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C Grade Mannlicher 1888/95 Rifle 8x50R


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C Grade Model 1888/95 Mannlicher Rifle

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia. The Model 1888/95 rifles are in poor to fair condition. Bores are generally poor to fair. The stocks will have dings, dents, scratches, wear and cracks with possibly some large cracks. Cracks in the stock are usually in the wrist area and/or near the buttplate. May have a missing piece of wood such as near the toe of the stock. The stocks may be a Ethiopian replacement stock. These rifles may also have some pitting or surface rust. The rifles often have a missing safety lever. Most are missing rear sight sliders as well. The rifles are generally not functional and will require work before they are functional. Many of the bolts are rusted in place, and some bolts have the bolt handle broken off. These guns are great as wall hangers and or parts guns. Some could be restored with some work or used for parts when restoring another 1888/90 or 1888/95 rifle. These guns are true, authentic pieces of history and should not be missing in any WW1 and Austro-Hungarian firearms collection. Please keep in mind that these guns are 130 years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available. Many of these rifles were used by the Austro-Hungarian military and have unit markings, as well as property markings of “AOI”, Africa Orientale Italiana, when the Italians claimed these weapons and used them from 1935 to 1941.

Please note the photo above is of an A Grade good condition 1888/95, the C grade rifles will have the issues listed above.

This is a great chance to get this historical rifle for your collection!

These rifles are considered Antique and therefore do not require any FFL Licenses. A government Photo ID like Driver’s License or passport will be required to purchase these rifles. Can be shipped to a home or business address. Please upload a picture of your ID at checkout.

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