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Hakim Rifle Fair Condition, C Grade, 7.92×57 (8mm Mauser) With functional Bolt and Trigger


8 in stock

8 in stock


We have a small batch of fair condition/C Grade Egyptian Hakims available from our most recent shipment out of Ethiopia. These rifles are chambered in 8mm Mauser. The overall condition is generally fair, bores range from poor to good. The rifles may have cracks in the hand guard, forearm, and may have cracks in the buttstock and/or a factory stock repair. May have missing the actual buttstock and wrist. May have a missing upper handguard. May have some wood missing at the front end of the stock or at the butt, etc. The bolt will be functional in the gun, however the bolt may have a missing extractor, extractor spring, and/or broken firing pin. Additionally, there may be some light pitting and/or surface corrosion, most can be removed using steel wool and oil. Please note that the rifles may be missing a small parts such as a sling swivel, ejector, safety lever, etc. At this time we do not offer any hand select options on C Grade rifles, they are sold as is.

Please note: The above photos are of a very good condition Hakim rifle. The rifles we have left in stock are in fair condition and described above in detail.

Sold as is, NO returns. No Magazine included!


The Hakim Rifle is a gas operated semi-automatic rifle. It
was originally designed by Sweden and produced as the Ag m/42 for the Swedish
Army. The tooling and design were later sold to Egypt, and the Hakim was
produced there during the 1950s and early 1960s.


Please send the FFL or C&R license to
ffl@rtifirearms.com. Thank you for your business!

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9 reviews for Hakim Rifle Fair Condition, C Grade, 7.92×57 (8mm Mauser) With functional Bolt and Trigger

  1. Cam

    I have had my Hakim inspected and deep cleaned by a gunsmith and the description is mostly accurate for a small issue. My small issue happens to be no firing pin and extractor. The gun was filthy as expected but cleaned up extremely well. The barrel is quite nice with great rifling too. I would say 5 stars if the description was a bit more accurate and stated “may be missing vital components” instead of minor technical issues.

  2. William

    Complete rifle with nice furniture, sharp rifling, just enough bluing wear to know its been around since 1959. Once it warms up it’ll come apart for a complete cleaning to get all the sand out of it.

  3. USMC0311

    I was pleasantly surprised at the outer appearance of my rifle, HOWEVER.

    Bore condition is disgusting, looks like it was fired with corrosive ammo and never cleaned. The lands and grooves I can see are in very good condition, it may clean up well, or not.

    Bolt locked to the rear, won’t go forward, I didn’t mess with it much as the Hakim makes “garand thumb” feel like blow job. I think it’ll be okay, once I get into it.

    Stock had a couple of minor splits due to the wood being extremely dry.

    Ratings stars, I expected worse in some aspects, better in others. With RTI its always a crap shoot, you never know what you’re going to get.

  4. Justin

    Purchased one of these on the restock and was expecting several missing pieces or rough stock. Surprised to find that almost all the parts are present but the stock has a crack behind the receiver that is easily repairable. About 75% blueing left on most of the rifle with a brown patina on the receiver parts. Bore looked really good but could tell some corrosive ammo was used at one point. With the couple missing parts (mainly the front and rear receiver springs) on order, it should clean up nicely.

  5. Austin Channell

    Missing more parts than I can count, stock cracks are the least of my concern. There’s something in the barrel, cannot get water or a bore snake through it. I must’ve gotten the worst one on the pile. The only plus is numrich has a lot of the parts.

  6. Nick

    Hakim came as described by Royal Tiger Imports.
    People have to read the description first before they decide to buy and then complain later. Royal Tiger Imports have been absolutely great to me. No complaints whatsoever with my 3 rifles that I’ve already purchased. Will definitely buy again.

  7. John Izzo

    I bought this rifle anticipating a project, but what I received was worse than advertised. The complete front hand guard was gone up to behind the gas tube, the front barrel band is some loose metal someone nailed to the gun, it’s absolutely coated in rust (especially the barrel), and the barrel is a sewer pipe. I must’ve gotten the worst rifle on the pile, because other Hakim’s from RTI seem to be in much closer to C grade condition.

  8. Zach

    I have purchased a smoothbore semi-auto musket it would appear, as the hakim I received is completely lacking any rifling. Very disappointing compared to my other purchase from RTI.

  9. Patti

    Worst than what the description says… these should be nra graded poor. DO NOT BUY THIS!

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