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West German .30-06′ Ammunition, 20rnd box


42 in stock

42 in stock

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New to RTI!

We now have original West German .30-06 ammunition now available! This ammunition is post WWII 1960’s manufactured and has been in storage until now.  This ammo was manufactured  by MEN, Metallwerk Elisenhutte. The cartridges are berdan primed. This ammo is non corrosive. This ammo can be run in M1 Garands, 1903s, 1919s and more.

Please note the boxes may have some stains and/or light tears in the packages.

Photo I.D. required for purchase, please email a photo I.D. along with your order number to Thank you for your business!

No ammunition sales to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington D.C.

No ammunition sales to Chicago IL, New York City, NY and Cook County Illinois

Cannot Ship to a PO Box

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