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B Grade French 1886 M93 Lebel Rifle


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Just in from Africa! We now have original Model 1886 Lebel rifles in stock! These rifles were the first standard issue smokeless powder rifle ever issued to a large scale military and served the French military from the late 1800’s and during the First World War.

Please note: the photos shown above are of an “A Grade” condition Lebel rifle. The B Grade Lebels for the $699.99 price may have one of the following condition issues listed below.

These particular Lebels are in “B Grade” condition. They may have pitting or rust on the metal parts such as the receiver, bolt, barrel. etc. The wood furniture is generally in fair condition but may be cracked in some spots. The rifles are generally functional but may require a bit of work to be fully operational (ex: non-functional cartridge lifter, etc). May have broken or missing small parts such as a stacking rod, extractor, or sling swivel. We have both Antique and C&R Lebels available. With some work and time, these rifles can be restored to their former glory and be excellent shooters! Was $999.99, now only $699.99 while supplies last!

We have C&R rifles available and Antique rifles are available for an extra surcharge. C&R rifles (guns manufactured after 1898) need to ship to an FFL or C&R, while antique rifles (manufactured before 1899) do not and can be shipped to a home or business address (Note: Antique rifles are not standard and cost an additional surcharge). Please email any C&R or FFL licenses to ffl@rtifirearms.com.

If you a purchasing an Antique rifle, please send in a photo ID, such as a drivers license, to ffl@rtifirearms.com.

Only a limited quantity available

A Basic History of these Rifles:

The Lebel Model 1886 Rifle, commonly known as the Fusil Modele 1886 M93, was a standard service rifle introduced by the French in 1886 and then modified in 1893 to lead to the version we see today. These rifles are chambered in the standard 8mm Lebel cartridge, which was the first smokeless powder cartridge produced on a mass scale at the time. This technology created a revolution in small arms development which sparked an incredible increase in small arms development at the time and has affected almost every firearm to this day. To be able to withstand the pressure of this new cartridge, the French developed the Lebel to have 2 front locking lugs to increase the overall strength of the action. This led to outstanding long range performance and accuracy. The Lebel feeds from an eight round tube magazine housed underneath the barrel based off of the Kropatschek system. This rifle remained in standard service with the French military for many years after its development and throughout World War I, although some of its features such as the tube magazine had become obsolete by this time. Despite this, the Lebel was appreciated by many and its contribution to small arms development cannot be understated.

Please note that these rifles may have some minor pitting on the receiver and/or have minor cracks in the hand guard or stock.
These Lebel rifles are the last ones available. There will be nothing else coming out of Africa.


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5 reviews for B Grade French 1886 M93 Lebel Rifle

  1. Jeff H

    I ordered a Grade B Antique and was expecting there to be some issues as described. I couldn’t ignore the current sale price of $699 so I ordered one. I was surprised to find I got an 1890 Chattelerault with a pretty good dark bore. The rifle was complete other than missing a front sight which I have already ordered a replacement and a couple of minor cracks on the fore-end of the stock which I have repaired as well. Overall satisfied!

  2. Michael

    Rifle came in good working order…..no cracks. Some light pitting on the receiver so I couldn’t make out the factory but with other markings I could tell. Made in 1889, the year my Great Grandfather was born at St Etienne. All numbers match. Barrel is decent shape for a 133 year old rifle. Have not fired it yet…not sure about accuracy….barrel swallows the Lebel cartridge. Nonetheless I would not hesitate to purchase again.

  3. simon

    The rifle itself was a good buy. Mine was missing a front sight, still looking to find one, but the bore is really nice. The reason for the 3 stars is it was said the guns coming in weren’t wire wheeled any more, while that may be true they are either buffed or bead blasted now, looking more like buffed. I even called several times and talked about this specific rifle. Got mine in July in Ohio, 24 hours out of the wrap and it started surface rusting on the bare metal where it had been buffed over the significant pitting. Paid for a pre 1898, and after the pitting and buffing (they did) you can barely make out the 1890 date, or 1896, not sure. It does have a great bore that cleaned up well with no pitting or worn rifling, Bolt doesn’t match, .323 diameter bullet sticks out 1/16 of an inch. Yes I would buy it again, I just wish they would tell them to stop cleaning them over there like they do and let us restorers do that. Half the fun of a B grade is cleaning it up ourselves.

  4. Justin

    Quite pleased with the gun I was sent, had a few broken small parts in the sights and sling loops but it wasn’t wire-wheeled and it is matched to include the bolt head. Pretty rusty of course but the old bluing can be seen poking through in areas. Decent bore too, thanks again!

  5. thomasbussell25

    Mine came in a few days ago. A lot of stock damage but It could be fixed. Bore was good, not very good but lots of life left. No wire wheeled finish a major plus, cool ethiopian markings and matching numbers. Unfortunately it had a bulged barrel right under the rear sight which knocked the soldered on rear sight base off. RTI sent me a return label within a 3 days so when they get it I hope I am able to get a half decent replacement. I feel for $700 these should be shootable with no major damage. I’ve been very pleased with all my other B grade purchases and they’re priced right.

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