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Standard Mauser Model 1934 Ethiopian Contract – Super Rare!


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Model 1934 Standard Mauser made for Ethiopia

A super rare 1934 Standard Mauser rifle made for Abyssinian Empire. This Model 1934 rifle features all markings like the Mauser Banner on top of the receiver and the Lion of Judah on the left side of the receiver. These rifles were never imported before to the US. Only an extremely small quantity is available. The condition is fair. Overall finish generally ranges from 10%-40%. The pictured Mauser above is in very good condition, the Std. Mausers we have left are in fair condition. May have some pitting on the receiver.

Please view the last 5 photos shown for examples of these Mausers in their current condition.

Please note: these remaining Standard Mausers may have a different stock than shown in the photo. Some of these rifles were put into Czech Mauser stocks similar to late war German stocks with the cupped buttplate, or Yugo Mauser stock, early WWII German Mauser stock, etc. May have different front barrel bands compared to the original bands as shown in the last 5 pictures above. May have light pitting in some areas. May also have a bent bolt instead of a straight bolt. Please take a look at the last 5 pictures shown above for more information. As a result of this, we are selling these rifles at a huge discount!


The history behind these rifles is pretty amazing. Germany gave Ethiopia a grant for various military products. It is said that Hitler himself gave the order. Germany delivered 10,000 Mauser rifles to Ethiopia. These were the 1933 Mauser Model and the 1934 Standard Mauser rifles. Hurry! There is only a small quantity left. Once they are gone there will be no more ever!

The 10,000 German Mausers manufactured by Mauser Werke and purchased in 1935 were also delivered, totaling a reported 25,000 German Mausers delivered in 1933, 1934 and 1935.

Source: FN Mauser rifles by Anthony Vanderlinden

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5 reviews for Standard Mauser Model 1934 Ethiopian Contract – Super Rare!

  1. LLuke

    Better condition than the description. Great markings and had a K98 stock with eagles. Well worth it, only a week from order to pick up

  2. roger w.

    Received my “fair” condition Standard Mauser model 1934 and was very pleasantly surprised. Rifle was complete with a German Kriegsmodel stock in very dry condition but cleaned up nicely. Replaced rear sight spring and gave it a super cleaning. Very happy with my purchase. THANKS RTI

  3. Dustin Plummer

    The rifle I received was in rough condition. the stock is in great shape but the metal is to heavily pitted that you can’t even see any of the engravings that make it super rare, can barely read the Mauser 1934 engraving not really worth $500 for the one I got but it’s not like it’s RTIs fault for the condition of the rifles they have. Was not really worth $500 but I’ll definitely buy from them again. Shipping was fantastic and lightening fast.

  4. Paul

    I received my M1934 mauser, ethiopian contract and I was very happy with the rifles overall condition. I requested a non pitting receiver, a straight bolt, a nice bore, and an orignal barrel band. And that is what i got.
    Additionally, I got an orignal sling. I am very happy with RTI.

  5. R.Davidson

    I’m not sure if it was intended but the rifle I received was actually exactly like the one in the first picture. Unfortunately for me I wanted one of the ones with the k98 style bands, bolt, and stock. The one I received is probably slightly more valuable so I don’t really have the right to complain. As expected it has a smooth barrel like the majority of RTI rifles. The stock is fairly good condition with only a few dings and scratches except for the handgaurd which has a dime sized chip on top.
    I have found almost no pitting though I havent taken it apart. It also included a sling. Overall I’d say it was a decent deal.

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