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1871/79 Beaumont Rifle Cal. 11x52mm


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1 in stock

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We now have original M1871/79 Dutch Beaumont rifles in stock! These rifles are in good to very good overall condition. These rifles have been in storage in Ethiopia for at least a century. They are surplus so expect small dents, dings, scratches and general wear. May have a small crack in the stock and/or small missing chunk of wood. These rifles were manufactured “in the white”, meaning they were never blued or surface finished from the factory. These rifles saw service with the Dutch military and were sold off at a later point to Ethiopia. This is shown by the Lion of Judah stamp on the left side of the chamber. These remaining rifles have surface rust that needs additional cleaning.  This particular configuration of rifles is quite rare as most Beaumont rifles were converted to the M1871/88 pattern with the Vitali type magazine.

Check out the Forgotten Weapons video below on these exact rifles!

Don’t miss this opportunity! Limited supply available.

We offer a hand select option for overall condition for an additional $100.00.

A Brief History of the Beaumont:

The Beaumont M1871 (Dutch: Beaumontgeweer) was a Dutch breech-loading single-shot bolt action rifle designed by Edouard de Beaumont in 1868 and produced by various manufacturers from 1869 to 1880. Designed as a replacement for the Dreyse needle fire rifles the Dutch were using at the time, the Beaumont was one of the first major European metallic cartridge rifles to see any sort of adoption.

The Beaumont is a single-shot breech-loading bolt-action rifle. The rifle uses a split bridge action with a single-lug rotating bolt. The rear end of the striker is smooth and as such the rifle cannot be easily decocked and can only be cocked on opening the bolt. The bolt head is fitted with an extractor, but not an ejector. The bolt head is made of two pieces and is screwed into the bolt by a single screw fitted on the top of the bolt body.

Early versions of the Beaumont feature a trigger-shaped safety which locked the bolt in position; it was mounted on the side of the receiver. When rotated, a spring-loaded pin fit into the detent of the bolt when it was half-open. This safety system was abandoned on later versions, such as in the 1871/79 update. The mainspring arrangement of the weapon is said to be quite distinct. The rifles had provisions for a bayonet.

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4 reviews for 1871/79 Beaumont Rifle Cal. 11x52mm

  1. Brad

    Very nice still has original patina looks great in the collection

  2. Eric B Grimm

    I’ve purchased five rifles from RTI and have not been disappointed. After a complete disassembly and thorough cleaning I was more than pleased with the condition of this Beaumont. The rifling was crisp and La Omer to be unfired. No rust or pitting anywhere and the stock only had blemishes from shipping, handling and 100+ years of storage. This will be proudly displayed.

  3. Alex

    I have gotten a few things from RTI that have been hit or miss, however this purchase was a home run. Yes, they are old, yes they have some handling marks and small rust spots, however for their age and history, the rifle I got exceeded my expectations. Bore was very good, wood did not have any major cracks, marking were legible, all parts were present and functional. For the price this was a good buy.

  4. Mike Parkinson

    I’ve purchased from RTI before and been satisfied. Not so much this time. Starting with five stars I took one star off because the firing pin is broken and the ejector is missing. I took another star off because in no way is this a hand select firearm. My $100 should have been refunded. I don’t recommend.

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