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German WW II Model 35 steel helmets now back in stock!

The reproduction helmet is made to exact specification and is of fair to good condition. These helmets feature all authentic markings. Shell markings are “64” for size and “TSR” as a manufacturer code.
The liner shows “64” for size and “Karl Heisler, Berlin C.2.G.M.” as the manufacturer. The shell is made from the authentic gauge/thickness of steel. Please note that they comes without leather strap and have a surface rust.
A perfect product for collecting or reenacting.

Click here to view our Model 42 Reproduction Helmet: /shop/german-repro-wwii-m-42-steel-helmet/

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  1. Danny L. Ray

    My son Mikey bought this for me for a birthday present since I collect WWI and WWII memorabilia along with bolt action rifles. I have an original German M35 helmet in my collection and I was total amazed how this helmet matched up to my original. The workmanship and the weight of this helmet is like the original ones. Who knows this helmet could have been made on the original mold used in WWII by Germany or one of their ally countries. It’s that GOOD!! God Bless & Take Care!!

  2. Paul Schroeder

    The helmet itself is fine but the chin strap has disintegrating leather and the clasp is black with rust and sealed shut. Complete throw away. Would have paid more for something that wasn’t ruined

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