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AKM 80% Receiver, made in USA


13 in stock

13 in stock

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We have for sale AKM 80% Receivers. These receivers can be used on regular AKM builds for 1 mm receiver thickness kits (Romanian, Polish, Russian, etc.). These receivers have the side rails installed. These receivers have the holes cut for the magazine well, trigger well, pistol grip nut hole, trigger guard rivet holes, center pin holes, and fixed stock rear trunnion holes. The fire control group holes and front trunnion holes are not drilled. Please note the receivers are in the white and not heat treated. These receivers are US made and are a 922R compliant part. Marked “MADE IN USA”.

These are the cheapest 80% receivers on the market!

For use with MOST 1mm AK-47 kits.

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