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50 rnd Box of Korean War Era M1 Carbine Ammunition made by Lake City Arsenal


38 in stock

38 in stock


New to RTI!

We now have original Korea War Era US .30 Carbine ammunition now available! This ammunition is Korean War era produced by Lake City Arsenal and has been in storage until now. Each box of .30 Carbine ammunition contains 50 rounds of ammunition. The ammunition manufacture dates range from 1951 to 1953. The headstamps show “LC 51”, the last 2 digits may also show 52 or 53. The ammunition is in very good to excellent condition, but may have a slight tarnish finish due to it’s age (please see the photos for condition). The box may have some handling wear or dust from storage. Box condition is very good, but there may be small marks or rip in the packaging as it is at least 70 years old. Don’t miss this chance to get an original box of US .30 Carbine ammo!

Photo I.D. required for purchase, please email a photo I.D. along with your order number to Thank you for your business!

No ammunition sales to Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington D.C.

No ammunition sales to Chicago IL, New York City, NY and Cook County Illinois

Cannot Ship to a PO Box

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