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Mle 1874 Fusil Gras Gendarmerie Model


5 in stock

5 in stock

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New small batch of French Gras Gendamerie carbines have finally arrived from Africa!

The carbines are in fair condition. Metal has some patina and/or some rust & pitting. Most of the finish is worn on these rifles. The wood is will have the typical dings, dents, scratches, etc of military used firearms. The stocks may have some cracks in some spots such as the wrist area, but generally they can be repaired with some effort and time. Don’t miss this chance to get a Gras  Gendarmerie carbine!

Please note: the rear sight may missing on the standard price Gras rifles & carbines

The firearms are considered an Antique and no FFL is required. Photo ID required for age verification. Please upload a photo of your ID at checkout. Thank you for your business!

Bolts are all functioning and trigger mechanism works as well. These rifles are about 130 to 140 years old and have had a long service life.


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