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Mannlicher 1888/90 Rifle, 8x50R w/ 1 Free clip


25 in stock

25 in stock

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Model 1888/90 Mannlicher Rifles in Good Condition

These guns come straight out of Ethiopia. The Model 1888/90 rifles are in good condition. Bores range from poor to good. The stocks will have some dings, dents or very small cracks. A small crack may or may not be present but generally the stocks are in good condition. The rifles may have a missing safety lever. These guns are true, authentic pieces of history and should not be missing in any WW1 and Austro-Hungarian firearms collection. Please keep in mind that these guns are 130 years old and back then there were no “non Corrosive” primers available. Many of these rifles were used by the Austro-Hungarian military and have unit markings, as well as property markings of “AOI”, Africa Orientale Italiana, when the Italians claimed these weapons and used them from 1935 to 1941.

This is a great chance to get this historical rifle for your collection!

These rifles are considered Antique and therefore do not require any FFL Licenses. A government Photo ID like Driver’s License or passport will be required to purchase these rifles. Can be shipped to a home or business address. Please email a picture of your ID to along with your order number.

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6 reviews for Mannlicher 1888/90 Rifle, 8x50R w/ 1 Free clip

  1. diverdad2 (verified owner)

    It is another great piece of History to admire and restore. Missing the safety and screw, as stated in the ad. All else is good.

  2. karlWoodham (verified owner)

    missing the safety, but other than that I am very happy with what I got.

  3. Nathan Howell (verified owner)

    Was very pleasantly surprised with my purchase, excellent condition for the price. No missing components, an Ethiopian repaired and functional magazine spring and far better rifling than expected. Note, these rifles are typically wire-wheeled to oblivion, but my example was still very solid regardless. Overall very much worth paying for these wonderful examples of firearm history. Shoots like a dream, to boot!

  4. edvintage63 (verified owner)

    Very pleased with the rifle I received. Missing the safety and rear volley sight, as expected. But the action is functional and very smooth, and the trigger works. All of the metal is tight to the wood – overall the metal is in a bit better condition than the wood. Bore is dark but shows rifling down its length, with the only evident corrosion at the muzzle. Magazine follower is strong, as are the springs in general. A bit of corrosion in a few places on the metal, but overall surprisingly good mechanically, and the stock is perfectly acceptable. Very cool piece of history I am happy to own.

  5. Joseph Govednik (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this rifle. This is my second RTI order (Ordered a Gras cavalry carbine and cut down Vetterli 10.4mm- also very pleased, and both fully complete with parts and will clean up well). This rifle was in better shape than the rifles in my first order, and will clean up with little effort. It was missing the safety as expected, though it was also missing the clip catch which was unexpected (was about to give 4 stars due to this, however the rifles overall condition as a “show piece” warrants 5 stars for show, and 4 if one wanted to shoot it), however the rifle’s overall condition was so nice, I am not concerned as I don’t intend to shoot this rifle, and was looking for a rifle with display and “curb appeal”, which it certainly has. The bolt operates smoothly and has authoritative dry firing. My most beautiful piece from RTI thus far, with a nice stock (no cracks) and all the external bits and pieces. I considered ordering the extra magazine/safety pieces online, however since I don’t plan on shooting I will just keep it as-is. A stunning piece to add to my collection. I have not checked the bore yet, and if its nice, I may make it a shooter. A truly beautiful addition to my RTI and vintage arms collection. Way to go RTI! I’m 3 for 3 now-thank you.

  6. John Raybuck (verified owner)

    Upon first inspection, the rifle was very dirty, and rusty, and had also been wire wheeled, as expected. However the wood was in pretty good shape and the rust cleaned off. Although quite pitted, it wasn’t very deep. I did however need to apply a torch to get the barrel bands loose. The rear sight spring was broken, and the bolt head and bolt body were stripped, but this wasn’t immediately apparent until disassembly so not RTI’s fault. So after cleaning, boiling, scrubbing rust away and replacing the broken parts, this should be a shooter. The bore still has rifling, though very corroded, passes the bullet test easily. Even with a .323 bullet. Also the safety was present so that’s a plus. So all in all, a little rough but very happy with my purchase.

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