E Mechanism starting at $14,999.99.

No receiver (right side plate removed and destroyed in Ethiopia)

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1 review for Browning M2 HMG Parts Kit with Barrel Cal .50 BMG

  1. VincentBrowne

    Purchased one of these kits when they first arrived, could not be more pleased. AC Spark Plug all matching parts, recently reassembled in semi auto configuration with a historically correct right side plate. Maintained original finish, project came out great! Very happy these kits were made available to us, thank you. Sean

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