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BRNO Model 1 Trainer Rifle, .22 Long Rifle


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14 in stock

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We just received a new shipment of Czech BRNO Model 1 trainer rifles from Ethiopia in fair to good condition, chambered in .22 long rifle. These rifles are functional. The stocks on these rifle do have handling wear, dings, dents, scratches, etc and may have a small crack in the buttstock. The surface finish ranges from 20% to 70% of original bluing. May have some light surface rust which can be cleaned off. Please note there may be some small differences in parts such as the safety lever, buttplate, etc. The buttplates of these rifles may have some damage (ex: chips, cracks, etc) or they are missing  at all. Don’t miss this chance to get a .22 trainer at a cheap price!

No Magazine included.

We sincerely appreciate your business.

C&R or FFL required for purchase. Please send your C&R or FFL license to ffl@rtifirearms.com, or by fax to (321) 989-0232. Please include your order number and name as well. Thank You!

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  1. John H

    Happy to have a chance to get a pretty affordable well regarded old .22. It was very dirty but finish was actually pretty good and the bore cleaned out better than I had hoped. Due to the dirt you really need to take apart everything but this is my sixth or seventh RTI surplus rifle so it is expected. Mine has the adjustable trigger stamped 62 but it seems to be a reproof, serial number and some original stamping seems to put it around 48 or 49. The history is very interesting and enjoying learning more.

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