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Italian SMI .30-06 Ammunition, 440rnd Total (10 boxes)


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New to RTI!

We now have original Italian .30-06 ammunition now
available! This ammunition was manufactured between 1975 and 1980 and has been
in storage until now. Each box of .30-06 ammunition contains 44 rounds. (Total of 10 boxes) The
ammunition is like new. This is the lowest priced 30-06 ammunition in the US.
Compare to ammo seek $1.19/rd. The Head stamp reads KT 30-06 and date (commonly 77
and 79)

Photo I.D. required for purchase, please email a photo I.D.
along with your order number to ffl@rtifirearms.com. Thank you for your

No ammunition sales to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington D.C.

No ammunition sales to Chicago IL, New York City, NY and Cook County Illinois

Cannot Ship to a PO Box

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11 reviews for Italian SMI .30-06 Ammunition, 440rnd Total (10 boxes)

  1. Tom

    Ammunition arrived in a reasonable timeframe. Packaged appropriately. Ammunition was clean and in the correct boxes. Great price.

  2. James

    Great ammo -looks great, shoots just as good! No malfunctions through my cmp M1.
    Horrible experience with shipping and customer service though,

    . Wrong thing shipped to me, which I understand it happens but they said one thing and did something totally different. At then got the right stuff and it’s good but didn’t feel like they cared at all.

  3. Andrew A.

    I ordered 10 boxes of the 3006 Italian M2 ball rounds. The surplus ammunition fired without fuss or problems in my M1 Garand Rifle. No malfunctions. However, I was not a big fan of the peanut packing. The unpacking made quite a mess to clean up.

  4. Mal M

    I bought 440 rounds for my Garand. They shoot just as good as the more expensive ammo. Fortunately, I had no problems with shipping materials or cost, about $20. Right after I received that ammo I tried to get some 8mm Mauser surplus ammo and they wanted $38 shipping for 150 rds. What a shame.

  5. DarryH

    I only ordered 10 boxes (440 rounds). If i had more money I’d order more. Easy to order, just a couple easy steps. Shipped quickly and safely. Great quality. Very happy with my first purchase.

  6. Chris M

    Standard ball ammo with no surprises. Functions well in my M1 Garand. It is magnetic so it may not be allowed at some ranges. Otherwise, it is just as good as any other ball type ammo. It groups/zeros with Sellier and Bellot and Greek HXP at 100 yards in my CMP M1, and was close enough at 300 yards that I could hit a metal deer sized target with the same zero as Greek HXP. It roughly matched the sight markings for yards on my M1 for the range/distance. The peanut packing is a pain and makes a mess, I recommend opening it outside unless you want a mess in the house. Minus one star for the packing and for the company not mentioning that it is magnetic (I suspected it was, but would be nice to know and is easy to check).

  7. Dave O’B

    Ordered 440 rnds of Italian M2 Ball on Sunday. It said expect 2-4 weeks for delivery. The ammo arrived today (Tuesday) before noon. Less than 48 hours for ammo delivery, amazing! The ammo looks perfect, in clean boxes wrapped in plastic sleeves. Do not destroy your M1903s, M1917s or M1 Garands with modern ammo loaded above M2 military specs. Thanks RTI.

  8. Norm Bear

    Just got my order today. Looks good. I went to the range today and ran 80 rounds through my M1 Garand they cycled great and no trouble firing. This ammo is a good buy. I think I will rest my shoulder for awhile, don’t know how those boys in WW2 did it. My Dad was one of them. What an honor to own and shoot this classic rifle….

  9. Andrew L

    Ordered 440 rounds, shipped w/in the week. The ammo is clean, no blemishes, w/ 79 head stamps. Ran two enblocs through M1 Garand. Didn’t chrono but it functioned as I hoped. For the price it you can’t beat it. Ordered second 440 rounds

  10. Jeff Barbour

    Ordered on the weekend. Received email stating order received on Monday. On Tuesday email arrived stating shipment via FedEx. Shipment arrived Thursday. Order processing and shipment was great. Ammo is in great shape. Not one blemish.. I’ve never purchased from RTI and was really concerned about negative feedback issues. I could not have asked for better service. I can find no real information stating this is Italian manufactured. The KT head stamp is not referenced anywhere I can find. I’ve not fired this yet but if true military use manufacture then performance should not be an issue. I wish RTI would post a statement telling us how they concluded this is Italian military manufacture. I would like to purchase more as it looks really good but have a small concern as to true manufacture.

  11. Ethan

    Initially purchased 440 rounds of this ammunition to run through my M1 Garand, since it IS the cheapest surplus M2 ball on the market, coming in at 0.88 cents per round after shipping. The casings are clean with minor tarnishing, and no damage to them outside of a small dent on occasion. All rounds fired thus far have fired reliably and with good accuracy. From my findings, the amunition is NON-CORROSIVE and loaded in boxer primed brass casings; this should be reloadable.

    I was impressed enough that I bought another 440 rounds. USGI and Greek HXP is nonexistent, and PPU M2 ball is over $1.10 a round. This is the best value on the market and is far more reliable than the Turkish surplus currently available.

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