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Czech made K.98 K last war production with large winter
trigger. These rifles were manufactured on German equipment in
Czechoslovakia, at Brno and the Banská Bystrica plant. The codes are dot 45, swp 45 and
dou 45.

The rifles were made for export to Ethiopia for the emperor
Haile Selassie . The rifles are identical to the German made K.98K but instead
of the Nazi eagle the rifles have the Czech lion stamped on the receiver and

Also the firearms have the “St. George” coin embedded in the
stock as a symbol for Ethiopia. These guns were not known to exist. They are
nowhere found in any literature.

The condition is good to very good. All rifles feature the
large winter trigger magazine, a laminated stock and the late war stamped

Overall we would say that these guns average
about 30-50% of original bluing. These guns have been in Africa for 75 years and
are in 100% original condition. Again these guns were not known to exist and
are extremely rare. We only have a small quantity of these rifles available.

We do offer a hand select in which we will pick the best of 20 from any particular group.

This is a
must for every collector.



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  1. Alphonso

    Rifle look pretty solid extremely dirty spent about two hours cleaning the boar has a nice rifling all in on a cool rifle. I love the coin in the stock that’s what really peaked my interest.

  2. Stuart

    Ordered one of these rifles and expected a rifle that had been in African storage for some time. I wasn’t disappointed. It took some cleaning, but the stock is in surprisingly great shape. The bore took about fifty patches with Sweet’s 7.62, before I took it to the range. It shot a strong group at 100m, and when I was done the bore looked factory new. Thanks much for a great rifle.

  3. Rocky

    Received my k98 today. Non matching, but very nice condition. Stock has minor dings, but solid and in much better condition than I expected. Some dirt and dried cosmoline everywhere, shouldn’t be too much to clean. No rust or pitting, even below the wood. Still has a light waffenamt on the barrel. The rifling looks strong but fuzzy. I haven’t punched it yet but looks like it will clean up nicely. Thanks RTI for a very clean and beautiful rifle.

  4. Shawn

    I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the order was processed and shipped. The stock is grimy (expected) and has some dings but no cracks. The receiver and bolt have matching numbers with a good amount of bluing – I lucked out since I didn’t pay extra to guarantee matching numbers. The bore is full of gunk and home to a few spiders, but not surprising based on the storage conditions. I’ll need to replace the butt plate, but overall, very happy with the purchase. Thanks!

  5. Justin

    I don’t think guys appreciate how interesting these rifles are, I know I dismissed them initially. A rifle made with parts leftover from the war (my receiver has a trivial manufacturing flaw on one of the cuts, makes me think the German inspectors rejected it), then assembled and sold to Haile Selassie, so unlikely!

    The St George coin is going to make these collectible as the market learns more about them. Collectors love those sorts of things. If I were Uli I would keep some of these guns in storage for a few years and wait for the price to go up, because I’m sure it will. As far as condition, I would call my rifle “good”, some pitting in the barrel, some small damage to the stock. Thrilled to have this gun.

  6. Cameron

    As expected and as described. Mine is in fairly shape, its a smooth bore exept for the rust however I had expected that. I will be back.

  7. james


  8. Isaac

    I picked up this kar98 and was pleasantly surprised with the condition considering the price I paid and some of the reviews about these ethiopian surplus guns, the top handguard piece was cracked which I don’t mind too much. the gun was very rusty it took me at least half an hour to get the rust off but thankfully most of it was light surface rust. What was really cool was that this rifle had waffenamts and czech lion proof marks as well as blood stains. The bore is in good shape which is likely because the previous owner obviously didn’t get much use out of it. Overall definitely a good purchase but I got lucky no doubt about it

  9. Luke

    I read some unhappy reviews but I went for it anyway. I wanted a another Mauser and the price was fair. Took a week to process my order and it was delivered a week after processing. Rifle was dirty inside and out as I expected. Stock is solid, minor rust, blueing about 60%, barrel is pretty good after a long soaking and scrub, markings( waffenamt,lion and DOU 1945) are crisp. A nice little project and I am very happy with the rifle and company.

  10. Bill

    Received my k98 on Saturday, after a quick cleaning, and field striping of the rifle, I’m extremely happy with my purchase; this rifle and an enfield were my first two purchases from RTI, both rifles are in great shape and I’m very happy with my overall experience. Look forward to making future purchases from here again.

  11. Doug

    Ordered one of the hand select Czech K98k but requested a rifle a bore over outside condition. Took about a week to ship and a few days to arrive at my ffl. RTI more than bent over backwards for me. They sent me a rifle dot 1945 with matching numbers, has a excellent bore and the overall finish of about 80% bluing, stock with no cracks just the usual wear and tear, and crisp markings. The rifle had very little surface rust which was easy to remove. I am extremely happy with this rifle and thank you RTI.

  12. Tyler

    Stunned. I ordered the hand select option but wasn’t expecting the rifle to come in this great of condition. 95% blue overall. Very very strong rifling- will clean up great. Mismatched bolt but otherwise perfect for surplus standards. Czech lions and St. George coin are in great crisp condition. Purchased a VZ 52 with this rifle and I’m extremely happy with both.

  13. Ethan

    Admittedly, when I first saw these I was skeptical. I was even more skeptical when I couldn’t choose hand select as an option. So I ordered the regular, no options selected rifle. I was pretty blown away. Decent stock with only a few knicks or gouges. Bore has plenty of life and strong rifling. Mismatched bolt but decent bluing, and it’s a late war style bolt so I lucked out there. I don’t know if they read order requests for non hand select rifles but I requested a bore over anything at all possible. No rust, just lots of dirt and old oil caked with dirt. Very happy with this purchase so far.

  14. Jeff

    The description was stated as “good to very good”. I’d say that mine was “poor to fair”. The stock cleaned up well after scrubbing with oven cleaner. The barrel was not so good. There was a fair amount of rust under the barrel bands that cleaned up to moderate pitting. The bore had much rust, dirt, and other fouling. After significant scrubbing, I could make out rifling the entire length (except for one side).


    I should have contacted RTI first before just leaving a review. I was contacted by them and asked if I would like a replacement. I agreed and the replacement rifle was as advertised. It had the expected wear, but was definitely in “good” condition. I am very pleased with the replacement rifle an outstanding customer service. If anyone has issues or questions, I urge you to contact them first as they are more than willing to work with your product concerns.

  15. Brady

    When I received my rifle it had a broken stock, it came with a extra but it’s also cracked due to the crossbolt in the stock being set back, it can be repaired but it’s going to be a big job. The safety was broken and stuck on fire. I contacted them about getting a good stock and a bolt, they said they’re sending them I haven’t got a shipping notification or anything. Overall I like the gun it cleaned up decent but I’d preferred it to have been in better condition mechanically I was looking for a shooter.

  16. JAY V

    I ordered one just for the fact it was unique with the St George coin in the stock,primarily the whole purpose of collecting the rifle. Received the rifle – coin emblem was unrecognizable. If I owned RTI , I would not have sent this one out for sale without specific pictures of it. However – having dealt with RTI before and recognizing the outstanding work they are trying to do in preserving marital history -reading reviews I saw Jeff from Washington (I’m sure not D.C.!!!) review post and reached out to RTI for replacement. After $40 to ship it back INSIDE FLORIDA and MANY emails back and forth from RTI to me stating “its shipping out ..( fill in the blank .).. I received a replacement stock yesterday which is outstanding , satisfying the whole purpose for which I obtained this particular piece. A bit of advice to RTI.. First, perhaps hire a few more employees, Second ,don’t ship obvious junk out to your clients.In conclusion , Keep up the good work. Will buy from again.

  17. Alex

    Really wanted one of these rifles and wish restored numbers matching was available as I would get one. The rifle I received is probably in fair condition at best, there’s some rust and looks like more waiting under the wood, bit of pitting, barrel is completely dark (may cleanup though), quite a bit of wood separation on the butt stock, not numbers matching, and no cleaning rod. Also no sight hood which I thought was supposed to be included from what was said in video. Packaging was great as well as shipping time. Overall, don’t know I would have bought it if I would have seen it in person but hopefully it cleans up.

  18. Mikolaj Z.

    I got one of those as it is unique and was confident on description will mach what was offered. One I got I would rated fair as almost no blueing left and stock looks like someone was nibbling on it there are numerous small, medium, large and deep gauges with wood missing and laminate stated to separate. Did not take it a part yet, so yet to see what is under wood

  19. Ethan W.

    Reading the reviews I was a bit skeptical of buying one but when I looked right before I bought it the website said they only had one and I thought I had to buy it right then and there or I’d never get one, but just 2 days later after i bought it they had 15 more and were 100 dollars cheaper kinda disappointed because I had the sense of urgency to buy it because I thought it was the “last” one. When I did recieve the rifle it was DIRTY like just picking it up you were coated but after half can of solvent and steel wool it cleaned up beautifully definently not 30 to 50 perfect bluing left like they said but the bore was better than I was expecting but still a bit of pitting on the rifling. My firing pin was a little bent (easily fixable), so I’d definitely inspect it before you fire it but my was definitely shootable after the clean up. I wouldn’t call these a project gun but definitely not ready to fire overall decent gun a little disappointed paying $100 more for no reason.

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